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Information about Upgrading from CFEngine2 to CFEngine3 - Webinar Slides

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: cfengine

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Are you still using CFEngine2? Learn why and how to upgrade to CFEngine3. These slides accompanied our webinar "Upgrading From CFEngine2 To CFEngine3" where we covered the improvements and changes made from CFEngine 2 to CFEngine 3, discussed the proper use of the conversion tool that has been available in the past, and provided a thorough explanation of the proper migration procedure. We also showed examples of policy conversion from CFEngine 2 to CFEngine 3. A recording of the webinar can found at http://youtu.be/OSTtcg-OQxc

Upgrading from CFEngine2 to CFEngine 3

Agenda • The Benefits of Upgrading • What’s New in CFEngine 3 • Promise Theory and How It Drives CFEngine 3 • Planning your Upgrade • Policy Conversion Methods • System Upgrade Methods • Q&A

Why Upgrade? • Simplifies and extends CFEngine 2 • More consistent in syntax and behavior • Does not require "under the hood" programming to extend the language – up to 10x less code • Does not hard-code configuration details • Enables greater agility; 5 minute update default • Provides tools for debugging and testing • Adds native support and integration

What’s new in CFEngine 3? • Native Support and Integration • Standard Integration • Package Management • Enhanced Service Management • Database • Virtualization • Enterprise Extensions • Windows support • LDAP and Active Directory • Design Center • GUI Reporting

What’s New in CFEngine 3? • Language Enhancements • Bodies and Bundles body common control { bundlesequence => { "test" }; } bundle agent test { reports: cfengine_3:: "Hello world!"; }

What’s New in CFEngine 3? • Language Enhancements • Standard Library /var/cfengine/inputs/cfengine_stdlib.cf • Arrays and Lists • Pattern matching and Iteration • Comments and Handles

CFEngine Enterprise - Mission Portal GUI • Features • Auditing and Compliance • Monitoring • Reporting • REST API • Design Center • Inventory management

Promise Theory and CFEngine 3 • Promise Theory Voluntary cooperation between individual, autonomous actors or agents who publish their intentions to one another in the form of promises -- Mark Burgess

Promise Theory - Basic Concepts • Promise Theory: Applied • Promises are fundamental statements Set perms on /etc/passwd Use latest Apache Package • A policy is a collection of promises • Desired state is maintained through policies • Updates are pulled autonomously

Notable Differences – CFEngine 3 • Connections • Trust relationships are established by design • Bootstrapping – The process of binding a client to the hub or policy server • Key exchange – managed by CF3 • Policy Organization • Policies and bundle references are located on all bootstrapped systems • Managed by the promises.cf

CFEngine 2 Upgrade Preparation

CFEngine 2 Upgrade Preparation • Identify peer systems • Consult documentation • From Policy Server command line: cfshow -s IP + [Tue Jan 23 16:13] not seen for (6.42) hrs IP - [Tue Jan 23 16:13] not seen for (6.42) hrs cat <path>/cfrun.hosts • When all else fails, scripting is your friend

CFEngine 2 Upgrade Preparation • Catalog Existing Policies • Where are they? • Source control? • Local inputs? • Local hosts?

CFEngine 2 Policy Conversion • Methods • Functional translation • What problem does it solve? • Direct translation • Line for line • Be flexible! • Let the policy be your guide

CFEngine 2 Policy Conversion • Functional Translation Method • Holistic viewpoint – the Big Picture approach • Opportunity for improvement • Recommended conversion strategy

CFEngine 2 Policy Conversion • Direct Translation Method • Direct language translation • Translation guide: http://cfengine.com/manuals/cf3-upgrade.html • Time consuming • Missed opportunities

CFEngine 2 Policy Conversion: CF2 Processes Policy processes: "inetd" signal=hup "bootp" signal=kill exclude=rpc.bootparamd "cfservd" restart "/usr/local/sbin/cfservd" useshell=false # matches=>6 warn number of matches is greater than or equal to 6 # matches=1 warn if not exactly 1 matching process # matches=<2 warn if there are less than or equal to 2 matching processes

