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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: mopahls



Fun project

Usability Lab Proposal April 4, 2010 Matthew Pahls Usability II Mission Statement We the Unity Group strive to deliver a product that will exceed your expectations, and we are well prepared to accomplish the task of properly retrofitting your research group with a flexible usability lab. The lab will give your team the proper facility to conduct and review many types of usability exercises. We believe that modern system design and architecture demand that a user centered design process be integrated into the overall business process that your company has. A usability lab provides your team with a foundation on ascertaining user feedback in multiple dimensions. Our team comes from a wide array of disciplines; we are able to not only plan the lab to exceed all expectations, but implement every aspect of it. We have architects that will work with your existing floor plan to deliver the most bang0-for-your-buck. We also have a team of staging designers that will create an environment that makes your users feel completely comfortable. We don't stop there; there are also a handful of carpenters that will construct all the custom designs for any of your desk and storage needs. Our team of engineers will be able to ensure all these elements are properly tied together and bring the functionality of the lab full circle. Our team is truly excited on delivering a very successful implementation of your usability lab Hardware Eye Tracking Station Tobi T60 ($15,900.00 discount by turning in old 1750) 17 in TFT Accuracy: .5 degrees Drift: <0.3 degrees Resolution : 1280 x 1024 Description: This unit allows the research team to capture the eye movement of the test participant. This item is crucial when capturing the users’ reactions to a particular tasking. Desktop (Observer / Tester) CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme ($969.99) Location: Processor: Intel Core i5 (2.66GHz) Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333 Hard Drive: 1TB SATA-II 3.0b/s 7200 RPM Optical Drive: 24X DVD±R/±RW Dual Layer Drive Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 1GB PCI Express Video Card Description: Reduce the overall amount of differing hardware we recommend using the same desktop for both the observer’s stations and the testing station. These machines are aimed at gaming for their performance so they will be able to handle any of the minimum software requirements. 1

Usability Lab Proposal April 4, 2010 Surge Protection (Desktop: Observer / Tester) Surge arrest 11 (49.99 each) Location: Number of Outlets: 11 Normal Input Voltage: 120V Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz Cord Length: 2.44 Meters Input Breaker Capacity: 15A Laptop (Facilitator / Extra) ASUS A52JR-X1 ($849.99 each) Location: Size: 15.6 in Processor: Intel Core i5 430M(2.26GHz) Memory: 4GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 500GB Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Description: We want to minimize the impact of the facilitator in the testing room so we will introduce a notebook. There will also be a second laptop purchased for the sole purpose of remote usability testing / further research. Plasma Monitor 50in (Observers Room) Panasonic TH-50PH9UK ($1000.00) Location: Processor: 16-bit processing to produce 3,072 steps of gradation Contrast Level: 10,000:1 Service Life: 60,000-hour Resolution: 1366 x 728 ENERGY STAR Qualified Description: This device will be used to give the observer a better point of view on the subjects being tested. This give brings the observer into the testing session instead of just being behind the two way mirror. Camera VN-C11U ($1,025.00) Location: Contrast: 1/3-in CCD sensor with 380,000 effective pixels Compression: JPEG / MPEG4 Direct Ethernet Connection Description: This unit will be utilized to give our observer an optimal viewing angle in the observation room. Video Multiplexer (Camera / Output from Tobi Eye Tracker) NTI (769.99) Location: 2

Usability Lab Proposal April 4, 2010 16 port VGA Switch Resolution: 1900 X 1200 Power: 110 or 220 VAC Warranty: 2 years Description: This device will take the output from the camera / Tobi Eye Tracking stations and deliver a signal to the 50 in plasma monitor in the observer’s room. Network Access Storage LG N2R1DD2 ($379.99) Location: Capacity: 1TB 7,200 RPM Form Factor: 2Bay Operating System: Windows, Mac OS 10, Linux LCD: Display shows information / alerts Warranty: 1 Year Limited Parts / Labor ENERGY STAR 3.0 Compliant Description: Having multiple points of storage is paramount in ensuring that your data is always protected and these network solutions are truly simple and have the ability to present your data to all your machines. Mic System PYLE PDWM4400 4 Mic ($112.17) Location: VHF wireless system RF indicator and AF level meters Individual volume controls Description: The mics will be used in various configurations that will allow the research team to accomplish all their audio needs. Speakers JBL Control 24C ($198.00) Location: Size: 4in 2-Way Vented ceiling Mounted pair Rack Enclosure XRackPro2 ($799.99) Location: 6U Cabinet Noise Reduction Enclosure Description: This enclosure will be used to house the video multiplexer and the wireless mic receiver. Surge Protection (Audio / Video) Surge Assist ($99.99) Location: Number of Outlets: 9 Normal Input Voltage: 120V Input Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz 3

Usability Lab Proposal April 4, 2010 Input Breaker Capacity: 15A Description: This surge protection will be located in the observation room and will protect all the valuable equipment. The surge protection unit will be located in the rack cabinet and only take up one unit spot. Smart Board (Observers / Testing Room) Panasonic UB-T780 Interactive Whiteboard ($1,425 each) Electronic Pen ($131.00) Diagonal Dimensions: 77in Interface: USB 2.0 Warranty: 120 Days Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Macintosh 10.4.10 / 10.5 Description: Smart boards are a great way to record input and to be able to store it in its original format. Software Eye Tracker Tobii Studio Professional ($4140) Tobii SDK ($3900) Location: Description: These tools are essential for the lab and the eye tracking station. The SDK will give your research team the ability to customize the software to suit your specific goals. Usability Testing Morae ($ 1200 two computer license) Location: Description: This software will capture every aspect of your testing session. The software is also a great tool when reviewing and marking up your test sessions. Morae will be placed on both the testing station and one of the laptops. Backup (Online) Carbonite Pro ($100 monthly) Location: Description: Combined with the network storage solution this software will ensure your data will be available in the event of a disaster. Camcorder View Commander NVR Pro ($425) Location: Description: This software will capture all traffic produced from the observation camera. 4

Usability Lab Proposal April 4, 2010 Lab Layout Testing Room The testing room is large enough to accommodate multitudes of testing arrangements. The custom desk that will be constructed allows the facilitator to oversee either a single user session or conduct a group discussion. The shape cleverly puts the facilitator around the action, but minimizes their overall presence in it. I would also like to note that there is a window that allows natural light to enter the facility, and bring the outside in. This will promote relaxation and elevate the sense of being trapped in a lab. This demonstration is only an outline of what the room will functionally be presented as. Once the basic construction has been completed our design team will work on creating a space that is truly inviting. 5

Usability Lab Proposal April 4, 2010 Observation Room The observation room will function as the command center for all your testing applications. The room is airy and not cramped. You team will have plenty of desk space to observe, record, and conduct further research. Some of the features that are present in the testing room are present in the observation room. Utilizing a smart board in this room allows the team to take notes and have them automatically tracked alongside the research. The 50 inch plasma monitor brings the observation team into the action without actually being in the room. The area is also sound proof so your internal discussion will not affect any testing that is going on, and the mic system will allow the observation team to communicate if necessary. The Unity group would like to thank you for your time and consideration. The elements presented above will no doubtfully give you a leading edge facility that can accommodate all your usability needs. If you have any questions concerns or comments please feel free to contact us anytime. 6

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