Using Instagram photos to go viral in Business

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Information about Using Instagram photos to go viral in Business

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: KennyGreen



Always ask yourself these three questions before posting:
1. Who will this attract?
2. What value is it to them?
3. How will this help me lead prospects closer to me?

April  03,  2013   Written  by:  Kenny  Green   Event  Production  Manager     WHITE  PAPER:  Turn  Instagram  posts  into  Cold-­‐Cash     Keep  in  mind  that  a  lag  in  fresh  content  will  significantly  decrease  your  momentum...  even  if  you  don't  see  it  on  the   front  end.  When  you  #hashtag,  you  are  generating  content  upon  multiple  channels  amplifying  your  reach  into  the   thousands.  Ceasing  to  post  means  your  brand  is  not  out  there  circulating  over  and  over  again  in  your  prospect's  social   media  feeds.     The  #  1  rule  with  using  Instagram  in  your  business  marketing  plan  is  to  make  sure  you're  managing/monitoring  all   the  #  hashtags  that  you’re  posting  on  your  photos  so  you  can  capitalize  and  interact  with  leads.  This  is  how  that  cab   be  done.     Landing  Page:  On  your  posts  lead  your  followers  back  to  a  landing  site  on  your  website  with  a  call  to  action.  This   page  needs  to  require  them  to  input  their  contact  information  to  receive  some  sort  of  valuable  content  in  return.  An   example  could  be  an  article,  free  app  or  an  exclusive  whitepaper,  example  titled,  "The  Ultimate  Fortune  500  Event   Producers  Checklist:  What  you  need  to  consider  when  selecting  a  large-­‐scale  live  production  team."    This  way  you  know   who's  viewing  your  site  via  your  Instagram  and  you  can  determine  if  it's  the  type  of  prospect  you  want  to  attract  -­‐  that   is,  your  ideal  prospect.  If  you  don't  have  a  way  of  creating  a  landing  page,  then  direct  them  to  your  client  page  for  now   because  it's  a  powerful  representation  of  your  credibility  as  a  company.     Be  Consistent:  Try  to  stay  consistent  with  the  branding  of  the  content  you're  posting  on  Instagram.  It's  ok  to  post  a   visual  variety  of  picture  content,  because  it  may  attract  different  types  of  prospects,  however,  you  want  to  make  sure   that  if  you're  going  to  create  variety  you  don't  do  it  just  once  or  twice  here  or  there.       Always  ask  yourself  these  three  questions  before  posting:     1.  Who  will  this  attract?   2.  What  value  is  it  to  them?     3.  How  will  this  help  me  lead  a  warm  prospect  closer  to  converting  to  cold  hard  cash?       A  recent  message  I  received  regarding  our  Radius  Group  Instagram  page  from  David  Parsons,  Chief  Executive  Officer   of  DEPIII,  Inc.,  a  Business/Brand  Development  Consultant,  “The  reason  why  your  content  is  so  good  is  because  it's   stimulating,  it's  colorful,  it  makes  the  viewer  awe  and  marvel  over  what  Radius  Group  is  doing...  you're  creating   anticipation  for  new  images...  for  new  projects.  That  is  powerful.”     #  1  Secret  to  gaining  followers:   Consider  taking  photos  with  your  clients  -­‐  like  backstage  with  your  lanyards  on,  wearing  branded  clothing,  standing   by  famous  buildings...  #hashtag  them  in  the  comments.  This  generates  credibility  by  showing  the  type  of  people   you're  working  with.  This  is  something  to  be  considered  if  it  can  be  done  professionally  and  your  clients  don't  mind.     Kenny  Green  can  be  reached  via  email  at     Follow  Radius  Group  on  Instagram  at  

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