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Published on September 18, 2007

Author: Seasham

Source: authorstream.com

Ostrich Omelet:  Ostrich Omelet By: Corey Nordin The Team:  The Team Corey Nordin – Creator of this TIM Cory Imdieke Derek Swanson The Goal:  The Goal The goal for this project is to create a cart that makes it around the lab table, and stops right before hitting the other side. The car needs to carry an ostrich egg in the process and also the car needs to be completely self contained Design:  Design Our idea is to use a mousetrap powered car. For the rear wheels we used two separate sized wheels to create a differential effect. The front wheel will be turned at the appropriate angle, and the egg is placed on the front of the cart Results #1:  Results #1 This is our initial design. It needs some revisions such as more power, and something to actually carry the egg Details of design:  Details of design These are the details showing the rear wheel sizes, the front wheel angle and the mousetrap Construction:  Construction Materials needed: Plank of balsa wood Mousetrap Metal dowels (1 sold and 1 hollow) 3 RC plane wheels (2 sizes) Hot Glue A useful set of hands (watch out, they have a good chance of getting cut) Construction part zwei :  Construction part zwei Construction Cut balsa wood to desired length Glue mousetrap on in appropriate location Cut the hollow dowel to a width wide enough to extend past wood Cut same with solid dowel Glue the hollow and solid dowel with 1 wheel in between to the front (fig 1) Create rear axel same way as above, and place like fig 2 Attach something to rear axel to create pulley Attach dowel to extend mousetrap arm Double check all glue to make sure its secure :p Figures:  Figures Figure 1 Figure 2 Random Data:  Random Data Egg weight – 307g Cart weight – 185g Wheel sizes – 89mm andamp; 102mm Mousetrap tension – 32.36 Energy Charts:  Energy Charts Energy Charts 2:  Energy Charts 2 Energy Equations:  Energy Equations Launch Coast Friction:  Friction Friction plays a huge part in our cart, as our cart didn’t get very far because of this. The friction is calculated through this equation: .5mv^2+.5Iw^2=Ff*D This equates to Ff=268.996 Acceleration:  Acceleration A T Acceleration is found through the equation the equation Vf=2ax^-2 With Vf = 1.12 and x = 180 we find that a = .0034 Force:  Force The forces that are acting upon the cart in this project were friction (Ff) and the mousetrap spring (Ks) We found that Ks = 32.36 and friction was found in another slide and that was 268.996 Position X axis :  Position X axis y x Gravity:  Gravity There was gravity in our test, It is the gravity of earth and is about 9.8m/s. This force holds our cart to the Earth and helps create friction. Position Y axis:  Position Y axis On the Y-axis, the cart moves away from the starting point once its pushed with the trap, It then returns to the starting point when it makes it all the way around the table. y x Momentum:  Momentum As the mousetrap pulls the string, unwinding the string around the axel, the cart is given its momentum. With this momentum, the cart keeps moving in a forward direction until its overrun by friction. Distance/Displacement:  Distance/Displacement The distance and displacement are the same for our cart. As soon as we release the cart it moves its way around the circle, and displaces a distance of 5.14m until it reaches a stop at the other side of the table. Speed:  Speed Speed for our cart will play out like this: During release, speed will increase (acceleration) Once in motion, and the trap has released all its energy, the speed then begins to slow down until it reaches a stop Velocity:  Velocity The velocity of our cart comes out to an average of 1.12m/s. V T Angular Acceleration:  Angular Acceleration This is the wheels being accelerated from the mousetrap pulling the rope and unwinding itself. Angular momentum:  Angular momentum As the wheels are spun from the unwinding string, the wheels of the are pushing on the ground causing the cart to move. Force Diagrams:  Force Diagrams trap Earth launch Earth F normal coast friction F normal friction Newton’s laws:  Newton’s laws The first law of Newton’s is that an object that’s in motion will stay in motion, or that an object that is at rest will to stay at rest. This is seen in our car from the car sitting there for the launch, and for it moving during the coast Newtons 2nd law is that when an object is acted upon its change in motion will be proportional to its mass, inversely, and the force acting upon it, directly. This is seen when the mousetrap pulls the car in the launch, and friction slows the car in coast Newtons 3rd law. In this law it is said that when two objects act on each other they both apply the same amount of force upon each other. The forces here are the trap on the car, and friction on the car during coast Work:  Work The work done on the system starts with us winding the axel with the string and prepping the trap Then as the cart moves, friction is working on the car to slow it down

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