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Published on December 16, 2016

Author: SUNCSN

Source: slideshare.net

1. Updates from the SUN Civil Society Alliances

2. SUN Civil Society Alliance Pakistan (SUNCSA,Pak) Scientific session on Nutrition during 7th Public Health Conference We are pleased to share that Micronutrient Initiative and SUN Civil Society Alliance Pakistan organized a scientific session on Nutrition during 7th Public Health Conference organized by Health Services Academy Islamabad. Key topics of session included: ● Overview of Malnutrition and nutritional Situation in Pakistan by Dr. Naseer Nizamani, Country Director Micronutrient Initiative Pakistan. ● Role of SUNAR Pak and SUN CSA in addressing malnutrition in Pakistan” by Dr Irshad Danish, National Program Coordinator, MI. ● Stability Of Potassium Iodate In Different Types of Salt And Packing Materials Under Different Climatic Conditions In Pakistan by Dr. Muhammad Yaseen , Scientist at NIFA ● Intensified Monitoring Of Vitamin A Supplementation (Vas) Programmes In hard-to reach Districts And Urban Slums Of Pakistan Results In Improved Coverage Dr. Khalid Nawaz, National Program Manager CSD, The Micronutrient Initiative ● Treatment of Moderate Acute Malnutrition- A missing link” by Dr Masood Abassi, WFP The Session was chaired by Dr. Mubarak Ali, Member Food Security and Climate Change Planning Commission and Co-chaired by Dr. Baseer Achakzai, while SUN Program officer represented SUN Focal Person Mr. Aslam Shaheen. Presentations and photos of the session can be accessed through following link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0LZpS0G0CA3aTNQOGRxdnkyc2c Pakistan Date: 16 Dec 2016 Source: Email - Danish SUN CS-Pak facebook, SUN Pakinstan Fortification Alliance

3. SUN Alliance Rwanda The Role of private sector and food fortification for nutrition Round Table Discussions on the role of private sector and food fortification for nutrition in Rwanda As one of the milestones of Voice for Change Partnership of local CSOs supported by SNV and IFPRI, the 2-day roundtable discussions were organized to discuss the role of private sector in scaling up nutrition and fortification dynamics in Rwanda. A part from Civil Society and Private sector representatives, the discussions also brought together representatives from Government, UN agencies and Academia. The discussions were basing on comprehensive presentations on selected themes and the following have been 12 recommendations: Rwanda Date: 16 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp and Mail- Venuste SUN Alliance website

4. Scaling up Nutrition and Immunization Civil Society Platform Sierra Leone (SUNI-CSP SL) Launch of the Sierra Leone Food Based Dietary Guidelines for healthy eating "We are here in furtherance to our commitment to food security (....). We need to adopt healthy eating habits, diversify the food basket to address diseases....." (Vice President Launching the FBDG) Launch of the food based dietary guidelines for healthy eating organized by FAO. Present were Hon. Vice president, First Lady (nutrition champion) and the wife of Vice President, MP representing Pan African Parliament, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, SUNI-CSP SL and Media. FAO Country Rep says Sierra Leone is the third country in West Africa and sixth in Africa to launch guidelines. Other Countries in Africa with FBDG are: Benin, Niger, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa and Nigeria (1998 after translated into 3 major Nigerian languages). The Launch of the FBDG is seen as a prime opportunity for improving the nutrition and health of the population. SierraLeone Date: 13 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp - Ramatu and Victor SUNI CSPSL Facebook page and website First Lady left of picture and the VP'S wife right

5. Zimbabwe Civil Society Organizations Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance 2017 Strategic Planning. Zimbabwe Civil Society Organizations Scaling Up Nutririon Alliance Strategic Planning. Updates: On advocacy, social campaign and mobilization - the alliance will work with 2 advocacy experts from Save the Children in engaging an edutainment group Multi-stakeholder coordination - Academia network will assist the alliance in the development of position papers to be shared with parliamentarians and published in local news papers Communication for behavior change- social network platforms, print and electronic media will be used as channels to relay information on current nutrition challenges One of the agenda items that was discussed was the Rwanda learning routes. Zimbabwe Date: 13 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp - Regis and Kuda ZCSOSUN Facebook page and website

6. PANITA-CSONA Civil Society Alliances: 1 week Learning Visit CSAs learning exchange Meeting with our Colleagues CSONA from Malawi who came to Tanzania - PANITA for learning visit particularly on how best we have managed to reach were are in terms of organizational maturity. Governance is one area, they will be here for a week so they will visit some CSO members to share experiences. Stay tuned for key learnings and actions to be taken… (the slide will be updated at the end of the learning exchange) TanzaniaandMalawi Date: 12-16 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp - Faraja PANITA Facebook page and website

