Using Ceph in a Private Cloud - Ceph Day Frankfurt

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Information about Using Ceph in a Private Cloud - Ceph Day Frankfurt

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Inktank_Ceph



Andreas Jaeger, SUSE

Using Ceph in a private cloud Andreas Jaeger Product Manager Ceph Day Frankfurt – 2014-02-27


New solutions emerge: Infrastructure-as-Service Cloud DataData RuntimeRuntime MiddlewareMiddleware HypervisorHypervisor ServersServers StorageStorage NetworkingNetworking ApplicationsApplications OSOS =Public & Private IaaS

Virtualization and Cloud are Converging Scale Out Architecture Traditional Apps Scale Up Architecture

Issues with Traditional Architecture • Service requests take too long – More and more clients devices are coming online – Much harder to maintain service to customers • Systems can't scale to cope with the demand • Our Data is too large – Producing vast amounts of data – Way past the ability of traditional systems and applications

A different kind of architecture Cloud Workloads • Applications scale out: add more VMs • Stateless VMs, application distributed • Small VMs: vCPU, vRAM, storage separate • Application SLA <> of any one VM • SLA requires to create and destroy VMs where needed • Lifecycle measured in hours to months • Applications designed to tolerate failure of VMs Traditional Workloads • VMs scale up: add vCPU, vRAM etc • Stateful VMs, application = VM • Big VMs: vCPU, vRAM, local storage inside VM • Application SLA = SLA of VM itself • SLA relies on underlying HA technology • Lifecycle measured in years • Applications not designed to tolerate failure of VMs

7 “Pets” vs “Cattle” What is a perfect cloud workload? many sheep - numbered - standard images - replaceable nodes - highly automated some dogs - named - special instances

8 Storage in the Cloud • New workloads store data separately • How to handle the large amount of data?

Characteristics of the cloud • Scalability – Shrink & Grow • Instant On / Off • Cost – Bring Billing back to zero

Private Cloud with OpenStack

What is OpenStack? ● Open source project for building IaaS clouds ● Delivers cloud management platform software ● Strong community with rapid development ● Massive industry involvement ● Quickly maturing technology – 8th release

12 How is SUSE Participating? Platinum Member Alan Clark first Chairman of the Board Technical Contributions Promotion in openSUSE Community OpenStack Distribution

SUSE Cloud

SUSE Cloud SUSE Cloud is an open source software solution based on the OpenStack and Crowbar projects that provides the fundamental capabilities for enterprises to deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service Private Clouds

What is SUSE Cloud? ComputeCompute StorageStorage NetworkingNetworking Abstracts hardware (server, storage, and network infrastructure) into a pool of computing, storage, and connectivity capabilities that are delivered as a service wrapped in the enterprise ecosystem of SUSE.

16 OpenStack Distribution Billling VM Mgmt Image Tool Portal App Monitor Sec & Perf Cloud Management Orchestration (Heat) Dashboard (Horizon) Cloud APIs (OpenStack and EC2) Required Services Message Q Database AUTH (Keystone) Images (Glance) Hypervisor Xen, KVM Vmware, HyperV Compute (Nova) Operating System Physical Infrastructure: x86-64, Switches, Storage OpenStack Havana Management Tools OS and Hypervisor Object (Swift) Network (Neutron) Adapters Block (Cinder) Adapters Telemetry (Ceilometer) InstallFramework Physical InfrastructureSUSE Cloud Adds Required Services RabbitMQ Postgresql InstallFramework (Crowbar,Chef,TFTP,DNS,DHCP) Hypervisor SUSE Manager SUSE Studio Hypervisor Xen, KVM SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 SUSE Product Physical Infrastructure: x86-64, Switches, Storage Billling Portal App Monitor Sec & Perf Adapters Adapters Vmware, HyperV Partner Solutions Ceph (tech preview) Rados RBD RadosGW SUSE® Cloud 3

