Upon the clouds

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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: DMYates

Source: slideshare.net


One of 60 poems, mostly rhyme from my poetry book, avail from amazon, barnes and noble , kobo, iPad, and Smashwords

From ‘Stepping Stones to Love Honor and Respect’ by DM Yates © Come with me upon the clouds, we’ll desert this world of crowds. Balmy blown billowed beds, full of fluffy, fleecy spreads. On ballooned batting we’ll collapse, piles of puffed air, not burlaps. Next to God’s angels, me and you, buoying, breezing thru skies blue. Having fun in floating fog, drifting, dreaming, plopped in bog. On gelled expanse, feet thus bare, to dance and prance beyond a care. Like a barge we’ll slowly soar. We’ll skim on past Heaven’s shore. Dallying forth on dewy dough, in no hurry, to and fro. What a day I’ve planned for us, without a rush, nor any fuss. We’ll waft whilst on whiffled whites, hovering in the highest heights. Up to the clouds, follow me, and glide and gambol gleefully. When dusk descends down below, that’s when we to home must go.

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