User Experience & Mobile Innovation Strategy

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Information about User Experience & Mobile Innovation Strategy

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: antoniodepasquale



Smartphone, e-readers and tablets have dramatically changed the way we access content and digital services today. Designing the user experience means re-thinking the traditional paradigms in use for the web and considering a broader picture where the experience is pervasive, multi-channel and cross-device.

What is fundamental, is optimizing the user experience by designing the interaction through different contexts, functionality and mobile platforms, simply translating the desktop interface is not enough.

Rethinking the business logic of a service centered around the user, is the first step to designing a complex multi-channel experience.
Combining design methodology with agile development is the next step in bringing a successful product or service to market.

User Experience & Mobile innovation Strategy Antonio  De  Pasquale Senior Interaction Designer at frog @myinteraction

My name is Antonio De Pasquale I'm a Senior Interaction Designer at frog Milan A little about me I'm specialized in digital interfaces & user experience I'm passionate about the "aesthetics" of movement I'm from Sicily and I love the sea. @myinteraction

User Experience & Mobile Innovation Strategy 1 2 3 Introduction User Experience Mobile Innovation Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Yesterday N95, the top level smartphone of 2007 Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Yesterday Fix Grid, N95, Flash, Netbook, Desktop, no Cloud software Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

N95 first release to the market in Italy: March 2007 - 700€

Today Smartphones are a commodity. iOs, Android are mainstream, but new technologies are just around the corner Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Today Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 150€

A complex scenario All this different devices are part of our daily routine and all the experiences are shared across multiple touchpoints 8:00 Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano 12:00 16:00 20:00 * Cross Channel Matrix

A complex scenario It's not about the single devices. It's about the overall journey. 8:00 12:00 16:00 20:00 Scenario A Scenario B Scenario C Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano * Cross Channel Matrix

Customer Journey Map Innovation is about connetting the dots of the user customer journey, creating a smooth experience across products and services. Discover + + WIP Share Play Time + + Check Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

What is the User Experience? User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

UX Design is a collection of multiple disciplines Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

The UX Design process Agile metodology needs a different design workflow Review Research Concept Sketch Prototype Wireframe 1. Concept ideation Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano User test Develop Visual 2. Design realization 3.Go to Market Deploy

DESIGN MOBILE USER EXPERIENCE Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Born Digital The next generation of users is upon us. Their context is touch, mobility and speed. Reaching them requires intuitive design. For better or worse, they are mobile first. JOHN  FOX,  2012 Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

From Desktop to Mobile Moving from Desktop paradigm to mobile devices is not just shrinking the UI, it is about re-thinking the UX for a different context. Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Mobile first As new devices come into the market, a mobile first approach to design and development will be pivotal to your creating a successful product or brand. Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

The Role of Context A mobile device can be used at anytime, anywhere. The mobile context is about the environment and circumstances of usage. David Crow, Context of Mobile Interaction Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Understanding the User needs The piece we often overlook is the pleasure. It’s at the core of culinary arts, but we find it far too infrequently in the web apps and websites we use daily. UX missing pleasurable usable reliable functional Stephen P. Anderson, Seductive Interaction Design Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

The Ecosystems of screens Delivery a cross channel ux it's a complex challenge. It's not about the UI, it's about the experience across the multiscreen world. Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano * Precious Studio, Patterns for multiscreen strategy

It's more than a screen A sensor for adaptive systems is any technology that allows a device to understand and evaluate different contexts. Light Proximity Cameras Accelerometer Microphones Magnetometer Touchscreen Gyroscope GPS Pressure Wi-Fi / Cellular Temperature NFC Humidity Bluetooth Biometric Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

A shape-shifting future The evolution of technology is changing the boundaries of design. What is the shape of analog experiences when they become digital? Seamless experience Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

MOBILE INNOVATION STRATEGY Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Disruptive innovation Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. ALAN  KAY,  1971 Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Mobile is changing markets Trasportation Automotive Retail Healt-Care Financial News-Media Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Transportation Uber / Hailo Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Transportation Enjoy / Car2Go / Drive now Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

News & Media Facebook Paper / Feedly Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

News & Media Sky Go / Netflix Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Retail iBeacon / Tod / Gimbal Qualcomm Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Automotive Audi Concept / Nissan Leaf Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Healthcare t-Slim Smart Pump / Misfit / Sway Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Healthcare Rebook Checklight / OMSignal / Adidas MyCoach Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Financial Square / Google Wallet / Coin Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Financial Paypal Beacon / BitCoin Atm / Disney Bracelet Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

What is changed? Service design is the next important field of competition. Each of these learning curves represents a new field of competition, a new strategy for differentiation. Hugh Duberly, Learning Curves for Design Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Why do we need Innovation Strategy? Environment People Offering Time Future Present Past Hugh Duberly, Learning Curves for Design Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

This company no longer exists! Big Bang Disruptions throw many enterprises out of business. Enterprises need to have a strategy to face these disruptive innovations. Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

The value of Design Strategy It acts in the crossroads of design, research insight and business strategy, where design methods are used to generate strategies as well as tactics for planning , implementation and business. Process Innovation & PM TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS Experience innovation Design & Interaction Functional Innovation HUMAN VALUES Strategy Emotional Innovation Hugh Duberly, Learning Curves for Design Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

Future Innovate or Die. TOM  PETERS Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano


User Experience & Mobile Innovation Strategy This is Service Design Thinking. Marc Stickdorn & Jakob Schneider, 2012 Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano The Mobile Frontier Rachel Hinman, 2012

User Experience & Mobile Innovation Strategy Articles & Insights Design principles Innovation design Case study The  DefiniKon  of  User   Experience InnovaKon  X Trasnporta)on Uber  /  Hailo definition-user-experience/f The  Intricate  Anatomy  of  User   Experience  Design infographic-the-intricate-anatomy-of-uxdesign Sketching  the  User  Experience Design  Driven  InnovaKon  e   collaboraKve  innovaKon:  sfide   e  opportunita' 1491/745967/FILENAME/VergantiHarvard-Final-Report.pdf DisrupKve  thinking antoniodepasquale/sketching-the-userexperience Enjoy  /  Car2Go  /  Drive  Now Retail iBeacon  /  Tod  /  Qualcomm News  &  Media   Facebook  paper  /  Feedly SkyGo  /  NeBlix Automo)ve Audi  concept  /  Nissan  Leaf carwings.article.html Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano Healtcare Rebook  Checklight  /  OMSignal  /   MyCouch CheckLight t-­‐Slim  Pump  /  Misfit  /  Sway Financial Square  /  G.  Wallet  /  Coin Paypal  Beacon  /  BitCoin  ATM  /   Disney  Bracelet beacon

Thanks! @myinteraction to continue the discussion! Mobile Frontier 2014 - Milano

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