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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: marknash22

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This presentation shows you how to complete a packing list or inventory that will be acceptable for Customs around the world. It tells you words to avoid, how descriptive to be as well as other hints on what to pack or not. This is a very handy guide for anyone moving overseas and wanting to pack their items themselves in a U Pod, U Box, U Crate or self load container or baggage or shared container shipping. UPakWeShip has a great range of self pack door to door all inclusive prices for people and corporations needing relocation services for people moving internationally, moving to England, moving to London, moving to USA, moving to Europe, moving to paris, moving to Australia, moving to Sydney, moving to Italy, moving from Canada, UPakWeShip, UPakWeShip.com, UPakWeShip reviews, ubox, upod,

UPakWeShip The Packing List (or inventory for those with posh accents) Great Rates & A Ship Load Of Know How

Contents The packing list is a very important document and has to be completed correctly in order to avoid delays, possible fines and additional inspections. This is quick guide to show you how to complete the perfect packing list. If you stick to these suggestions then you should minimize any delays or further questioning by customs. UPakWeShip is the self packing division of EuroUSA Shipping and is part of The EUROGROUP Join us on Face Book Click Here

The Box Pack the box well making sure anything fragile and breakable is wrapped multiple times in bubble wrap and paper. (See our pack like a pro presentation!) Tape up the box using 2 inch packing tape or duct tape where the flaps meet and also along the side of the box so it is totally sealed. Write the contents on the box to remind you what is in it and give the box a number starting of course at number 1 Furniture items will also need to be numbered. If you are bundling things together like 4 pieces of bed parts all packed and taped together then that can be given one number and be called bed parts.

The Packing List Then Complete the form using the corresponding number so that Customs can see what is in each box. You don’t need to list every spoon and fork but do explain the contents as best you can. For example: Box 1 clothes & books Box 2 plates, glasses Box 3 bedding & pictures Box 4 Books Box 5 Christmas Decorations Oh & don’t forget to Put your name & Address on the top & sign the bottom.

Descriptions, very important! In todays world of common security checks, Customs need a good description of the contents and the following will NOT get passed. BAG, BOX, BACKPACKS, TOTE, TRUNK, KIST, CAMPING GEAR, SPORTS GEAR, NICK NACKS, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, PERSONAL ITEMS, MISC ORNAMENTS, MEMORABILIA, COLLECTABLES, KEEPSAKES, TOOLS, TOOL BOX, DECORATIVE ITEMS, CHEST, PBO, MISC, EQUIPMENT, WORK STUFF, SUITCASE. You get the picture? Be more specific! Customs need to know more information in order to let it though. So what’s in the bag? What tools do you have? What’s in the trunk or suitcase? What sports gear is it? Your semi automatic hunting weapon or your running shoes? Are personal items drugs or your after shave? Is the memorabilia baseball cards or Japanese ancient fighting weapons? If the handbag, purse, sports bag or whatever has nothing in it list it as Empty e.g. Empty Bag. Got it?

Descriptions continued…… A very common item is your kids soft toys being listed as stuffed animals. Your thinking….. But Customs might be thinking…… So be descriptive!

Also If you have a bit of a mixture in your box then list the main things so if Customs do decide to look, they can match things up. EG: Books, Clothes, Pictures Anything that you might consider being a problem to Customs do not ship it. That includes, ornamental swords, daggers, knives etc., old rifles or guns of any sorts, food items, ivory, tobacco items, alcohol, ammunition, any type of drug, pornography and anything that used to be living, is a good start!

Don’t List or Pack Things that might have a double meaning or alert a Customs official who’s English might not be his native language. Gun for a kids toy! Stuffed Animals, already mentioned that one. Knives, for kitchen cutlery Drugs Cabinet for Bathroom Cabinet Water Pistol might be better described as water toy Scooter would be better described as kids toy Darts might be better described as Dart game Bow & Arrow should say little kids Bow if that’s what it is. Get the idea?

Don’t Pack Open Liquids as they might leak. Alcohol as duties will normally make it more expensive than if you purchased locally. Same with tobacco products. Food stuff including herbs & pet food. Endangered items like Ivory, stuffed birds, pressed flowers, snake skins etc. No hazardous or flammable materials. No Chemicals, paint, cleaning products. Any type of weapon We have even had umbrellas inspected for poisonous or sharp bladed ends!

For those lucky enough to be going to Australia or New Zealand Do not pack anything that used to be living or made from a living thing. Straw Baskets Dried Flowers Christmas Wreaths Untreated Wood items like a home made bird table or wooden bench made from your local tree. Anything that might have bugs in it. Make sure everything is spotless, no mud or dirt on bike wheels, garden tools, shoes, back packs or camping gear.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Middle East The majority of Middle Eastern Countries do not like anything that you could worship so leave the Greek Goddess statue behind. No alcohol! Most videos, DVD’s and possibly books might be further inspected by a Ministry of Information or similar for suitability in Asia as well as Middle Eastern Counties, so check the regulations before you pack. No Pictures of semi naked people or worse and don’t forget to check photo albums as well. Saudi Arabia and some other Countries will not allow products from Jewish companies so avoid Marks and Spencer labels and also anything Christian or non Muslim related religious material which includes everything from a child's bible to a Christmas Tree.

So are you ready to produce a great packing list? For more information visit Upak TV on our web site or if you have a question don’t forget to ask The Moving Doctor. We have great rates worldwide and fantastic 5 star reviews posted direct by customers here. See pictures and videos other shippers have posted on our site as well as pictures we have taken of our U Crates and containers.

UPakWeShip Tel 1 866 868 6386 Move Overseas! Treasure the experience Enjoy a new culture Create memories of a lifetime Learn a new language Remember….. You can always move back So you have nothing to loose! Choose a mover with 25 years experience, Great Rates And don’t forget our ship load of know how! www.upakweship.com

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