Using Campuses for Religious Events

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Information about Using Campuses for Religious Events

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: UniqueVenues



College and University campuses provide the perfect backdrop for faith-based meetings and events. From affordability factors…to environments that provide introspection and diversion free settings, venues that can seat 10-100,000…to locations that may be ripe for mission work, campus venues offer something for every faith-based meeting.

In this presentation, you will find information that will help you to understand all of the key elements provided at academic venues that will help faith-based groups as they GATHER, BREAK BREAD, PRAY, PLAY, and SLEEP.

Once you’ve gone through this program, visit or to see the wide array of venues we have right at your fingertips! At Unique Venues, we will do all the work for you as you SEARCH for meeting facilities and conference centers, FIND college and university venues and SELECT the perfect campus venue for your meetings and conferences.

Unique Venues
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ì  Using  Colleges  and  Universities  for  Faith-­‐Based  Conferences   Chuck  Salem,  President  of  Unique  Venues         University  of  California,  Davis   Stonehill  College   Furman  University  

Campus  Venues  Have  Come  A  Long  Way   ì  Do  you  remember  when…  

Campus  Venues  Have  Come  A  Long  Way   ì  Fast  Forward…2014  

The  Trend   ì  According  to  MeeGng  Professionals  InternaGonal’s   (MPI)  Future  Watch  …     Over  20%  of  professional  mee2ng   and  event  planners  are  using  non-­‐ tradi2onal  venues.  

Why  ?   ì  Declining  Budgets   ì  PercepGon   ì  Affordability   ì  DisGncGve   UNLV  

What  makes  us  different?   ì  Ambiance  &  Atmosphere   ì  Built-­‐in  theme   ì  Unwavering     ì  Economic  downturns  and  upturns  don’t  change  us   ì  We  like  it  all…day,  overnight,  youth  groups  and  adult   groups   ì  Technology     ì  Built-­‐in   ì  Cost  effecGve    

What  makes  us  different?   ì  Business  Model   ì  Core  Mission  VS  Auxiliary  Mission   ì  Pricing   ì  Affordability   ì  Wide  range  of  rates   ì  Value  added  experience   ì  Service  standards   ì  One  Stop  Shop  VS  Decentralized  

What  makes  us  different?   ì  Unique  Contractual  Items   ì  AZriGon  Clauses   ì  Deposits   ì  CancellaGons   ì  Insurance  Requirements   ì  LimitaGons   ì  Space  Guarantees   ì  Availability   ì  Alcohol  Usage   ì  Catering  Requirements  

ì   We’ve  got  it  all  covered…   GATHER   BREAK  BREAD   PRAY   PLAY   SLEEP      

ì  MeeGng  &  Event  FaciliGes   ì  Worship  Centers   ì  Upscale  Ballrooms   ì  TradiGonal  Classrooms   ì  Smart  Classrooms   ì  Auditoriums  and  Amphitheaters   ì  Student  Unions   ì  Performing  Arts  Centers   ì  Outdoor  Spaces   ì  Stadiums  and  Arenas   ì  Residence  Hall  Spaces   Gather   University  of  Florida  

ì  Dining   ì  ResidenGal  Restaurants   ì  AKA…dining  halls   ì  Food  Courts   ì  NaGonal  and  local  brands   ì  Specialty  Restaurants   ì  Catering   Break  Bread   University  of  Vermont  

ì  Chapels   ì  IntrospecGve  Areas   ì  Residence  Hall  Spaces   ì  Outdoor  Spaces   Pray   University  of     Northwestern  –  St.  Paul  

ì  Onsite  Ropes  Courses   ì  Campus  RecreaGon  Centers   ì  Swimming  Pools   ì  Hiking  Trails   ì  Art  Outlets   ì  On-­‐Campus  Museums   ì  Game  Rooms   ì  Playing  Fields  and  Courts   Play   Southern  AdvenGst   University  

ì  TradiGonal  Residence  Halls   ì  Residence  Hall  Suites   ì  Apartment  Style  Suites   ì  Private  Residence  Halls   ì  Townhouses   ì  Hotel  Style  Rooms   ì  Hotels   ì  Guest  Homes   Sleep   University  of     BriGsh  Columbia  

Campus  Conference  Planner  Checklist   ü  One-­‐stop  shopping   ü  Sponsorship  requirements   ü  Booking  Gmelines     ü  Space  guarantees   ü  Insurance  requirements   ü  Security  requirements   ü  Master  billing  and   individual  billing  policies   ü  Payment  terms   ü  Know  all  the  fees   ü  Parking  policies   ü  Commissions  

Campus  Conference  Planner  Checklist   ü  Rate  negoGaGon   ü  Contract  deposit   ü  Catering  requirements   ü  Alcohol  policies  (just  in   case  you  allow  it)   ü  Complimentary  room   nights   ü  Staff  availability   ü  CancellaGon  and  aZriGon   policies   ü  Supplier  arrangements   ü  Spouse/guest  tour   programs   ü  501C3  status   requirements  

One  Stop  Venue  Finding  Resource   ì  and   ì  Over  500  campus  venues  online  and  in  print   ì  USA  and  Canada  

QUESTIONS?     Call  Unique  Venues     866-­‐266-­‐6857    

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