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Published on June 8, 2011

Author: tudorgeog

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Using the photo explain why the conditions shown on the photo are found in shanty townsIn the photograph there appears to be a complete lack of quality housing. This is because thesesquatter settlements are set up rapidly and are both unplanned and illegal settlements. Themakeshift houses are put together from whatever people can find lying around because peoplecannot afford to buy proper building materials. These areas receive no funding from the localauthorities and so there are open sewers and poor drainage. Water is often contaminated anddiseases like cholera and dysentery spread rapidly. Similarly roads are unpaved and are just dusttracks and there is no refuse or waste disposal provision.Describe how local people living in squatter settlements have tried to improve their own livesThere are a number of ways that people living in squatter settlements have tried to improve theirown lives. They hunt through rubbish to try and find more materials to build better houses fortheir families. Some people have tried to set up local schools for children to go to so eventuallythey can get better jobs move out and provide for their families. Also they have worked togetheras a community to receive running water. They may illegally tap into an electricity supply so theycan get lighting into their homes By going out and searching for jobs or by setting up a shop in thelocal market this means that they can give support their family , pay for food and educate theirchildren and generally strive for a better quality of life

Describe how the UK government has tried to improve inner cities since the 1990s (8 marks)Urban Development Corporations were set up to regenerate large areas like the London Docklands,Birmingham Heartlands and Cardiff Bay. These were large scale projects which involved local andprivate investment improving transport, housing and attracting new industry. In London Docklandstransport was improved with the London Docklands light railway, London City airport and anextension to the Jubilee line. Financial and high-tech firms were attracted by the low rates andnew industries were attracted to the Canary Wharf development. Over 20 000 new homes werecreated many of them in former warehouses. Newham council has built low cost housing andupgraded older properties. A modern shopping complex was built together with sporting facilities.Several areas were cleared and converted into parks and open space.City challenges involved local people working with local government. The Hulme City ChallengePartnership aimed to improve the 1960s housing that had replaced the original inner city terracedhousing. As part of the plan there was a focus on improving the environment – setting up new parksand including more open and green spaces. Community groups were set up and shopping provisionwas improved. Local Authorities, private companies and most importantly the views of local peoplewere taken into consideration in the planning process.

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