USE IT CLOUD MARKETPLACE, Open Cloud Forum @ Cloud Expo Europe 2014

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Information about USE IT CLOUD MARKETPLACE, Open Cloud Forum @ Cloud Expo Europe 2014

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: OW2



Use it Cloud Marketplace is a platform which allows applications not only to be ported to the Cloud and operated in SaaS mode, but also to be distributed in the Cloud and purchased by users. This presentation is given by Najah Naffah, Managing Director, Prologue.

Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014     Use  it  Cloud  Marketplace     Conference  Stream:  Open  Cloud  Forum     Najah  NAFFAH   Prologue,  MD   26th  February,  2014  

Background   Positioning   Use  it  Cloud  Marketplace  –  UiC  M   UiC  M,  Roles  and  Frameworks   DaaS  and  Terminal  Management   Conclusion   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 20142 Summary  

3 The  Background  –  Funded  Projects   Plan  Investissement  d’Avenir   Two  Main  Projects  constitute  the  Foundation  of  Prologue  Cloud   Portfolio   CompatibleOne  –  (  2010-­‐  2013)           CloudPort  –  (2012-­‐2014)       Cloud  Management  &  Brokering   Use  it  Cloud  Broker   Applica6ons  Migra6on   Applica6ons  Marketplace   Use  it  Cloud  Marketplace   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

4 Prologue  Cloud  Vision   Ensure  Universal   Access  from  a   Variety  of  Devices   Cloud  Services   To  Help   Enterprises  in   Deploying  their  Applica6ons   in    a  Mul6-­‐Cloud  Environment       Enterprises     Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

Public Clouds Private Clouds Integrated  view Provisioning Orchestration Arbitrage Identity Management Financial  Relationship Requirements Business  (costs…) Technical  (ressources,…) Policy  (location,…) Reporting Billing VMware vCloud Cloud  Federation 35  Cloud   Providers Brokerage-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service DaaS – Desktop  as  a  Service Terminal  Management 5 Use  it  Cloud  -­‐  Broker    -­‐     Current  Configuration   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

6 UiC  B  –  Deployment  Life  Cycle     ACCORDS  Platform       Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 20147 Use  it  Cloud  Marketplace     Objectives  and  Value  Proposition   Port Elasticity …other Cloud   features Universal Terminal   Access  any device  any where Collaboration   Enabler SaaS   Operation Integration   between SaaS Freedom to   choose any Cloud   provider freedom to   choose from standardized Applications   MarketplaceApplications Applications On premises In the Cloud SaaS Marketplace

8 Use  it  Cloud  Marketplace   Frameworks   CMF   AMF   IMF   TMF   SMF   Customer  Management   Marketplace   Applica8ons   Infrastructure   Terminals   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

9 UiC  Marketplace  –  Roles   Vendor,  Buyer,  Operator   UiC-­‐M   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

10 Use  it  Cloud  Marketplace  (  UiC-­‐M  )   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

11 UiC  Marketplace  –  Applications  Publishing     Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

12 UiC  Marketplace   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

UiC Dashboard Administrator Terminal   (device) End user 1:Buy   Transaction UiC Marketplace Applications UiC Broker DaaS   Applications 2:Offering Instantiation Terminal   (device) End user 5:Unified   Access Applications   Vendor DaaS Provider 0:  Offering Publication     DaaS  Offering Applications UiC DaaS Manager 3:  Adding   Applications Administrator 4:  Aggregation 13 Desktop-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  –     Typical  Scenario   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

§ Access  to  Variety  of  Servers:  Windows,   Unix,  Linux,  iOS § Rich  Content  Manipulation § Creation  of  Collaborative  Spaces  to  add   new  type  of  application  features  (social,   professional) § Security § Privacy  protection § Flexible  Cloud   Resources § Network  Bandwidth   Adaptation § Battery  economy § Network  acceleration Anywhere – Office,  Home,  Mobile Any Device  – PC,  TC,  SmartPhone,  Tablet Unix Enterprise Applications Cloud Applications (Public, Private) 14 Universal  Terminal  Access  –     Optimizing  Information  Flow  and  Interaction  in  a  Mobile   Environment   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

Real  Time  Interaction  with  simultaneous   content  display    on  all  participants  devices Application  and   collaboration  Server(s) HTML  5  Client  Agent  1 BiFS Client  Agent  2 LASeR Client  Agent  3 Content Handling Application Execution 15 UiC  –  M  Innovative  Use  Case       Mixing  Terminal  Types  in  Real  Time  Collaborative  Workspace   Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

16 Use  it  Cloud  Marketplace-­‐  Business  Model   IaaS     Resources  Consump8ons   Applica8ons   Applica8ons   Applica8ons   UiC  Brokering  Services   SaaSSaaS SaaS One Bill (Bundle) UiC    Billing   Service   UiC Marketplace Cloud Expo Europe , Feb. 26, 2014

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