Using data to define business social strategy

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Published on October 12, 2012

Author: trishawinter



Whether you're in a big company or starting anew, taking on social communications is entrepreneurial. There is no manual for how to utilize it to achieve business value. Marketing, recruiting, customer care, sales, employee retention and culture are all important areas to leverage social media.
In this presentation, I've put together all of the data I used to help build a social strategy for Compuware. I hope it will help you to get started in social.

Playing the Odds: Using Data to Build Your Social Strategy @TrishaWinter Director of Social Communications Compuware Corporation

Almost 40 Years Making Technology Make a Difference • 4,600 • $88.4M FY ’12 • 46 of the top 50 employees net income Fortune 500 • 90 offices • $180.0M • 12 of the top 20 worldwide FY ’12 OCF U.S. web sites • 35+ Social Communities • @Compuware2

Social Media ischild’s play . . . . . . Isn’t it?

In reality, itsoverwhelming

Which machine gives me the best odds? How do I play the game? What is a ‘win’? What will it take to ‘win’?

If you’re lucky . . .

The rest of us need to ask. . . How are we doing today? How and what are our competitors doing? Where is the ‘low hanging fruit’ or big opportunity? What should I focus my content on?@TrishaWinter

How are we doing today?What channels are we active in? What are the top social referrals to our website?What is the quality of our activity?

Evaluate Your Presence@TrishaWinter

Search Your Brand in ALL Social Sites

What is the Quality of the Activity? Twitter Engagement Rate = (Retweets+Mentions+Clicks)/#Tweets 30.00 25.00 1.72 8.78 20.00 4.54 0.80 3.52 2.00 1.00 15.00 0.77 4.28 3.38 1.83 0.67 5.49 3.63 4.04 10.00 11.67 12.04 5.00 9.22 8.31 8.56 0.00 April May June July August Compuware CompuwareAPM Uniface Covisint@TrishaWinter

What Content is Most Popular? Twitter_Handle Hashtags Retweets Content RT @jquerymobile: jQuery Mobile 1.2 alpha will be released today…stay 1 Compuware APM 33 tuned. RT @forrester: Who should the Enterprise Architect report to? The CEO or 2 Compuware APM 24 CIO? Good debate on @gcolonys blog RT @jhurwitz: If we fall in love with big data does that mean we should ditch 3 Compuware APM 21 the cloud? I call this chasing silver bullets -- fun but d ... RT @allspaw: Human Factors and Web Engineerings Intersection 4 Compuware APM devops 11 #devops RT @java: Inside the Java Community Process #JCP by @vgrazi 5 Compuware APM JCP 10 RT @stephenmann: Pressure to cut IT operational costs – a reason why we 6 Compuware APM 7 don’t do problem management & a reason why we should do prob ... RT @strangeloopnet: 15 things you can (and should) do to make your site 7 Compuware APM mobileperf 5 faster for mobile users #mobileperf RT @JavaReport: How cloud computing is impacting enterprise Java 8 Compuware APM 4 developers RT @Peter_ebizQ: Will BPM replace traditional programming so businesses 9 Compuware APM 3 can rapidly deploy IT solutions? Great discussion still going h ... RT @jeroentjepkema: Three of a kind #bigdata 10 Compuware APM bigdatameasure 3 #measure@TrishaWinter

What are our Top Referrers? Top 10 Non-Social Referrals – August 2012 Source Visits 3,259 Top 10 Social Referrals 1,505 – August 2012 954 Source Visits 802 LinkedIn 1,212 549 Stack Overflow 778 543 Facebook 111 493 Blogger 99 439 Twitter 69 408 WordPress 44 Stack Exchange 22 Server Fault 21 YouTube 14 Quora 13@TrishaWinter

How and what are our competitors doing? Where do ourcompetitors/peers ‘play’? At what level do they participate in each channel? How do we measure up?

