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Information about Using mainstream media in the classroom

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: RosePacatte



I gave this workshop at the Mid-Atlantic Conference for Catholic educators in Baltimore on February 27, 2014. The purpose of the workshop was to show the what, when, where, how, and why for using clips and topic appropriate YouTube videos within classroom teaching, especially for religious education and character education.

Mainstream  Media     in  the  Classroom   Rose  Paca3e,  FSP   Pauline  Center  for  Media  Studies   Sponsored  by  RCL/Benziger    

Media  are  giCs  of  god   •  MISUNDERSTOOD:    Christmas  APPLE   commercial  

What?   •  Consider  using  mainstream   media  in  the  classroom  

Why  media  in  the  classroom?   •  h3p://­‐rose  

Five  things  the  naPonal  directory  for   catechesis  says:   1.  Become  media  literate   2.  Make  media  the  subject  of  catechesis   3.  Use  media  in  teaching   4.  Make  media  in  the  parish/school   5.  Become  advocates  for  pro-­‐social,  pro-­‐human   and  Gospel  values  media  

Easter  digital  story  

Goals  of  Catholic  formaPon     &  educaPon   v CriPcal  autonomy     v Independent  thinkers   v EmpathePc  people   v Who  parPcipate  in  society   v Responsible  and  free   v Collaborators  

A  famous  rabbi  recently  said  about   authenPc  educaPon     •  Purpose  is  to  empower   •  You  do  this  by  celebraPng  achievements   •  If  you  want  to  make  children  grow  make  them   your  teachers   •  Rabbi  Lord  Jonathan  Sacks,  UK  

Pope  francis  &  li3le  boy  who  won’t   leave  the  stage  

The  rabbi  also  said   “You  know  a  person  is  educated  when  we  see   the  trace  of  God  in  the  face  of  a  stranger.”  

Girl  with  auPsm  plays  and  sings  with   katy  perry  

The  story-­‐tellers  in  a  culture     own  the  culture   •  By  appreciaPng,  quesPoning,  engaging  in  those   stories  we  become  parPcipants  in  that  culture   •  As  parPcipants  we  walk  in  the  shoes  of  others   •  Learn  empathy   •  And  character   •  The  media  makers  of  tomorrow  are  in  our  pews,   living  rooms,  and  classrooms  today    

What  is  mainstream  media?   •  •  •  •  •  •  Movies   Television  shows   The  News   Clips   Music   YouTube/online  videos  

To  connect  faith  and  life  (culture)  

What  not?   •  Showing  movies/media  of  any  length  as  a  reward   •  Showing  movies  as  a  cover  up  for  not  being  prepared   •  Filling  Pme  

Pepsi  dog  commercial   •  Does  it  have  to  do  with  anything?  

Why?   A  well  chosen,  topic  centered  media  (story)    can   •  Present  a  topic   •  Extend  learning  beyond  the  textbook   •  Integrate  learning:  presentaPon,  reinforcement,  review   •  Correspond  to  different  learning  styles   •  Build  interest  in  the  topic   •  Provide  learning  variety   •  Connect  a  topic  over  Pme  if  snow  days  or  vacaPon  days   break  up  learning   •  Provide  teachable  moments    

If the media experience is connected to the learning the medium can reach the whole person •  Mind:    thoughts,  truth,  creaPvity   •  Heart:    emoPons,  feelings   •  Will:    behavior,  character,  choices,  decisions  

Can  teach  and  develop  criPcal  thinking   skills  about  the  media   •  Inquiry   •  Asking  quesPons   •  Increases  awareness   •  Leads  to  understanding  

Before  and  aCer  you  watch,  play,  listen  to,   create,  post  ….  

Challenges   •  Fear  of  technology   •  Diocesan  rules  about  using  Internet  and   YouTube   •  Rules  about  raPngs     •  Need  for  a  license  to  show  feature  length   films  aCer  school  hours  and  in  non-­‐curriculum   seing  (not  allowed  by  law)  

Overcome  challenges  by   •  MoPvate  your  reasons   •  Make  a  case  for  media  literacy  and  the  five   points  from  the  NDC   •  Obtain  a  license   •  Plan  ahead   •  Acquire  training  

Where?   •  The  school  classroom   •   Religious  educaPon  classroom   •   Any  learning  environment    

When?   •  When  the  media  and  course  content  are   complimentary   •  And  can  reinforce  learning   •  Make  connecPons      

How?   •  •  •  •  Be  prepared   Know  resources  available   Watch  media   Pay  a3enPon  to  what  the  kids  are  looking  at  online  

ConnecPons   •  RELIGION/CATECHESIS  Advent  and  birth  of  Jesus:  The   NaPvity  Story  (or  digital  NaPvity  story  from  YouTube)   •  PEACE  EDUCATION:    The  Watsons  Go  to  Birmingham   •  FAITH  FORMATION  IN  A  CONSUMER  SOCIETY:  adverPsing   •  CHARACTER  FORMATION:  FILM  CLIPS  Courage  Monsters,   Inc.   •  ENVIRONMENT:  Dr.  Seuss’  The  Lorax   •  GEOGRAPHY:  Rio  and  Rio  2   •  CIVIL  RIGHTS:  The  Help;  The  Watsons  Go  to  Birmingham   •  WORLD  WAR  II    Monuments  Men,  Freedom  Writers,  Diary   of  Anne  Frank  

Digital  Christmas  story  

resources   •  RCL/BENZINGER  

Catholic  Social  Teaching     Media  Mindfulness     Character  educaPon  

Lenten  film  series  

Catholic  Social  teaching   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •    Human  dignity   Common  good   Solidarity   Care  for  the  earth   OpPon  for  the  poor   Community,  family,  parPcipaPon   Rights  and  responsibiliPes   Subsidiarity  

MEDIA  MINDFULNESS   Before  and  a*er  you  watch,  play,  listen  to,   create,  post  ….  

Character  educaPon   •  To  do,  live  as  Jesus  did  (discipleship,  catechesis)   •  Empathy   •  To  do  the  right  thing  when  no  one  is  looking  

Pedagogy   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Introduce,  reinforce,  expand,  connect   Look,  listen,  experience   Talk   Share   Draw  out     Don’t  impose   Share    

In  conclusion   Sister  Rose  goes  to  the  movies:    why?   •  h3p://­‐odd-­‐life-­‐of-­‐ Pmothy-­‐green  

Resources   Sister  Rose  Goes  to  the  Movies    RCL/Benziger   FilmClipsOnline  at  RCL/Benziger   WingClips  (Protestant  ethos)   The  INNdustry  with  Sister  Rose  on  the   INNetwork   •  ChrisPan  (Church)  Video  Licensing   •  •  •  • 

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