User content marketplace - How it works and market overview

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Information about User content marketplace - How it works and market overview
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Published on February 9, 2014

Author: OlgaEgorsheva



Lobster has created a user content marketplace.

We solve the problem of quick and legal IP rights acquisition for Instagram and Flickr photos. In the future - any user generated content (UGC) at all.

Think of an iTunes Store for users' social content created on any platform.

In this presentation we describe how it works, its advantages, our market and team.


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Lobster Make social content available. Legally. Jan 2014. Member of Wayra UK 2014

Problem Buyer side 1. User content on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and others that covers valuable events and lifestyles worldwide is not readily available for legal use in the media 2. Traditional photo stocks offer a limited range of standardized, typical content at high rates and narrow license terms 3. Third party apps for ‘news contributors’ are not wide spread enough as they require users to use ‘yet another app’ Seller side 1. User content on Instagram, Flickr, etc gets stolen or copied illegally. We believe this is due to a lack of civilized acquisition mechanism. 2. Amateur users can’t earn on their content as professional photographers in photostocks do, despite often good quality and unmatchable range of content. Or at least easily grant the rights to use their content to others. 3. Popular social networks do not provide enough challenge /reward, interactivity and augmented reality feeling to the users. Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.

Solution News bloggers Digital media and marketing Peer-to-peer users Content author (Seller) An opportunity to sell your social content and earn on every purchase. Earn freely from anywhere in the world by just Lobster Buyer ‘AppStore for user A platform for easy, affordable generated content’ and fast acquisition of legal rights for user generated social posting to your social networks as usual. content. Millions of items users Make the news, take a challenge, post everyday worldwide. participate, compete, get rewards. Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.

Lobster: Selling content Solution Authorize  (Insta, Flickr)  #ilobsterit #ilobsterit

Solution Lobster: Buying content Search tags,  usernames, geo,  dates Pay [PayPal] Download file +  Get your license  by e‐mail

Our Advantage Automated content capture & No uploads Searchable by multi tags, usernames, geo, dates seller Immediate appearance of news content Always current metadata, but no storage & pre-approval issue buyer Can choose which content to sell & which not

Addressable Market ~ 1 bln items of social content per year $1-2 bln in content sales per year $240m+ in commissions per year $12m+ in commissions at 5% market share Segments News agencies and bloggers $550m+ | 7 news categories accessible to users x 30 news causes per day x 7.2k articles per cause ~ 550m items | $1-2+/ photo Segment C & D  Digital marketing and advertising Partnerships & peer-to-peer $60-120m + | annual need ~ 60m $240m+ | website constructors (Weebly, Wix) ~ images in large advertising and SME 72m items / year | presentation constructor (Prezi) digital agencies | supply ~ 70m items ~180m items/year | $1-2 / photo or 5% of current steals ~ 130m items customized print (Instaprint, CanvasPop, etc, in US) | $1 / photo & $1-2 in partner sales commission ~ 50 k items in rewards for charity crowdfunding Segment A  Segment B  campaigns | zero Lobster commission Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.

Route to market Online Example Challenges &  missions  Bloggers (joint  challenges)   Instagramers communities FB, Instagram,  Flicks & Twitter Publications  (Gizmodo, etc.)  Partnerships  (Weebly, Prezi)  Paid campaigns  (AdWords, FB) Power users  (1000s followers) Offline News market challenges & missions Instagramers meetups Physical items  (stickers, QRs)  Conferences (tech, web, ads) Announce challenge via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with the news’ #hashtag for both sellers (participate) and buyers (buy news Startup  competitions  B2B personal  meetings photos) with prize $50 at the end of the challenge Mission: ‘Help worldwide journalists uncover’ Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.

Team (1/2) Olga Egorsheva Maria Iontseva CEO & Co-founder UX and Marketing Director & Co-founder Member of the board Member of the board Previous: DHL Global Mail EEMEA & Russia Previous: User Experience Specialist, ABBYY UK Launched DHL Global Mail in Russia from business Created UI for ABBYY’s award winning FineReader 10 plan to profitable growth Andrey Dmitriev Eugene Nourminsky Product and QA Director& Co-founder Head of Development & Co-founder Member of the board Member of the board (to be) Previous: Head of product testing group, ABBYY Previous: MST Lab (Microsoft + Lomonosov MSU ) Released six ABBYY Lingvo versions with industry awards Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, University of Berkeley etc. Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.

Team (2/2) Doers, coders, learners Mikhail Kalygin Developed in collaboration with Backend & Frontend Web Developer Microsoft, University of Berkeley, etc. A team of developers that are part of a university software Alexander Zenchenko Frontend Web Developer & Webmaster lab based in Lomonosov Moscow State university (best university in Russia), organized together with Microsoft. Managed by Eugene. Maria Nourminskaya Project Manager & Org Culture Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.

Thank you! Looking forward to questions! Olga Egorsheva CEO & Co-founder Lobster IT Limited skype: egolya Company Number: 08510890 Date of Incorporation: 30/04/2013 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley, London,N12 0DR Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.

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