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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Gabir


Slide1:  How to use the charts provided by Nielsen BookScan Using a Top 100 All titles bestseller chart, a practical guide. Each week, contributing booksellers receive::  Each week, contributing booksellers receive: Top 100 titles sold in Australia, ranked by volume Top 200 titles sold within Independents in Australia Top 50 rotating feature chart (Gardening, Childrens, Sport, Business, IT etc…) Ad hoc data requests (via Louise Goodwin) The above service is provided free of charge in return for weekly sales data to be incorporated into BookScan. What does a chart look like?:  What does a chart look like? AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 What can I do with a bestseller chart?:  What can I do with a bestseller chart? Set aside 15 minutes each week. Print off a copy (or use Excel on your PC) With ruler in hand, scan through the bestsellers from top to bottom or vice versa. … Do you get this far and wonder what now? The Top 20 - review the weekly top sellers:  The Top 20 - review the weekly top sellers AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 Are you stocking andamp; selling the titles your customers could be buying elsewhere? Is your price competitive?:  Is your price competitive? AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 Compare your price andamp; RRP with the average selling price (ASP)? Are the high sales driven by deep discounting? Where is your price positioned? Decide, is it worth your while competing on price? Or waiting? Check out the fastest movers in the Top 100:  Check out the fastest movers in the Top 100 AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 Review the ‘Previous Chart Position’ column to find titles that are shooting up the chart. Are you selling these titles? Are they running hot? Are they titles your customers would buy? Try re-positioning it in-store to capture more sales. Monitor when the titles have reached their peak.:  Monitor when the titles have reached their peak. AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 Has the title started sliding down the list? Compare Prev. Pos with Index. (Within Excel, subtract Index col. from Prev Pos, sort andamp; analyse –ves) Think about why? Has it reached its sales peak? Or Is it sliding because retailers/publishers caught out of stock? Talk to the publisher. Listen to your staff/customers. Do you need to re-order? What qty do you require? Are there popular new titles you are not ranging?:  Are there popular new titles you are not ranging? AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 If it is a new title, would it appeal to your customer? Are you ranging it? Is it in the best store position to capture the sales momentum? Check out the ‘Weeks in Chart’ column. How many weeks has it been available? Check the pub. date What about the backlist bestsellers?:  What about the backlist bestsellers? AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 What are the popular categories in the bestseller list?:  What are the popular categories in the bestseller list? AP3, w/e 30th August, 2003 Check out the categories that pop up regularly. (OR using Excel, create a Filter) Use of other charts ::  Use of other charts : Using a rotating feature chart (eg. Sport, Childrens) How does your range andamp; store bestsellers compare? Does your range appeal to your customer or could you capture more sales by stocking other bestselling titles? Using the independent bestseller chart Compare your store’s bestsellers with the independent listing. How do you compare? Identify opportunities or maintain your point of difference. Use the charts to validate what publishers are telling you. Ask your rep. to prove their argument for the support of a new title, imprint or author with some BookScan analysis. BookScan data shows…:  BookScan data shows… How do my title sales compare to Australia? How do my sales compare to the Independents overall ? Am I under or over trading in the key areas? Am I stocking the right titles ? Is my pricing strategy effective ? Am I stocked correctly for seasonality and special occasions ? Do I have the right books positioned in view for the customer? Final word ::  Final word : Only YOU know what your customers like and dislike. Nielsen BookScan does not necessarily reflect what your customers will buy BUT it provides you with information about what Australians are buying. Using this information, it is then up to you to decide which books are right for your customer. BookScan is an additional tool for your business. It’s a tough industry – Use every tool available to be competitive andamp; provide what your customers are looking for.

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