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Information about Urban Brownfield Redevelopment - Case Descriptions

Published on July 19, 2009

Author: JohnnyBrowaeys

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This presentation was given by our President at the Ecocities Seminar in Beijing early June 2009 and reflects the kind of projects we assist with in China

Planning a Community: Redevelopment of Industrial Land presented by Eugene A. Lupia, P.E. Major General, U.S. Air Force, Retired President, CH2M HILL Environmental Services

Agenda Delivering Land Solutions CH2M HILL’s Approach to Industrial Land Redevelopment Experience & Examples Services Needed to Achieve Industrial Redevelopment Results Summary and Questions 2

Delivering Land Solutions Desired Outcomes Access to scarce land that would not be used Create a business opportunity to increase the value of land Achieve best solutions for industrial land development and management: Current and future land use demand Sustainability goals Client and stakeholder preferences Site environmental quality conditions 3

CH2M HILL’s Approach to Industrial Land Redevelopment Vision Creation Site Planning Site Environmental Restoration linked to Site Reuse Completion of Site/Facility Development Establishing and Maintaining Institutional and Engineering Controls 4

Approach: Envisioning New Use Start with Creating a Vision Understand site conditions and land use demand Understand community or other stakeholder preferences Balance competing interests Integrate vision with site conditions Lock in the concept for Vision for Converting a Former Creosote Manufacturing Site to Mixed Use Development site reuse 5

Approach: Create a Vision Vision for Converting Oil Tank Farm Sites to More Optimal Urban Land Uses 6

Approach: Site Planning to Facility Development When the vision and schedule are established, the technical approach is then tailored to site-specific needs. Work success is measured against project and potentially sustainable metrics such as: waste minimization material reuse job creation natural resource conservation or enhancement Work is performed using one of two contract types: standard contract performance-based contract using key metrics for project success. 7

Experience and Examples CH2M HILL applies lessons learned from our property redevelopment experience to each new project. Types of projects completed by CH2M HILL to date: Former rail yards Large-scale or district-wide Former military facilities redevelopments of significance Former manufacturing, Portfolio of properties held by a processing or chemical plants single client Old landfills 8

Example #1 Former Railroad Yard Site Converting an Abandoned Rail Yard to an Industrial Park Putting an industrial property back into productive use for the benefit of the community Meeting sustainable land development goals 140-acre industrial site Menomonee Valley in Menomonee Valley in Downtown Milwaukee Downtown Milwaukee Situation: 100-yr old rail yard Adjacent to river 9 New site access

Example #1 (continued) Former Railroad Yard Approach: Develop and implement detailed site cleanup and natural resource plans, honoring sustainable development metrics Gain and maintain stakeholder support Results: Removed 7 miles of underground tanks and utility piping Saved $25 M by managing 1,200,000 ft 3 of impacted material onsite and recycling 95% of project wastes Created 70 acres of public space: 30 acres of new recreational space 40 acres of wetlands and natural habitat 2 miles of river front improvements 200 construction and 1,200 long-term jobs 10

Example #2 Former Canning Plant Converting a Canning Plant to a Regional Shopping Center Situation: School 13-acre, inner-city location, Project Site Project Site former canning plant facility Cost: $2.5 million (M) Net sale value: $0.5M Adjacent school Poor site configuration Approach: Create winning reuse alternative Deteriorating neighborhood Integrate reuse and remediation Accessible location with strong community support Gain/maintain stakeholder support Stay “on course” 11

Example #2 (continued) Former Canning Plant Results: Developed/sold in 30 months Unlocked $6.5M in land value Reduced remediation by $0.5M Rebuilt adjacent school $3M of City funding for local infrastructure improvements Catalyst for neighborhood revitalization - retail, housing Created jobs and increased tax base for municipality 12

Services to Achieve Reuse Goals Land Development Planning Market analysis to vision creation Decision making to sustainable results Site Environmental Conditions Assessment and Remediation Initial studies to full restoration Site Development Permitting and preliminary engineering to facilities construction Long-term Management of Residual Contamination Deed restriction preparation to maintenance of engineering controls 13

Summary and Questions Summary Create integrated solutions for land reuse Address site contamination before or in conjunction with land development Deliver sustainable results to achieve tomorrow’s land use and natural resource needs Questions 14

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