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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: ajhoisington



A little power point to help navigate through USAJOBS and get noticed.

Just a note I set this up for law enforcement, since I just recently graduated with my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. But it is the basics for any type of employment you may seek.

How to navigate through saved searches.

Saved Searches: Click here to set up the preferences so you can receive daily, weekly or monthly notifications about job openings.

Click here

Here you can type in key words like “police” or “internships”. Internships are the best way to get a foot in the door. See if your school has any programs they could hook you up with. This is self explanatory Search for an agency You’re interested in. Click yes here b/c you’re a veteran Select how often you want to receive notifications here and then save

Saved documents

Click here

Here is an example Of all the saved Documents I have. The VA Should have sent you a notice Indicating what percentage you’re Going to receive for disability. Upload that Document you need that Along with the SF 15 and DD214 to apply for Veteran’s preference. If they don’t mail you that notice or you lose it (like I did) You can contact your local VA office (Mine was in the local federal building) And they’ll print you a new one.

SF 15 Google SF 15 then click here.

Click here to download The form to your computer.

When you open The form after you have saved it The text fields Should turn blue So you can type Your info in instead of hand writing it.Everything should Be easy to Navigate through. When you’re done With this save it and Upload it to USAJOBS

• Your DD 214, along with the SF 15, will be good enough to get 5 point veteran’s preference. So make sure when you apply for jobs to submit both of those documents. If you receive 30% or more disability you can apply for 10 point preference. Make sure you submit your DD214, SF15, and letter stating what percentage of disability you receive. • What this means (from how I perceive it) is that you are scored on how well you are qualified and then you are given 5 or 10 more points. For the local Sheriff I received an extra 15.

Resume sample

Click here

Click here

I pretty much cut and filled in my information. Remember to read the job posting and add that Information into your resume. I copy and paste what the announcement is looking for and tweak it so my skills and duties performed reflect that. I have heard since Employers receive So many applicants Our resumes are ran Through a computer That seeks out the Key words listed in the Job announcement. It is irritating but you Should go off of the Job announcement And take the duties And qualifications and Insert them into your Resume. Basically Make your resume say What they are looking For in your words. Then again This is just hearsay.

Application status

Click here

You can be updated when the position you have applied for Changes. Referred is the Status you want!

I think I hit all of the important stuff. I have received several “referred” status notifications but only one job has actually called me to take an exam. Don’t get discouraged it takes months to hear back from potential jobs. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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