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Published on April 13, 2008

Author: yilmar


Market Global Energy Opportunities :  Market Global Energy Opportunities Presentation by: Maryanne Barker, Head of International Energy Azeemeh Zaheer, Vice Consul (Oil and Gas) HOUSTON – OIL & GAS CAPITAL :  HOUSTON – OIL & GAS CAPITAL Home to the British Consulate in the Southern US Network – 6 States Strong Economy & Leading State for Exports International Oil & Gas Capital of the World Slide4:  A FEW NUMBERS 5,000 23 3,600 13 600 170 400 8 Slide5:  South American NOC Brazil-Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. Venezuela-Petróleos de Venezuela Peru-PetroPeru Bolivia-Yacimientos Petrolíferos Argentina- ENARSA,Energía Argentina Sociedad Anónima Uruguay-ANCAP Administración Nacional de Combustibles, Alcoholes y Portland Paraguay-Petropar Chile-ENAP Ecuador-Petroecuador Colombia-Ecopetrol Free Trade Agreements NAFTA Australia Bahrain Central American – Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR) Chile Colombia Isreal Jordan Korea Morocco Oman Panama Peru Singapore Slide6:  KEY OPPORTUNITIES Upstream Energy oil and gas exploration and production Downhole telemetry CO2 Injection Micro drilling systems Field Projects and Technical Assistance Asset Management Advanced 3D & 4D Decommissioning EPC Slide7:  SUB SEA ROV/AUV inspections Sub Sea pipeline repair Re-design anchor & mooring systems Flow Assurance FPSO Supply Chain Subsea Engineering Slide8:  KEY OPPORTUNITIES Midstream Energy pipeline transportation and energy trading Pipeline design Pipeline Construction Anti Corrosion technology Protection Systems Pipeline safety Ultra sonic leak detection Intelligent pigging services Pipe matching for SCRs Slide9:  ENERGY DISTRIBUTION MAP Slide10:  Natural (232) Carthage Pipeline(KM Interstate)(700) A/G Line Expansion (Natural)(139) Transcontinental (Mobile Bay) (700) Shenzi Lateral (Enbridge) (100) Henry Hub Expansion (Trunkline) (600) Carthage Lateral (Tennessee) (100) Houston Market (KM Interstate) (400) Henry Hub (Columbia Gulf) (200) Gulfstream (750) Panhandle Eastern (750) Kinder Morgan (360) Kinder Morgan (170) Northern Natural (82) Vector (230) Trunkline (650) Seminole (80) Coronado (500) Painter Lateral (Overthrust) (200) Questar Expansion (160) Greasewood Lateral (Northwest) (200) Paso Norte Pipeline Project (380) Colorado Hub (Northwest) (250) Northwinds Pipeline (NFG) (500) Dracut Interconnect (Tennessee) (250) East to West Expansion (Algonquin) (2,000) Northeast Expansion (NFG) (500) Alaska (4,000) MAJOR PIPELINE PROJECTS ON THE HORIZON June 2007 Slide11:  KEY OPPORTUNITIES Downstream energy-refining, chemicals manufacturing HS&E products & Services Engineering & Design Asset Management LNG – Development & Storage Technology for Upgrading and Retrofits – Refineries Slide12:  US REFINERIES Slide13:  POTENTIAL US LNG SITES Slide14:  KEY OPPORTUNITIES Alternative Energy Clean/Green Technology Clean Coal Technology Carbon Sequestration Hydrogen Based energy technologies Gasification Turbine Equipment Environmental Engineering Slide15:  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Slide16:  PROCUREMENT Slide17:  UPCOMING EVENTS & MISSIONS Louisiana Gulf Coast Expo October 23 – 25 Bio Fuels October 15 Deep Offshore Tech. October 10- 12 Houston World Oil Conference October 17- 20 Pipeline Pigging Conference February 12 -14 Flow Assurance & Measurement February 12 -14 North American Prospect Expo February 7 – 8 SubSea Tieback March 3 -5 OTC May 5 – 8 Slide18:  US MARKET ISSUES & REGULATIONS Regulatory environment Import/export authorization in compliance with DOE regulations Export Control Laws Foreign source income rules and foreign tax credit Taxation of foreign corporations Slide19:  LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS Energy Industries Council Energy Institute Society for Underwater Technology Greater Houston Partnership Rice Alliance British American Business Council Scottish Development Agency Houston Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Houston Technology Centre Please see CD Slide20:  WE CAN HELP Key information: Oil and gas regulatory issues Location factors and business 3 Opportunities in the oil and gas sector Market research: Feasibility studies Competition analysis Local market size & segmentation Customer needs & usage Attitudes towards your product or service, distribution channels Trends & competitor activity Strategy Advice on market entry Provide end user/ client listings Slide21:  WE CAN HELP Build Strategic Partnerships: Support to build collaborative partnerships with US business Set up and facilitate business development visits Introduction to key sector networks Provide support for and set up in-market technical presentations or networking events Slide22:  CONTACT INFORMATION Maryanne Barker, Head of Intl. Energy Azeemeh Zaheer, Vice Consul – Oil and Gas Joanne Howard, Vice Consul – Clean Technology UK Trade & Investment USA 1000 Louisiana Street Suite 1900, Houston, Texas 77002 +1.713.659.6275 Slide23:  Hope to See You in the U.S.!

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