USB Lock RP DEMO installation instructions

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Information about USB Lock RP DEMO installation instructions
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Published on December 12, 2008

Author: JavierArrospide



USB Lock RP DEMO Straightforward installation instructions

USB Lock RP DEMO v 3.8 LAN – WAN – WLAN Endpoint Security Software Installation Instructions General Information: You have downloaded our USB Lock RP 10 day DEMO. This fully functional trial allows you to remotely manage security on 5 PCs in your network from one administrative console refer to as the “Control”. The Control may be placed on a PC or server which ever fits your need. Note: Once you finish your testing, clients can be remotely uninstalled directly from the control. (The control will allow an additional day after expiring for remotely uninstalling clients in case you did not uninstall within the 10 days.) Files found within the downloaded zip file include: 1. Installation Instruction 2. Product Quick Guide 3. Product Brochure 4. “Control” Set Up Executable File “setup_control.exe” 5. “Client” Set Up Executable File “setup_client.exe” Installation: Step 1: “Control” Installation: Install with administrative privileges on the PC or Server from where you will manage the security during your testing. 1. Execute the file “setup_control.exe” 2. Follow the simple instructions during the set up dialog. It is recommended to leave selected the option to create a quick launch icon on the windows quick start bar. Step 2: Start the “Control” 1. You may access the program using either of these methods: a. Click on menu Start /Programs/ USB Lock RP/Start USB Lock RP b. Click on the Advanced Systems tri-colored icon located on the Quick Start Bar 2. Enter password and click OK: - Note: During your test, the password will be USB LOCK RP. 3. The Control Panel shows the PC name (and the IP address) in the lower left corner in yellow text. Important: Write down the PC name or IP address they will be required during client’s installation. You may either use PC name or IP address. For variable IP network configurations or if you are not sure you should use the PC name. Step 3: Clients Installer The Client Installer must be installed with administrative privileges on the 5 Clients (PC’s) that you will be managing during your trial. Manual Client Installations: 1. Execute the file setup_client.exe on the client PCs you have chosen to control. - Note: You can store the file in a shared folder and run from each client. (Logged as administrator) 2. During the installation enter the “Control” PC name you noted or the IP address (Required). 3. Continue to finalize the installation. 4. You may now restart the client PC and log on as the normal user (Not required) Step 4: To start your evaluation: Return to the “Control” Panel. You will now see the newly installed clients on the center PC list within the panel. To continue please refer to the Quick Guide. Copyright © 2004 - 2008 Advanced Systems International SAC. All rights reserved

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