Use of Harvester Machines & Combine Harvesters

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Information about Use of Harvester Machines & Combine Harvesters

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: mmpmm



Combines harvesters are agricultural machines developed to reap and thresh in one operation...M.M.Palitha Mahinda Munasinghe,Sri Lanka

M.M.Palitha Mahinda Munasinghe Farm Mechanical Instructor

Fruit Harvesting Plucking by Hand Elevator Bucket Pole with Hook Bucket 25/09/2012 mmpmm Pole & Scissors 2

Fruit Harvesting Grape Harvesting Papaya Harvesting 25/09/2012 mmpmm Tractor Coupled Grape harvester Grape Harvester 3

Potato Digger 25/09/2012 mmpmm 4

Type of Harvesters Forage Harvester Sorghum Elephant Grass, Guinea Grass Sugar Cane 25/09/2012 Grain Harvester Rice Wheat Maize Barley Millets mmpmm Vegetable Harvester Tomato Cauliflower Root Crop Harvester Sweet Potato, Potato, Sugar Beet, Carrot, Turnip Legume Harvester Green Gram Black Gram Soybean Pea Cowpea Fruit Harvester Grapes 5

Coffee Harvester Length: Width: Height: Lift: 5.89m 3.48m 3.48m 50cm Tunnel width: 1.4m Throat width: 60cm Weight: 5,897kg Stable 3-wheel design, maneuverable and features durable polycarbonate catcher plates with adjustable pitch for maximum fruit retention 25/09/2012 mmpmm 6

Mini Sugarcane Harvester Sugarcane Harvester • 337 HP JD 4 Valve (375 Hp Optional) • Can harvest up to 40 Ton/Hour of Sugarcane • Complete solution to harvesting which includes base cutting, De-Topping, De-Trashing, Cutting to Billets and loading to trailer 25/09/2012 mmpmm 7

Combine Harvester Three separate operations comprising Harvesting (Reaping) Threshing Winnowing—into A Single Process 25/09/2012 mmpmm 8

Development of Combine Harvester • Reaper • Reaper Binder • Threshers • Reaper thresher binder (Combine Harvester) Two main types of combines are prevalent • Conventional • Rotary 25/09/2012 mmpmm 9

Paddy Reaper Overall Dimensions:(L×W×H) Cutting width Weight Working capacity Engine type Displacement Maximum Power Output Rated Power Output Starting System 2390x1470x900 mm 120cm 116kg 3-4hr/ha(1.2-1.6hr/acre) Air-cooled;4-stroke;OHV;single cylinder 163cc (5.5HP)4.1kw (4.0HP)3.0kw Recoil/Electric Cone Reaper & Thresher 25/09/2012 mmpmm 10

Combine Harvester Further Classified As Tractor Mounted Type Self propelled Type Wheel Type 25/09/2012 mmpmm Crawler Type 11

Conventional combine harvester 1 Reel 2 Cutter bar 3 Header auger 4 Grain conveyor 5 Stone trap 6 Threshing drum 7 Concave 8 Straw walker 9 Grain pan 10 Fan 25/09/2012 11 Top Adjustable sieve 12 Bottom sieve 13 Tailings conveyor 14 Re-threshing of tailings 15 Grain auger 16 Grain tank 17 Straw chopper 18 Driver's cab 19 Engine 20 Unloading auger 21 Impeller mmpmm 12

Soybean Combine Harvester Cutting width Feed Productivity Best Ridge Distance 1870/1950mm 1.5kg/s 0.2-0.5hectare/h 65mm • Use of automatic profile floating cutter to ensure lowest harvesting height and adapt to the different landform • Rasp-bar cylinder and spike tooth cylinder to gain much better threshing effect • Use of re-threshing device obtains low loss rate and high cleanliness • To higher purity and loss rate, adopt double louver sieves with adjustable opening • Reclaim stem and skin separately, be used for feed, more systematic • To control the loss rate effectively with the centrifugal fan and changeable wind speed 25/09/2012 mmpmm 13

Half Feeding Paddy Combine Harvester • • • • • • Center distance(mm) Ground pressure(kpa) Ground clearance(mm) Cutting Width (mm) Cutting Rows Crop height(mm) Cutting bar lifting way Sleeping paddy adoptability Threshing drum type Threshing drum Dia. * Length (mm) Threshing drum Rotation Cleaning system Straw handling Blade type Small grain tank (0.3cbm) Big grain tank (0.7CBM) Working efficiency(hectare/hour) 1000 21.1 240 1500 4 650-1300 Hydraulic Reaping follow ≤85°, Reaping against≤75° Axle flow type 424x800 510 Air-blower + shacking sieve Lay-flat / crush (50-60mm) Round blade Bagging rice Unloading auger 0.2-0.4 Feeding depth adjustable, Load display and automatic alarming functions It adopts hydraulic step less speed-change plus three-range transmission Rubber track size: 400*90*46 Suspension type wheel train with combination seal system Interval of mesh screen for straw and wind strength for cleaning is adjustable Equipped with straw cutting, tiling, and stacking device 25/09/2012 mmpmm 14

Full Feeding Paddy Combine Harvester Drive Train Harvesting Track Size(mm) Track Center(mm) Min. ground clearance(mm) Cutting width(mm) Feeding capacity(t/h) Cutting Bar Lift Threshing Type Threshing Feeding Cylinder(mm) Threshing Cylinder(mm) Filtrate Type Discharging Side Grain Tank Centered Grain Tank Operation efficiency Crop 90x46x400 1030 245 2000 7.2 Hydraulic Control Axial flow type with Beat bars 550x648.5 550x1295 Vibrating-Sieves+ centrifugal fan 0.3 M3, Manual Type 0.8 M3, Automatic Type 0.25-0.47 ha./h Rice, Wheat, Rapeseed • New design of Tension Frame, avoiding belt being broken and track slip • Larger Feeding Bridge with bigger feeding capacity • Double threshing Cylinders make the grain cleaner and less loss • Down-forward outlet for straws with Shredding Mechanism to get straw pieces back to field 25/09/2012 mmpmm 15

Corn Combine Harvester Picking Mechanism Type Picking plate + cutting roller Harvesting Rows Applicable Row Width mm Power kW Engine speed r/min 4 480~580 90.5~92 2400 Ⅰgear 1.55 ~3.45 Ⅱgear 3.43 ~7.61 Theoretical Travel Speed km/h Ⅲgear 9.25 ~20.51 Reverse gear 3.62 ~8.03 Pure work productivity h㎡/h 0.33~0.58 Grain Tank Volume ㎡ Stalk Smashing Width mm 2.5 2000 Stalk Smashing Blades Combination Type 2 curve blades + 1 straight blade in the middle ● Full hydraulic steering system for flexible and convenient control ● Equip with the 4-wheel brake system which makes it more safe ● Better adjusted conveying chain of the header, offers more reliability ● It employs steel header cover to prevent the wheat spikes from falling ● The chopping device adopts two curve blades + one straight blade in the middle 25/09/2012 mmpmm 16

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