Urbanization in Africa Lesson

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Information about Urbanization in Africa Lesson

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: alanbaumer

Source: slideshare.net


This is a perfect lesson to introduce the concept of Urbanization in Africa to students. It is Common Core lesson with a Close Reading. So, you will need to download my file called "Urbanization in Africa Article" on SlideShare.

1. Open to the Bell Work tab and write a journal about the following prompt: A tornado has destroyed Collierville Middle School. All of the students from Collierville Middle School must now attend SFMS. How would the increase in students effect our school? 2. Extra Challenge: Define Urbanization

I can define urbanization. I can evaluate the effects of urbanization in Africa. SPI 7.3.13 Recognize the definitions of modifications


Urbanization-The shift from a rural to an urban society, and involves an increase in the number of people in urban areas during a particular year. Pod Share- Predict the causes of urbanization

• • • • Poverty Overcrowding Pollution Poor sanitation-threatens healthcare • Diseases (such as malaria or those associated with air

10 minutes End

BRANCHES: Solutions for Positive urbanization TRUNK: Consequences of urbanization ROOTS: What is urbanization?

• You are an urban planner who has been assigned the task of helping solve the problem of urbanization in Africa. You will create a 5-8 sentence proposal on how you plan on solving the issue. • You must use evidence from the close reading graphic organizer to explain the problems of urbanization.

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