7. Scaling up Nutrition and Immunization Civil Society Platform Sierra Leone (SUNI-CSP SL) Workshop for Parliamentarians on Right to Food in the national constitution On the #HumanRightsDay in Sierra Leone Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), SUNI CSP SL and Parliamentarians are meeting to discuss how to enshrine the #RighttoFood in the national constitution and in the national education system. At the high table: Chairs of committees in Parliament for Land, Agriculture, Health and Violence against women and FAO Representative. Participants: 40 Parliamentarians and representatives from civil society and media. Outcome: On behalf of the Parliamentarians Chair Roselyn Smith assured civil society and FAO that they will take ownership of the Right to Food sections in the draft constitution to push this forward in Parliament. Next steps: Parliamentarians urged civil society to engage communities on Right to Food to inform them of their roles and responsibility in this process SierraLeone Date: 11 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp - Ramatu and Agnes SUNI CSPSL Facebook page and website

8. Scaling up Nutrition and Immunization Civil Society Platform Sierra Leone (SUNI-CSP SL) Right to Food Teaching Manual SUNI Civil Society Platform, FAO, Parliamentarians, Njala University, MDAs, and other stakeholders on a validation exercise of the Right to Food Teaching Manual. Venue: Njala University campus, southern Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone civil society presented a position paper to the Constitutional review Committee to have Right to Food included in the National Constitution. It has and we are now advocating for Parliamentarians to keep it in the Constitution. The Right to Food meeting with Parliamentarians is on Saturday.....will keep you posted. SierraLeone Date: 8 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp - Sanusie and Ramatu SUNI CSPSL Facebook page and website

9. Civil Society Organization Nutrition Alliance (CSONA) Malawi Budget analysis with Parliamentarians We have in the space of 5 days analysed 6 budgets, selected cost centre’s. So come May 2017, when the budget comes forward, we are in a good position with about 10 people from CSONA, Save the children CO and other CSO’s to conduct a analysis. That will be presented either as a nutrition (both specific and sensitive) and where Malawi is in meeting their N4G commitments. But because we have analysed different sectorial budgets put CSONA in a position to present to individual Parliamentary sectorial committees. There are about 30 + Malawian MP’s at the meeting drawn from the following parliamentary committees: · Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Parliamentary committee · Health and Population Parliamentary Committee · Agriculture and Natural Resources Parliamentary Committee · Education and Science Parliamentary Committee · Budget Parliamentary Committee · Women’s Parliamentary Committee Malawi Date: 7-8 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp and email - January, Hugh CSONA webpage and facebook and Twitter

10. Kyrgyz Alliance of Civil Society SUN We have a good news. We successfully advocated inclusion of the indicator on breastfeeding in the list of SDG indicators of the Ministry of Health. The Government will be consider the common national list of indicators. This will be the next critical point because there is a risk for some indicators to be eliminated. So we are on the alert regarding this risk. KyrgyzRepublic Date: 8 Dec 2016 Source: email- Gulmira Breastfeeding indicator in the list of SDG indicators in the MOH

11. Civil Society Scaling up Nutrition Nigeria (CS SUNN) One Day Step Down Training on LR Rwanda Experiene by Nigeria CSA ● ● ● Nigeria Date: 7-8 Dec 2016 Source: Whatsapp - Aji CS-SUNN webpage and facebook

12. SUN Civil Society Alliance Pakistan (SUNCSA,Pak) Media Roundtable by SUNCSA,Pak Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to share that SUN Civil Society Alliance conducted a media roundtable on Nov 30 to highlight impacts of malnutrition which was attended by large number of electronic and print media journalists from PTV, AAJ TV, ARY, BBC, VOA, DAWN, Capital TV, SACH TV, WAQT TV, BOL TV, Channel 24, 92 News, and FM 89.4 Radio. Some glimpse of news coverage are given below: http://dailytimes.com.pk/islamabad/01-Dec-16/moot-highlights-medias-role-in-addressing-malnutrition http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=01_12_2016_152_006 http://pakobserver.net/medias-role-is-crucial-to-address-issue-of-malnutrition/ https://www.facebook.com/Scaling-Up-Nutrition-Civil-Society-Alliance-Pakistan-405586392951623/ https://www.facebook.com/24NewsHD.tv/videos/1854446124769167/?pnref=story Moreover, we would like to share links of 2 excellent articles written by Dr. ZA Bhutta and Dr. Shehla Zaidi on the impact of malnutrition. http://www.dawn.com/news/1296918/malnutrition-and-stunting-in-pakistan http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=02_12_2016_004_002 I hope you will find both articles very informative. We wish you happy reading and nice weakened. Regards, Danish Pakistan Date: 2 Dec 2016 Source: Email - Danish SUN CS-Pak facebook, SUN Pakinstan

13. Updates week 13-23rd of November 2016 ■ PANITA (Tanzania); ■ SUNCS Pak (CSA Pakistan); ■ SUN Alliance (Rwanda); ■ CSONA (Malawi); ■ CS SUNN (Nigeria); ■ KENYA CSA; ■ SUN CSN (Global Secretariat); ■ SUNI-CSP (Sierra Leone) Available here: https://prezi.com/ohsct-yrmyrw/one-ordinary -week-with-the-sun-civil-society/

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