Using Gamification to Incentivize Sites

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Information about Using Gamification to Incentivize Sites
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Published on March 27, 2014




Gamification is a popular tool to improve site performance. Find out how to use it get the maximum benefit.

Niki Kutac Product Manager DATATRAK Using Gamification to Incentivize Sites

Outline ► What is Gamification ► Success with Gamification ► Applying Gamification strategies • What activities from a Site do we want to Improve/Change –Context of these behaviors 2

3 Gamification is the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users and solve problems. Must present reward or recognition for the players actions (i.e. Badges, leader boards, prizes, recognition, etc.) Gamification is simply a reflection of our innate desire as humans to compete and be recognized.

4 Do you Love to Win or Hate to Lose?

5 Focused on Increasing Face-to- Face Meetings -Reward: $50 Gift Card Focused on Closing Deals Quickly Reference: leveleleven Making it Rain Whitepaper

DATA HERO Competition ► # of Tickets Addressed ► Data Hero Levels • Winner was recognized at company meeting and received the DATA HERO honor 6 Saw a 300% Increase in Daily Activity!

Foldit ► Online folding protein game that solved a decade-old scientific mystery in 3 weeks! • Determine the structure of monkey enzymes that played a critical role in how AIDS virus matured and spread. 7

How Do We Apply Gamification to Clinical Trials? 8

Four Components to Gamification ► Behavior • What problem are we trying to solve? ► Report • How are we going to engage the participants? ► Time-Frame • What is a reasonable time? ► Reward • How do we recognize the winner at the end? 9

What Behaviors Do We Need to Improve? ► Patient Adherence ► Education (from sites to CRAs) ► Adherence to Timelines • Data Entry Timelines • Data Cleaning Timelines • Regulatory Reporting ► Quality of Work (queries generated) ► Protocol Specific Procedures 10

How Do We Report on the Behaviors? ► Reports that Automate the results of the behavior/activity being measured • Averages Report ► Ability to Display Reports for participant’s view of current status or level ► Utilize a Cloud-Based eClinical Systems to show real-time reports 11

What Will Be the Time Frame of the Competition? ► Ensure the length of the competition is appropriate for the intended behavior 12

What Will Be the Reward? ► Status Levels ► Recognition at Meetings or Events ► Monetary Rewards 13

14 Gamification provides reports that offer insights into trial activity and progress!

Gamification Reports ► Technology provides the automatic reports for participants to see standings • Homepage Dashboards • Report Email Notifications • Report Managers 15

Important to Remember ► Put the results/reports in the forefront and make visible to participants. ► Design experiences that engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. 16

17 In the end, there is nothing new about trying to motivate sites and team members; but what’s different about Gamification is that it uses a digital engagement model to scale that motivation to large groups of people.

18 Thank you! @DATATRAKinc

from Concept to Cure with DATATRAK ONE DATATRAK International Cleveland, Ohio Bryan, Texas Cary, North Carolina 888.677.DATA (3282) Toll Free ® ®

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