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Published on November 27, 2013

Author: BoaCompra



UOL is the main content portal in Brazil since its opening, in April 1996. It has the world's widest content in Portuguese language, and it attracts seven in each ten Brazilian internauts. It has conquered this position due to its history of credibility and innovation.

In its 16 years of existence, UOL has become a synonym of the Brazilian Internet, offering the best content in news, sports and entertainment, besides services and products directed to the needs of the growing Internet audience. Today, it has more than a thousand specific channels, besides dozens of thematic stations.


UOL FOLHA GROUP Largest internet & infratech group in Latin America 2

FOLHA GROUP: SOLID STRUCTURE Newspapers Magazines and books Printing and distribution Internet/IT Services

7 IN EVERY 10 INTERNET USERS ACCESS UOL EVERY MONTH ● The best content ● Vast product and service portfolio ● Solutions for online businesses FOR 17 YEARS INTERNET USERS PREFER UOL 6

24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK Internet synonym In Brazil World’s largest Portuguese content 34 channels with more than 1 million visitors per month Diverse product portfolio More than 2.5 million subscribers in different services 7

UOL PORTAL More than 6.7 billion page views per month UOL HOME PAGE More than 51 million unique visitors per month Source: Omniture (Oct/12) 8

ABSOLUTE LEADERSHIP COVERAGE (% Brazilian Internet Users) 71.0% 64.5% PAGEVIEWS (billions) 5.0 3.3 6.5 p.p 51% 2º 2º TIME SPENT (billions) 3.4 2.7 28% UNIQUE VISITORS (millions) 36.3 33.0 10% 2º 2º Source: Nielsen/ Ibope NetRatings Home and Work (Oct/12) 9

UOL ANYWHERE MOBILE PORTAL MULTIPLATFORM Page Views: 226% growth* Unique Visitors: 113% growth* *2012/2011 Source PVs: Omniture. Audience through mobile devices (UOL, BOL, Folha; mobile portals+ apps + web versions accessed from mobiles / tablets). Source UVs: Omniture. Audience from UOL’s mobile portal. 11

UOL MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER APPS Guia UOL (Entertainment Guide) Placar UOL (Scoreboards, news) UOL Cotações (Stocks) UOL Fórmula 1 (F1 App) UOL Notícias (News, Videos, etc) 12

UOL Largest content and internet services company in Brazil 13

BRAZIL: A CONNECTED NATION More than 102 million internet users 5th largest market for Google Lower classes (C e D) represent 86% of the new internet users in 2010 More than 1 mobile phone per person and only 24% mobile internet penetration Source: IDC, Accenture, Sinditelbrasil and Datafolha 14

Internet Penetration 44% 41% 38% BRAZIL: A CONNECTED NATION Mobile internet market growth Data Terminals (millions) Internet Users (3G, non 3G and M2M) (millions) 79.9 73.9 3G Mobiles (millions) 86 84.9 66.1 42.7 2010 2011 2012 20.6 7.8 6 2011 70.2 52.6 34.8 2010 13.5 14.7 14.6 Source: IDC, Accenture, Sinditelbrasil, Teleco and Datafolha 2012 2S13 16

BRAZIL: A CONNECTED NATION 7% Advertising investment growth (2012 x 2011) 13% 14% 15% 15% 9% 3% -3% -14% Source: Inter-Meios – M&M 17


THE BEST CONTENT ● Entertainment ● Sports ● Games ● Specific Channels ● News ● Apps ● Courses AND MUCH MORE 19

STRONG PRESENCE IN USERS´ LIVES MULTIPLE SUCESSFULL SERVICES UOL JOGOS FORUM The largest Brazilian online forum UOL MAIS Multimedia content platform generated by UOL and its users BATE-PAPO UOL RÁDIO UOL The most popular online radio in Brazil, with more than 6 million unique visitors* APPS Customized content from UOL for smartphones and tablets, with more than 30 million page views* The largest chat service in Brazil since 1997 (more than 80 thousand simultaneous Users**) Source: *Omniture, jan/13 e feb/13 / **Internal data 20


CONTENT PARTNERS More than 400 partners Education, Information and Entertainment Humor Cars Juvenile Teen Feminine Sports Radio Gastronomy Technology TV Meteorology Jobs Content for diverse segments 22