Search Everywhere 1. First search Google to see what social sites rank high 2. Then search each of the 3. Then search the “others” major social sites and the “up and comers” – LinkedIn – Google+ – Facebook – Pinterest – YouTube – Tumblr – Twitter – Instagram – SlideShare – Flickr – Blogs – StumbleUpon@TrishaWinter

Determine What Makes Them Great Following/ Followers ratio Tweets/ Followers ratio IBM 0.26 IBM 0.4 Microsoft 0.003 Microsoft 0.01 HP 0.02 HP 0.1 Oracle 0.003 Oracle 0.05 Ca 0.1 Ca 0.2Compuware 0.45 Compuware 0.58 0.00 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.00 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 0.70 Retweets/ Tweets Klout Score IBM 29.20% IBM 49.76 Microsoft 287.06% Microsoft 72.91 HP 2.48% HP 42.21 Oracle 61.88% Oracle 57.11 Ca 47.02% Ca 49.00Compuware 8.58% Compuware 41.33 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% 350% 0 20 40 60 80 100

Benchmarking – Twitter Engagement Rate Engagement = (Retweets + Mentions)/#Tweets 35.00 30.00 25.00 20.00 15.00 10.00 5.00 0.00 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Compuware IBM BMC Quest Oracle NetSuite *Microsoft is excluded from graph, as totals exceed 100 **BMC, Quest, Oracle, and NetSuite April data is unavailable@TrishaWinter

Where is the ‘low hanging fruit’ or big opportunity?What channels arethe most effective for us? Where are the best opportunities for being seen or even to generate leads? Where are my competitor’s focusing?

Channel Effectiveness: Campaign Tracking Source Medium Campaign Hootsuite Twitter Social TBD Facebook PR LinkedIn Blog Email Google+ DynaTrace Blog Campaign Tracking Pages / Avg. Visit Metrics Campaign Source / Medium Visits Visit Duration Blog Hootsuite / Linkedin 71 1.8 0:01:30 Blog Hootsuite / Twitter 37 2.24 0:03:34 Blog Hootsuite / Facebook 9 1 0:00:00 Blog Hootsuite / Googleplus 1 4 0:00:32@TrishaWinter

Identify Big Opportunities • Where are your marketers advertising? • Which sites offer interesting lead gen opportunities? • How easy will it be to get appropriate content for each channel? • Where do the majority of your prospects go? (do survey) ?@TrishaWinter

Identify the ‘Must Dos’@TrishaWinter

What should I focus my content on? Do you haveenough of the right content? How are your blogs doing? Have you done Social SEO? Who are your key influencers & what they are saying?

Make Your Blogging Count August Blog Traffic 2012 2500 2000 30 1500 Social Non-Social 1000 2,014 500 19 46 4 470 19 8 321 324 259 255 59 141 0@TrishaWinter

Combine Efforts to Increase Search Results

Apply SEO to Social Mixed Somewhat Negative Neutral Negative Positive Negative Other Positive Neutral Negative Neutral Positive Negative Neutral@TrishaWinter

Know Your Key Influencers• Who is influential on the topics you care about?• Where are they and what key terms do they use?• How can I use these individuals in my strategy?

Now what?

1. Evaluate the resources available to you2. Talk to leadership to understand receptiveness and barriers3. Score ideas by: – Appropriate resources – Difficulty to achieve – Potential impact4. Balance your selection with quick wins and longer term “big” wins5. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!6. Internally socialize your proposed strategy

Don’t Forget to Consider . . . 1. Persona 2. Processes 3. Policies 4. Training 5. Business Intelligence 6. Exit Strategy@TrishaWinter

Great Odds!

Helpful Tools for Social Data & Reporting • Social Bro Special thanks to my Favorite Resources: • TweetStats • TweetReach • Social Crawlytics • Radian6 • Google Analytics • Klout • FindInfluence • Traackr • Social Management Platform • URL shortener@TrishaWinter

© 2011 Compuware Corporation — All Rights Reserved

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