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Published on November 8, 2007

Author: Javier


Slide1:  Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Conference Anaheim, California Tuesday 3rd April 2007 Fleet Managers Guide to CNG Refuelling Infrastructure Slide2:  Objective To provide the Fleet Manager with a tool-box of information on the basic selection of CNG Refuelling Station equipment Slide3:  The size and demands of a fleet will change the size and type of refuelling station selected Slide4:  What does a refuelling station do? Condition the gas and boost it to a vehicle storage pressure within a time scale acceptable to the fleet Slide5:  Time Fill 1 Slide6:  Time Fill 2 Slide7:  Fast Fill Slide8:  DRYER AUTO REGEN DESICCANT SINGLE HOSE DISPENSER Time Fill PRIORITY FILL TANK LOW PRESSURE MEDIUM PRESSURE HIGH PRESSURE SINGLE OR DUAL HOSE DISPENSER Regenerative Dryer Gas Dryer Main Gas Supply Slide9:  BASE COMPRESSOR DRYERS SINGLE HOSE DISPENSER Time Fill PRIORITY FILL TANK LOW PRESSURE MEDIUM PRESSURE HIGH PRESSURE SINGLE OR DUAL HOSE DISPENSER Storage Slide10:  BASE COMPRESSOR DRYERS PRIORITY FILL TANK SINGLE HOSE DISPENSER SLOW FILL SINGLE OR DUAL HOSE DISPENSER Slide11:  Selection Data 1 - Gas Gas pressure – Higher gas pressures require less energy to compress the gas However – check both minimum and maximum conditions. Particularly note if the low pressure coincides with the refuelling of vehicles Slide12:  W120B - AL Suction Pressure – Flow Rate 15 psig 75 CFM 5 psig 47 CFM Compressor Refuelling Capacity per Hour The Effect of Gas Pressure Slide13:  The effect of moisture content Liquid water combined with contaminates such as Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulphide can create corrosive compounds Liquid water may cause blockages within the fuel system Slide14:  The effect of moisture content Dew on a Spider Web SAE J1616 Recommends “For compressed natural gas vehicle fuel the pressure dew-point temperature of CNG fuel for specific geographical location in which the NGV will operate should be 10 deg F (5.6 degC) below the monthly lowest dry bulb temperature for that location …………….” Slide15:  Gas dryer configurations Option 1 Suction dryer Option 2 Discharge Dryer Gas in Gas out Slide16:  Types of gas dryer Low Pressure Dryer Advantages Disadvantages Not affected by delivery gas temperature Reliable and proven technology Cost Space Not suited to low gas pressures Relative inefficiency of dryer media High Pressure Dryer Advantages Disadvantages Size Servicing costs Not effected by suction pressure Not suitable for start stop operation Slide17:  Vehicle related issues What size vehicles are to be refuelled? How many vehicles will be refuelled per day? Will the station see a peak load? Will a fuel management system be required? Are there plans to expand the fleet? Slide18:  Source: NFPA 52 Example 2.8 cf Cylinder (water capacity) Fill pressure 3000 psig 2.8 x 252 = 705.6 Scf Note: - The table is referenced to 70 deg F One Scf of natural gas weighs approx. 0.0456 Values may differ slightly for different gas compositions Slide20:  How much gas will each vehicle take? Option 1 Convert diesel / gasoline consumption (Table 1) Option 2 Review tank capacity (Table 2) Example: 2.8 cf tank operating at 3000 psig 705.6 Scf, (6.18 GGE) Slide21:  What size Compressor Do I Need? Example – 400 vehicles per day with 2.8 cf tanks, refuelling window 18 hrs 400 x 705.6 Scf = 15,680 Scf/hr, (262Scf/min) 18 hrs Consider direct fill time - 705.6 / 262 = 2.7 min. (Is this acceptable?) Slide22:  What volume of storage do we require? Decision 1 Single volume or cascade “buffer” Single Volume Generally used on a station which is in constant demand. Typically vehicle refuelling time is supported by compressor flow rate and the storage volume is sized to limit the number of compressor starts per hour. Advantages: reduced number of components, reduced system cost Disadvantage: reduced availability (rule of thumb 20%) Slide23:  What volume of storage do we require? Slide 2 Availability calculation Assume 1 SM30 with 2.8 cf cylinders and 3600psig working pressure. 30 x 2.8 cf = 84 Scf (water capacity) 84 cf @ x 3600 psig 84 x 289 (table1) = 24,276 Scf Vehicle fill pressure 3000 psig, therefore 84 cf @ 3,400 psig (allow for system pressure drop) = 23630 Scf Available stored gas 24,276 – 23,630 = 646 Scf Slide24:  Slide 3 Consider stored volume at 4,400 psig 84 cf x 327 (table 1) = 27,468 Scf Therefore revised availability 27,468 – 23,630 = 3,838 Scf b) Cascade volume Typically 40% availability, dependent upon dispenser settings. Therefore on the same SM30 @ 3,600 psig 24,276 x 0.4 = 9,710 Scf of available gas What volume of storage do we require? Slide25:  Site related issues Ambient conditions Available space Available power Proximity of potential ignition sources Ambient noise levels Height above sea level Slide27:  Division 1: Hazardous concentrations of flammable gases or vapours, or combustible dusts in suspension, continuously, intermittently or periodically present under normal operating conditions. Division 2 : Volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases present, but normally confined within closed containers or systems from which they can escape only under abnormal operating or fault conditions. Combustible dusts not normally in suspension not likely to be thrown into suspension. Slide28:  Dispenser technology SINGLE HOSE DISPENSER TIME FILL Slide29:  Flow Meter Quick Release Coupling P/S Auto Flow Control Valves E m e g e n c y S h u T D o w n Hose Vent Line Dispenser flow line Slide30:  A Sample of GESI Installations Slide34:  1998 Company is formed and incorporated in California Focus on servicing existing CNG stations in California Has 2 employees Slide35:  1999 FuelMaker, Corp. appoints GESI as a Sales & Service Dealer GESI constructs it’s first CNG fuel station at the City of Manhattan Beach, CA Slide36:  2000 Company is appointed as an Ingersol-Rand dealer by P.C.McKenzie the IR Master Distributor GESI has become the largest volume FuelMaker dealer in their network Becomes an “A” licensed General Engineering Contractor, hires experienced CNG Station construction personnel and begins offering turn-key CNG infrastructure packages Slide37:  2000 – 2005 Company business expansion well underway, has supplied, constructed and or maintained over 100 stations throughout the State of California, including 45 school district stations Begins offering temporary CNG fuelling infrastructure solutions including CNG Tube Trailers Slide38:  2006 GESI builds it’s first CNG fuelling station outside of California at Mansfield, ISD in Texas GESI is appointed the Authorized CNG Skid packager for North America by Gardner Denver a 100 year old compressor manufacturer Slide39:  Has 10 employees and is unique in the industry offering complete package of products and services including: Station design Equipment supply Skid packaging Station construction Maintenance 2007 Slide40:  Has supplied, constructed and maintained over 150 CNG fuelling stations in 4 States Has 70 existing stations under maintenance contract GESI completes it’s first Gardner Denver CNG skid package for display at today's Expo 2007 Continued Slide41:  For more information please visit us at Booth 115 or Visit

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