CFEngine 2 Direct Conversion: CF3 Processes Policy processes: "inetd" signals => { "hup" }; "bootp" signals => { "kill" }, process_select => exclude_procs(".*rpc.bootparamd.*"); "cf-serverd" restart_class => "start_cfserverd"; # process_count => check_range(cfserv,6,inf); warn number of matches is >= equal to 6 # process_count => check_range(cfserv,1,1); warn if not exactly 1 matching process # process_count => check_range(cfserv,0,2); warn if there are =< to 2 matching processes commands: start_cfserverd:: "/usr/local/sbin/cf-serverd"; reports: cfserv_out_of_range:: "cf-serverd is out of control!!";

CFEngine 2 Functional Conversion: CF3 Processes Policy vars: "daemons" slist => { "cf-monitord", "cf-serverd", "cf-execd" }; processes: "named" restart_class => "restart_named"; "$(daemons)" restart_class => canonify("start_$(component)"); commands: "/bin/echo /var/cfengine/bin/$(component)" ifvarclass => canonify("start_$(component)"); restart_named:: "/local/sbin/named -u dns" action => inform;

CFEngine 2 Functional Conversion: CF2 File Ops Policy This CFEngine 2 Policy: cf2_file_op.cf control: domain = ( mydomain.com ) serverip = ( ) #server ip address master = ( /var/cfengine/inputs ) actionsequence = ( copy files links editfiles ) copy: /master/cfengine/inputs server=$(serverip) dest=$(master) recurse=inf trustkey=on files: any:: /tmp/cfengine_is_good mode=0644 owner=root group=root action=touch links: any:: /tmp/how_is_cfengine -> /tmp/cfengine_is_good editfiles: cfengine_2:: { /etc/motd AppendIfNoSuchLine “Running CFEngine" }

CFEngine 2 Functional Conversion: CF3 File Ops Bundle Converts to this CFEngine 3 Bundle: bundle agent old_cfagent { files: "/tmp/cfengine_is_good" perms => mog("644","root","root"); "/tmp/how_is_cfengine" link_from => ln_s("/tmp/cfengine_is_good"); cfengine_3:: "/etc/motd" edit_line => append_if_no_lines(“Running CFEngine"); }

CFEngine 2 Policy Conversion • Tips and Tricks • Install CFEngine 3 in a test environment • Safety first • Start small • How would you eat an elephant? • Focus on the similarities • The language may be different, but the core concepts remain

CFEngine 2 Policy Conversion • Tips and Tricks • Convert CF2 policies to bundles; not standalone files • CFEngine 3 is a different animal • Client connection and control activities: Handled • Part of the initial bootstrap process • The promises.cf file controls automated activity • Bundles referenced in the bundlesequence stanza • Input bundle files are referenced in the inputs stanza

CFEngine Conversion Tool • Learning tool or killer utility? • Learning tool • Requires cleanup; but helpful in learning the language • Location: https://github.com/cfengine/cf22cf3 • Zip file containing code: https://github.com/cfengine/cf22cf3/archive/master.zip • May also clone via HTTPS, SSH, or Subversion.

CFEngine Conversion Tool - Setup • Pre-requisite and Download Instructions • This example uses the CentOS 5 distribution • Pre-requisite work: yum groupinstall "Development tools" yum install db4-devel yum install openssl-devel • Download from GIT: https://github.com/cfengine/cf22cf3| • Download cf22cf3-master.zip, or if you have a GIT/SVN repo set up locally, clone it

CFEngine Conversion Tool - Setup • Manual Compilation • Create a compilation area on a local system mkdir /sandbox • Copy zip to compilation area and unpack cp cf22cf3-master.zip /sandbox cd /sandbox unzip cf22cf3-master.zip cd cf22cf3-master chmod 755 configure

CFEngine Conversion Tool - Setup • Compilation instructions • Compile ./configure make make install • Binary Directory: /usr/local/sbin • Examples Directory: Binary: /usr/local/share/cf23convert /usr/local/sbin/cfconvert