17 DaysHours Why an Install Framework? Parameters Components 1229 11 2

18 SUSE® Cloud Structure Administration Server Control Node Customer Center • SLES • Database • Message queue • Self-Service Portal • Image Repository • Centralized Tracking • Scheduler • Identity and Authentication • Storage Crowbar + PXE Boot • SLES • Chef server • Crowbar • Software mirror • TFTP • PXE Server • SLES • Xen or KVM • Cloud Compute • Storage proxy • VCenter • Cloud Compute • Hyper-V • Cloud Compute Compute Node Compute Node Compute/ Storage Node

19 SUSE Cloud 3 Highlights • Based on OpenStack Havana ‒ Orchestration module (Heat) project for VM orchestration ‒ Telemetry module (Ceilometer) improves cloud measurement • New Features ‒ Full VMware support - in addition to KVM, Xen, Hyper-V ‒ Improved networking and block storage adapter support ‒ Cisco Nexus, EMC, VMware NVP and others ‒ Updated Ceph packages ‒ SUSE Cloud 2 to SUSE Cloud 3 upgrade ‒ Manual addition of existing servers as cloud nodes • Platform for High Availability ‒ Delivered as update in March ]

The Most Enterprise Ready OpenStack- Based Private Cloud Solution

Ceph in SUSE Cloud

22 Set up a Ceph cluster for private cloud • Ceph storage: ‒ Ceph OSD – servers with lots of disks to store data ‒ Ceph Mon – monitoring server • Private cloud: ‒ Use Ceph storage for Block Storage, Object Storage and Image Service ‒ KVM as hypervisor with Ceph RBD

23 Set up (continued) • How to set up the cluster with 10+ storage nodes and at least 3 monitors? ‒ All storage nodes same setup ‒ All monitors same setup ‒ And integration into SUSE Cloud • Crowbar can handle this easily

24 Integrate “External Ceph Cluster” Admin Control Compute Ceph-cluster SUSE Cloud as private cloud: ● Cloud nodes deployed by Crowbar ● Cloud nodes run SLES 11 SP3 ● Block Storage: Ceph (cinder) ● Image Service: Ceph (glance) ● Object Storage: Ceph (RadosGW) Ceph- OSD Ceph- mon Ceph- OSD Ceph- RBD Ceph- RBD Ceph- RBD Ceph- RBD cinder crowbar External Ceph Cluster ● Provides “ceph.conf” glance crowbar

25 Set up “Ceph with SUSE Cloud 3” Admin Control Compute Ceph-cluster ● All Nodes deployed by Crowbar ● Block Storage: Ceph (cinder) ● Image Service: Ceph (glance) ● Object Storage: Ceph (RadosGW) Ceph- OSD Ceph- mon Ceph- OSD Ceph- RBD Ceph- RBD Ceph- RBD Ceph- RBD cinder crowbar glance

26 Barclamps

27 Ceph Setup

28 Image Service

29 Block Storage

30 Workshop: Wege in ein Hybric-Cloud Betriebsmodell Details: SAP Partner Port, Walldorf 19. March, 10. April and 20. Mai “OpenStack als Private Cloud SAP Platform – SUSE Cloud”

Thank you. 31 Interested in using SUSE Cloud with Ceph?

32 Credits • Slide 6: Sheep Drive by Tom Kelly

Corporate Headquarters Maxfeldstrasse 5 90409 Nuremberg Germany +49 911 740 53 0 (Worldwide) Join us on: 33

Unpublished Work of SUSE. All Rights Reserved. This work is an unpublished work and contains confidential, proprietary and trade secret information of SUSE. Access to this work is restricted to SUSE employees who have a need to know to perform tasks within the scope of their assignments. No part of this work may be practiced, performed, copied, distributed, revised, modified, translated, abridged, condensed, expanded, collected, or adapted without the prior written consent of SUSE. Any use or exploitation of this work without authorization could subject the perpetrator to criminal and civil liability. General Disclaimer This document is not to be construed as a promise by any participating company to develop, deliver, or market a product. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. SUSE makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this document, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for SUSE products remains at the sole discretion of SUSE. Further, SUSE reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes to its content, at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revisions or changes. All SUSE marks referenced in this presentation are trademarks or registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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