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Published on October 22, 2007

Author: Natalia


Slide1:  James Monroe and John Quincy Adams: Granddaddy’s of American Imperialism Monroe Doctrine: -1823, State of the Union -came on the eve of many Latin American countries winning independence (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Gran Colombia) -sought to combat European colonialism in the Western Hemisphere Basic Message: -“…as a principle, in which the rights and interests of the United States are involved, that the American continent, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by European powers.” -acts of European colonialism “dangerous to the peace and safety” of the US -US wont’ intervene in Old World affairs, Europe shouldn’t intervene in New World affairs. Problems in vague language and later manifestations of Monroe Doctrine Slide2:  Cuba and the United States: Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights -1840s: Rise in interest of US annexation of both sides--”natural, gravitational connection..” -1854: Ostend Manifest -1860s: Decline of annexationist sentiment -After 10 Years War, old planted class destroyed, replaced by US capitalists and investors -April 1898: President McKinely asks Congress to approve military intervention in Cuba during Independence War -Teller Amendment: US disclaims that there is not intent to take over Cuba, just to establish control, pacify, then leave -1891: Foster Canovas Agreement: reducing tarrifs on both sides -Platt Amendment: 1903, establishes right of US intervention -1920s: economic crisis, US invokes Platt Amendment -1933: Sumner Wells -1960: Law 851 -1960: Eisenhower’s propaganda campaign against Cuba, partial embargo -1961: total embargo The Founding of the Nation of Panama:  The Founding of the Nation of Panama A State of US Influence Slide4:  “Chronic wrongdoing, or an impotence which results in a general loosening of the ties of civilized society, may in America, as elsewhere, ultimately require intervention by some civilized nation…” “…and in the Western Hemisphere the adherence of the United States to the Monroe Doctrine may force the United States, however reluctantly, in flagrant cases of such wrongdoing or impotence, to the exercise of an international police power.” -Theodore Roosevelt, Address to Congress (December 6, 1904) The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine Key Players:  Key Players William Nelson Cromwell Teddy Roosevelt Dr. Manuel Amador Guerrero John Hay Timeline:  Timeline 1896 – Lobbying begins to purchase rights to build Panama Canal 1901 – Teddy Roosevelt becomes president after William McKinley’s assassination. 1902 – House passes bill to build canal through Nicaragua. Bill is later reversed and canal is to be built through the isthmus of Panama. August 1903 – Columbia rejects proposal to build canal through Panama November 3, 1903 – US warships arrive in Colón and help to secure independence of Panamanian state. November 18, 1903 – Panama Canal Treaty signed. 1914 – Panama Canal is opened. Slide8:  “No action ever taken by the Government, in dealing with any foreign power since the days of the Revolution, was more vitally necessary to the well-being of our people, and no action we ever took was taken with a higher regard for the standards of honor, of courage, and of efficiency which should distinguish the attitude of the United States in all its dealings with the rest of the world.” - Theodore Roosevelt, 1914, regarding the construction of the Panama Canal Maquiladora Program:  Maquiladora Program Mexico Maquiladoras:  Maquiladoras 1942 - 1964: Bracero Program 1965: Border Industrialization Program Maquiladora program Facilities where imported product components are processed/assembled into finished products for export -Partial or total ownership by foreign countries such as the US and Japan A Few Examples:  A Few Examples Foster Grant Corporation General Electric Company JVC GM Hasbro Hewlett Packard Hitachi Home Electronics Honda Honeywell, Inc. Hughes Aircraft Hyundai Precision America IBM Matsushita Mattel Maxell Corporation Mercedes Benz Mitsubishi Electronics Corp. Motorola Nissan Philips Pioneer Speakers Samsonite Corporation Samsung Sanyo North America Sony Electronics Tiffany Toshiba VW Xerox Zenith 3 Day Blinds 20th Century Plastic Acer Peripherals Bali Company, Inc. Bayer Corp./Medsep BMW Canon Business Machines Casio Manufacturing Chrysler Daewoo Eastman Kodak/Verbatim Eberhard-Faber Eli Lilly Corporation Ericsson Fisher Price Ford US Benefits:  US Benefits Lowered production costs Facility ownership can be 100% non-Mexican Proximity to US Costs for Mexico:  Costs for Mexico Air and water quality are compromised Cost of living increases  shantytowns Slide14:  Gold Mining at Minera Yanacocha Peru Minera Yanacocha:  Minera Yanacocha Cajamarca, Peru One of Peru’s poorest agricultural regions Established in 1992 Yanacocha Impact:  Impact Economic and social Agricultural Environmental Yanacocha Protest:  Yanacocha Protest September, 2004 -Two Weeks Thousands of peasants Neo-Liberal Model of Trade:  Neo-Liberal Model of Trade The application of domestic liberal (laissez-faire) economic practices to global trade policies. Current trade policy of United States. Trade rules and exchange rates maintained by NGO’s such as the WTO and IMF. Fundamentals of Free Trade:  Fundamentals of Free Trade Policies Abolition of import tariffs Abolition of import quotas The maximization of openness of markets. Consequences Increase in specialization Increase in global trade Increase in global interdependence Argument for Free Trade:  Argument for Free Trade Trade can be a harmonizing force, promoting cooperation over conflict. States gain efficiency through trade. Access to new markets allows access to more capital. Links wealth and growth of all states together. States seek to maximize growth for all other states. Argument Against Free Trade:  Argument Against Free Trade The benefits gained from free trade correlate directly with the size and stage of development of a state’s economy. Networks of interconnections may be asymmetrical leaving some states vulnerable to exploitation. Less dependent states are more free to pursue independent goals. Slide22:  Resistance to Neo-Liberalism and Globalization Protest Movements Slide23:  “World Traits” Questions?:  Questions? Bibliography:  Bibliography Espino, Diaz Espino. How Wall Street Created a Nation. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 2001. Roosevelt, Theodore. Fear God and Take Your Own Part. New York: George H. Doran Company, 1916. Veeser, Cyrus. Inventing Dollar Diplomacy. Diplomatic History, Vol. 27 No. 3, June 2003. Perez, Louis A. Cuba: Between Reform and Revolution. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.

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