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Information about Using Ceph in - Ceph Day Frankfurt

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Inktank_Ceph



Burkhard Noltensmeier, Teuto

Burkhard Noltensmeier Netzdienste GmbH Erkan Yanar Consultant Netzdienste GmbH ● 18 Mitarbeiter ● Linux Systemhaus und Webdevelopment ● Ubuntu Advantage Partner ● Openstack Ceph Service ● Büros und Datacenter in Bielefeld

Why Openstack ? Infrastructure as a Sevice ● Cloud Init (automated Instance provisioning) ● Network Virtualization ● Multiple Storage Options ● Multiple APIs for Automation

● closed beta since September 2013 ● updated to Havana in October ● Ubuntu Cloud Archive ● 20 Compute Nodes ● 5 Ceph Nodes ● Additional Monitoring with Graphite

Provisioning and Orchestration

Openstack Storage Types ● Block Storage ● Object Storage ● Image Repository ● Internal Cluster Storage – Temorary Image Store – Databases (Mysql Galera,MongoDB)

Storage Requirements ● Scalability ● Redundancy ● Performance ● Efficient Pooling

Key Facts for our Decision ● One Ceph Cluster fits all Openstack needs ● no „single Point of Failure“ ● POSIX compatibility via Rados Block Device ● seamless scalability ● commercial support by Inktank ● GPL

Rados Block Storage ● Live migration ● Efficient Snapshots ● Different types of storage avaiable (tiering) ● Cloning for fast restore or scaling

How to start ● determine Clustersize uneven amount of Nodes to enable negotiation ● Small start with at least 5 Nodes ● either 8 or 12 Disks per Chassis ● One Jounal per Disk ● 2 Journal SSD per Chassis

Rough calculation ● 3 Nodes, 8 Disks per Node, 2 replica ● Netto = Brutto / 2 replica – 1 Node (33%) = 33% Cluster Brutto ● 24 2TB Sata Disks, 100 IOPS each Cluster Netto ● 15,8 Terrabyte, 790 IOPS

Rough calculation ● 5 Nodes, 8 Disks per Node, 3 replica ● Netto = Brutto / 3 replica – 1 Node (20%) = 27% Cluster Brutto ● 40 2TB Sata Disks, 100 IOPS each Cluster Netto ● 21,3 Terrabyte, 1066 IOPS

Ceph specifics ● Data is distributed throughout the Cluster ● Unfortunately this destroys Data locality tradeoff between blocksize an iops. ● The bigger Blocks, the better is sequential performance ● Double Write, SSD Journals strongly advised ● Longterm fragmentation by small writes

Operational Challenges ● Performance ● Availability ● Qos (Quality of Service)

Ceph Monitoring in ostack ● Ensure Quality with Monitoring ● Easy spotting of congestion Problems ● Event Monitoring (e.g. disk failure) ● Capacity management

What we did ● Disk monitoring with Icinga ● Collect data via Ceph Admin Socket Json interface ● put it into Graphite ● enrich it with Meta Data – with Openstack tennant – Ceph Node – OSD

Cumulated osd Performance

Single osd performance

Sum by Openstack tenant

Verify Ceph Performance ● Fio Benchmark with fixed file size fio ­­fsync=<n> ­­runtime=60 ­­size=1g –bs=<n> ... ● Different sync option nosync, 1, 100 ● Different Cinder Qos Service Options ● Blocksize 64k 512k 1024k 4096k ● 1 up to 4 VM Clients ● Resulting in 500 Benchmark runs..

Cinder Quality of Service $ cinder qos­create high­iops consumer="front­end"    read_iops_sec=100       write_iops_sec=100    read_bytes_sec=41943040 write_bytes_sec=41943040 $ cinder qos­create low­iops consumer="front­end"    read_iops_sec=50        write_iops_sec=50    read_bytes_sec=20971520 write_bytes_sec=20971520 $ cinder qos­create ultra­low­iopsconsumer="front­end"   read_iops_sec=10        write_iops_sec=10    read_bytes_sec=10485760  write_bytes_sec=10485760

Speed per Cinder Qos

Does it scale

Effect of syncing Files

Different Blocksize with sync

Ceph is somewhat complex, but ● reliable ● No unpleasent suprises (so far!) ● Monitoring is important for resource management and availabilty !

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