uses of computer in industry,robots,simulations

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Information about uses of computer in industry,robots,simulations

Published on December 29, 2016

Author: Aroojmughal2


1. Presented by “ Arooj Mughal ’

2. Çontents Robots Computer aided design(CAD) Computer aided manufacture(CAM) Simulations

3. RoboTS • A Robot is an automatic programmable machine that moves and performs mechanical tasks. • Robots can work in environment that is dangerous for human , it can perform the same task again and again without any difference accurately • Remark RX 32 three axis servo robot which fits machines up to 300 tons • M-16i/B20T, from FANUC robotics can carry 20kg and is suited to injection machines up to 800 tons • W625H side entry robot from Wittmann.

4. Computer aided design (CAD)  In computer aided design CAD different objects are designed  using in computer  Engineers and architects use it for their ease.  it is the main geometry authoring tool that involves both software and sometimes special purpose hardware.  The design product is tested against the following parameters. 1. Test parts and their quantity list. 2. Outline productions and assembly procedures . 3. Transmit the final design directly to the machine.  A CAD system requires high resolution monitors , input devices and output devices

5. CAD designing process

6.  Using CAD, Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system can give quicker and more efficient production.  It is used to control all the parts of a manufacturing process  This methodology is applied in different manufacturing areas . In most cases the CAM system with a CAD design made in a 3D environment  Using CAM systems 1. Product can be made very accurately 2. Production is much cheaper 3. Production is available around the clock 4. Modification in design is easy.

7. Simulations DEFINITION ‘’ Computer simulation are programs based on a scientific model of a system or process’’

8. Description Simulations is used in many context, such s simulations of technology for performance optimization, safely engineering , testing , training education and video games. Simulation is also used when the real system cannot be engaged , because it may not be accessible , or it may be dangerous or unacceptable to engage ,or it is being designed but not yet built , or it may simply not exist,

9. Examples A flightsimulationwhichis usedto trainpilots , how to dealwithsituationthatwouldbe expensiveand dangerousto practiceusinga real aircraft.

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