User Experience in Retail Environment: An Analysis

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Information about User Experience in Retail Environment: An Analysis

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: ArushiSingh2



Phase I of Semester Thesis Project March'14

User Experience in Retail Environment: An Analysis Semester Thesis Project|Department of Design Project Guide: Prof. Pradeep Yammiyavar Arushi Singh | Mdes |134205006

Timeline You are Here Jan’14 Mar’14 Feb’14 6th Mar’14 Mar’14 Pre Study Phase Study Phase Problem Statement Photo Documentation Design Problem Identification Brainstorming User Research Ideation Literature Study Aim/Objective User Group Redefining Problem Proposed Solution Prototyping Initial Concepts Apr’14 Testing

Aim To study and analyze shopping w.r.t. parameters like space, vision, movement in a retail environment. Objectives To decipher the relationship between the various parameters. To maximize in store communication for ultimate shopping experience. To develop solutions to cater to the growing customer base.


Methodology Understanding the Retail Environment & its challenges Literature Study, Ethnography, Documentation, Experience Learning Grouping Problems and Issues Attempt to design a layout solution Simulate walkthroughs using 3D software Testing and User feedback

Organized Retail Sector GDP Departmental Stores Employment Mom & Pop Stores Specialty Stores Hypermarkets Retail Supermarkets Kiosks Discount Stores Malls

Consumer Behavior Extended Limited Routine Toothpaste!! Stimulus Problem Awareness Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Impulse loyalty Post Purchase Place of Purchase Demographics Lifestyle Purchase Terms Availability Ref: Barry Berman ,Joel R. Evans , Mini Mathur . Retail Management . Pearson

Existing Concepts Smart Cart Uniqul Perch

Google Helpouts Estimote Beacon

Window Shopping Literally!

Big Bazaar: A Study • Grid display • Easy Movement • Attractive Family of Fixtures Footfall: 1000(normal days) 5000(on occasions) Display: Crocodile bins Peg hooks Bins Special zonal Displays Layout Third Floor(Not to Scale)

Special ambiance and displays in specific zones Peg Hooks Crocodile Bins Shopping Guides Bins

Vishal Mega Mart: A Study Ramp bins • Decent Quality in Cheap Price • Extensive use of Bins • Very less moving space Footfall: 700 to1000(normal days) 5000 and above (occasions) Gondola Display Displays: Bins(big, small, ramp)(height: 3ft) Gondola Racks(height: 8ft) Layout Ground Floor(not to scale) large bins

HUB Mall: A Study • Maximum products in small area • Limited stock • Smaller aisles Footfall: 300(normal days) 1000(on occasions) Display: Gondola displays (wall display, height: 7ft Central display, height: 5ft) Peg Hooks Layout First Floor mart(not to scale)

Mapping UX 1. Why do you prefer shopping in a supermarket? 4. How do you locate goods ? First Look Then Ask Enjoy Shopping Experience Locate on my own Get everything at one place Always Ask Don’t know what to buy so go and look Other 2. How do you plan before purchasing ? 5. Yes No Make a list Mental Note I am an impulsive buyer 3. 6. No Can’t Say Can’t Say Do you like shopping specially during special offers and discounts? Yes Have you found difficulty in locating goods in a supermarket? Yes Are you comfortable even when there is a crowd in the supermarket? No Can’t Say 7. Which is the thing you don't enjoy during shopping in a supermarket?

DISLIKES Crowd Everything in one place Shopping Experience Difficult to locate things Don’t find difficult First Look Then Ask Locate on my own Queues(baggage, checkout) Baggage Counter Annoying Attendants Carrying Products Written list Mental note Enjoy Discount Seasons Don’t enjoy Don’t enjoy shopping in a crowd Don’t mind crowds

Observation Line of Sight Systems of Display Flow Management Personal Space Ambient Environment

Next Stage of Work Simulate walkthroughs in a conceptualized retail space using 3D software all parameters are optimized. Co-Creation of the shopping environment. Undertake activities involving people to arrange and stack merchandise and understand associated patterns.

References Books: Barry Berman,Joel R. Evans, Mini Mathur.Retail Management.Pearson Publication Paco Underhill.Why We Buy.Simon & Schuster Publication Martin Lindstorm.Buy-ology.Business Books Rama Bijapurkar.We are like that only. Penguin Books A J Lamba.The Art of Retailing.Tata McGraw Hill Tony Morgan.Visual Merchandising.Laurence King Publishing Viklma Barr, Katherine Field.Stores: Retail Display and Design.PBC International Inc.

References Journal Papers: IBM/NRF Store of the future survey-2003 Indian Retail: Time to change lanes- KPMG 2009 Websites: Accessed on 6th Jan’14 at 1000hrs Accessed on 20th Jan’14 at 1700hrs Accessed on 20th Jan’14 at 1700hrs

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