CFEngine Conversion Tool - Usage • Usage Cfengine Conversion Utility 1.0.0 Free Software Foundation 1994Donated by Mark Burgess, Oslo University College, Norway Options: --file --variables --server --bundle (-f) (-v) (-s) (-b) Debug levels: 1=parsing, 2=running, 3=summary, 4=expression eval Bug reports to bug-cfengine@cfengine.org General help to help-cfengine@cfengine.org Info & fixes at http://www.cfengine.org

CFEngine Conversion Tool - Example • Convert CFE2 policy file to a CFE3 bundle : • Create a CFEngine 2 policy file in /tmp ( We’ll use the policy example in slide 21: cf2_file_op.cf ) • Convert to a bundle and pipe the bundle to stdout cfconvert -f /tmp/cf2_file_op.cf -b • Convert to a bundle and pipe to a file ( Save the converted file as cf3_file_op.cf ) cfconvert -f /tmp/cf2_file_op.cf -b > /tmp/cf3_file_op.cf

CFEngine 2 Upgrade Plan • In Place Upgrade Overview • CF2 and CF3 designed to be interoperable • Replace CF2 Policies at your pace

CFEngine Upgrade Plan • Upgrade Notes: • Replace cfexecd with CFEngine 3's cf-execd • Access control remains untouched • Runs cf-agent • Sample inputs files contain integration promises • Launched automatically • Changes crontab

CFEngine Upgrade Plan • In Place Upgrade Steps • Backup CFEngine 2 policies and inputs repo • Install the CFEngine 3 software on a local host rpm -ivh cfengine-community-3.2.1-.el5.x86_64.rpm • Copy newly installed /var/cfengine/inputs files to your CF2 master update repository • Remove any rules to reinstall CFEngine 2 or add cfexecd or cfagent to crontabs • Remove cfexecd from start up processes chkconfig cfexecd off chkconfig --del cfexecd

CFEngine Upgrade Plan • In Place Upgrade Steps • Change directory to the inputs directory cd /var/cfengine/inputs • Edit the update.cf file to point to your CF2 master update repository • Set the email options for the executor in promises.cf. • As root, run: cf-agent --bootstrap • If all went well, you are now running CFEngine 3. To bootstrap to a policy server, run: cf-agent --bootstrap <policy server IP>

CFEngine Upgrade Plan • In Place Upgrade Steps • Remove all rules or policies that are capable of activating CFEngine 2 components • Convert cfservd.conf into a server bundle • Place a reference to this bundle in promises.cf • Remove all rules to run cfservd • Replace them with rules to run cf-serverd • Add converted CFEngine 2 policies or create new CFEngine 3 policies

CFEngine 2 Upgrade Plan • Replacement Model • CFEngine 3 installed on separate server • Converted hosts bootstrap to new server

CFEngine Upgrade Plan • Replacement Method • Install CFEngine 3 as a new policy server • Select a CFEngine 2 host • Stop all CFEngine 2 processes or daemons on host • Convert policies, move them to the new policy server • Remove CFEngine 2 application from the host • Remove or move CFEngine 2 file system on the hosts • Install CFEngine 3 on the host • Bootstrap host to the policy server

CFEngine Upgrade Plan • Considerations: In Place vs. Replacement • Complexity of environment • Uptime Requirements or SLA • Effort and resources • Conversion effort: One time vs ongoing

CFEngine Policy Conversion • Additional Resources • Best practices guides Upgrading from CFEngine 2 to 3 Additional Links CFEngine 3 Reference Manual CFEngine 3 Quick Start Guide CFEngine 3 Concept Guide CFEngine 3 Beginning Examples CFEngine Special Topics CFEngine 2 Reference Manual

Next Steps • Learn More check out our documentation • Read Learning CFEngine 3 by Diego Zamboni • Join the conversation on our community help forum https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups&hl=en#!forum/help-cfengine

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