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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: MGSRefining



Silver is a very versatile metal with many different uses for the fields of medicine, industry, jewelry production, and more. This presentation will cover silver's wide range of uses.

Uses for Silver An overview of silver’s industrial versatility

Physical Properties of Silver Silver is a very versatile metal with many different uses. • Silver’s plasticity is second only to gold. • Silver has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of any metal. • Silver has powerful antimicrobial properties.

Silver’s Use in Jewelry • Jewelry is perhaps the most popular use for silver. • Most silver jewelry is crafted using sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5% pure silver. • Sterling silver is remarkably durable, and has been in fashion for hundreds of years. • Other popular silver alloys in jewelry include white gold, Britannia silver, and French 1st Standard.

Industrial Silver Silver is a key component in many industrial applications. • Silver has high electrical conductivity, so it’s the metal of choice for certain wiring or electronic applications. • Silver can also be found in batteries, like in silveroxide batteries (which are commonly used in watches and hearing aids).

Industrial Silver • Silver also has the highest surface reflectivity of any metal, so it is employed in optics applications and is a key component in solar reflectors and precision mirrors. • Silver compounds have many applications as well. For example, silver-iodide is used in cloud seeding and weather modification.

Medicinal Silver • Silver is one of the few metals that exhibit the oligodynamic effect – which makes it very antimicrobial. • Scientists theorize the oligodynamic effect is caused by metal ions irreversibly damaging important enzymes within the microbes. • Silver-lined or coated medical devices – like catheters, breathing tubes, and prostheses – have been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of infection.

Medicinal Silver • Unfortunately, silver cannot be used in the development of medication. • When silver solutions are repeatedly ingested – or even topically applied – they can be absorbed by the body’s soft tissues and cause a permanent blue/gray discoloration of the skin known as argyria.

Silver as a Store-of-Value • As a precious metal, silver is also an investment vehicle. • In ancient times, silver coins were one of the first forms of currency. • You can track silver price trends on the MGS website, or by using our precious metals prices app.

About MGS Manhattan Gold & Silver (MGS) is a precious metals refiner that has been based in Manhattan’s historic Diamond District since 1985. We are a B2B company that buys and recycles precious metal scraps that accumulate in other businesses. We serve: • • • • • • • • Jewelers Pawnbrokers Dentists The industrial sector Antique dealers Machinists Domestic mining And more! • MGS also creates charts, calculators, and other online tools for our customers to use. • Try our Precious Metals Prices app, which lets you monitor the real-time precious metals market situation from anywhere, right from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Recycle your Precious Metals for Profit • MGS accepts gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. • Payouts are based on the London Fixing. • Up to 99% payout (among the highest in the US) • Up to 98.5% for gold brought in for hand testing. • Not in NYC? Ship us your precious metals using our Ship & Sell service which offers: • Same day wired payment (once lot is received) • Discounted, insured shipping • Payout calculator

Connect with MGS • For amazing facts, history and news, read our gold and precious metals blog. • Join the conversation about precious metals on the MGS page on Facebook. • Follow gold, silver, and other precious metal trends at the MGS Twitter account. • Circle MGS on Google+ to hear our latest updates. • If you do business with us, connect with us on the MGS LinkedIn page. • To see precious metal melting and refinement in action, visit the MGS YouTube channel.

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