UPAF a solution to urban development issues; Climate Resilience

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Information about UPAF a solution to urban development issues; Climate Resilience

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: LafirMohamed

Source: slideshare.net


This presentation features the 4 major city level issues of urbanisation and discuss the role of UPAF to mitigate those.

a presentation for school students of advanced level.

Promoting URBAN AGRICULTURE as a CLIMATE CHANGE STRATEGY in Kesbewa, Sri Lanka Central College – Piliyandala 20.02.2013 Lafir S. Mohamed |Project Manager – Urban Resilience


Cities 5-7º C hotter than the surrounding rural areas

Yearly Max Rainfall (upper) Mahanama et al. Vulnerability Mapping, Kesbewa Urban Council Area

Extreme rainy Days –floods in Kesbewa

Food inflow to Kesbewa – Banana and papaya Embilipitiya Quantity: 3496kg (76%) 300 km Maning Market Quantity: 450kg (9.7%) 36 km Other area Quantity: 340kg (7.4%) 350 Km Local Production Quantity: 318kg (6.9%) 6 km


1. Storage 2. Infiltration 3. Evapo-transpiration.

Forest 85% Evapotranspiration 0% impervious 10% Runoff Slides/Photos: L. Kohrnack

Low Density Residential 10-20% Impervious Surface 20% Runoff 50% Evapotranspiration

Industrial and Commercial 75-100% Impervious surface 55% Runoff 30% evaporation

UPAF contribution to climate change mitigation, adaptation and cobenefits Mitigation: • Reducing food miles, energy use and GHG emissions by replacing food imports with food grown in the city-region • Enhancing carbon sequestration and storage in urban forestry • Reducing methane emissions from landfills and energy use in fertiliser production by productively re-using urban organic wastes

UPAF contribution to climate change mitigation, adaptation and cobenefits Adaptation • Reducing Urban Heat Island Effect by increasing surface of green area and tree cover • Reducing incidence of floods by enhancing storm water infiltration and reducing run-off • Reducing vulnerability of the poor by diversifying food and income sources • Source of inspiration and learning

UPAF contribution to climate change mitigation, adaptation and cobenefits Co-benefits • Improved nutrition • Income generation and job creation • Social and community building


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