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Information about Use UnitedStreaming Videos on IPods

Published on December 12, 2008

Author: kuauhte04


How to Use Unitedstreaming Videos on IPod's : How to Use Unitedstreaming Videos on IPod's By Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez EduTech NE Regional ITS 2008 In Unitedstreaming find the video to be used : In Unitedstreaming find the video to be used Before Downloading Video : Before Downloading Video Click on Media Settings on the bottom left corner of the Video. By default videos are set to download and play in Windows Media Player. In order to use videos on IPods the videos must be in MOV file extension. Change Media Type Selection : Change Media Type Selection Click in the QuickTime option and then save. Now when you download videos the videos will be in MOV format. Import UnitedStreaming Video Into ITunes : Import UnitedStreaming Video Into ITunes Select File from within ITunes. Scroll to Add to Library Dialog box opens>Locate Unitedstreaming File that was downloaded. Choose Open and the file is now imported into the Movies area of ITunes. Click Once on the movie downloaded to highlight movie. Do not double-click on movie as this will open the movie. You are going to convert the movie that was downloaded to work on the IPod. Select the Advanced Tab and select Create IPod or IPhone version. This will convert the MOV file to an MP4V file that will now work on the IPod. Once your file has converted you will see an additional copy of the movie in your Movies area in ITunes. You can now delete the MOV file from your library. Make sure you delete the MOV file and keep the MP4V file. Select the file and go to File>Info to verify your file type. Import Movie into ITunes : Import Movie into ITunes Step 1: Import Movie into ITunes Locate Movie : Locate Movie Step 2: Find movie file on computer that was downloaded from Unitedstreaming. If using a Mac select open Movie Appears in Movies Area of ITunes : Movie Appears in Movies Area of ITunes Step 3: Highlight the video by clicking on it one time. After a blue highlight appears over the the video proceed to the advanced area in ITunes on the Menu. Convert Unitedstreaming MOV file to IPod ready file : Convert Unitedstreaming MOV file to IPod ready file Step 4: Select the Create IPod or Iphone version command which will convert the downloaded video for IPod use. End : End Once an IPod is connected to ITunes the Unitedstreaming file will be synced along with any other files onto the IPod. The procedure for loading Unitedstreaming files on the IPod can be used to load PowerPoint presentations created on Office 2008 PowerPoint. Simply Go to File>Save as Movie—and PowerPoint 2008 will export presentation to a MOV file. Repeat steps done in this presentation to load onto ITunes.

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