UOL ADVERTISING The largest online inventory available in Latin America • More than 77,000 clients • The largest companies are with us 24



PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Antivirus Education Backup Job Hunting Wi-fi Gigamail Technical Support Technical Assistance Access Digital Photo Development MegaStore UOL Game Store 27

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SECURITY ● Antivirus: Solutions to protect your computer from any internet threat, including Parental Control and Firewall ● Backup: File storage and sychronization with all UOL’s security procedures ● Wi-Fi: Wireless internet broadband access in more than 39,000 hotspots around the world 28

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES USER ASSISTANCE ● Support and Technical Assistance: Technical issues and/or doubts related to your computer or phone solved in 15 minutes. More than 1 million received calls, with 92% of them solved in the first contact ● Gigamail: Protected e-mails with storage up to 100 GB 29

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH ● UOL Education: More than 1,000 courses, including technical and language courses for all levels of knowledge ● Job Hunting: More than 250 thousand job positions in several areas and segments 30

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ENTERTAINMENT ● Digital Photo Development: Printing of digital pictures, albums, themed albums and much more ● MegaStore: Online store to buy, sell and download music ● GameStore: Guaranteed fun with more than 100 options of classic internet games ● Access: Unlimited access to several Brazilian and foreign newspapers, along with e-mail accounts, exclusive chat rooms and offers from Clube UOL (discounts and benefits for UOL subscribers) 31

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES The largest online products portfolio available in Brazil • Pioneer in developing and launching new products in the digital market • Leadership in sales and paying customers • More than:  26 business units launched and profitable  1,000 different items for sale  More than 2.5M paying subscribers monthly 32

CALL CENTER CUSTOMER RELATION EXCELLENCE Award – Customer relation excellence “Consumidor Moderno” Magazine Award – Company that most respects the customer in Brazil “Consumidor Moderno” Magazine Award of Quality Customer Service Site Reclame Aqui 33

CALL CENTER FACILITIES ● 1 million calls per month ● More than 1,200 sales agents ● 8 sale channels ● Outbound and Inbound telemarketing PERFORMANCE ● More than 4 million sales per year ● More than12 thousand sales per day 34



Formats l flexibilty Well-known brands Several spaces on the website Exclusive e-commerce spaces ADVERTISING DISPLAY ADS 37

SEVERAL ADVERTISING FORMATS ● Banners ● Click to call ● Sponsored links ● M-commerce ● Sponsored APPs MOBILES, SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS 38


E-COMMERCE E-COMMERCE EVOLUTION IN BRAZIL Users (millions) 28.0 70 25 22.5 60 18.7 50 14.8 40 30 20 Revenue (R$ billions) 8.2 13 50 20 42 15 32 10.6 23 18 10 5 10 0 0 2008 2009 2010 Shoppers (millions) 2011 2012 2013P Revenue (R$ billions) ● 50 million users projection for 2013 ● R$ 22.5 billion revenue in 2012, an 11% growth compared to 2011 ● The estimated growth for 2013 is of 25% when compared with 2012 Source: Ebit, mar/13 40

SUPPORTING YOUR BUSINESS Shopping UOL ● One of the largest price comparison websites in Brazil Advertising ● UOL portal and more than 400 affiliates ● + 14 billion impressions per month ● More than 2 million offers ● More than 2,500 active products categories ● Store and services evaluation available UOL Cliques ● Segmented ads by users’ profile, navigation context and geographic region ● Payment per click ● Diverse formats, including images ● More than 35 thousand advertisers Source: Ibope home+work – nov/2012 41

SUPPORTING YOUR BUSINESS Radar de Descontos ● Collective purchases offers aggregator with the largest audience in its segment ● More than 5,000 ads per day ● More than 6 million page views every month TodaOferta ● UOL Market Place ● Free communication between its parts ● More than 30 thousand active advertisers ● More than 2 million users Source: Ibope home+ work - nov.2012 42

Advantages for sellers Advantages for buyers ● Only one contract includes more than 24 payment options ● Risk analysis included ● Simple configuration ● No fixed costs ● Reliability and Security ● More payment options ● Up to 18 installments ● Protected information ● Verified sellers 43

CREDIT CARD READER • Easy to use and free for buyers • Seller pays only when the sale occurs (NO FIXED COSTS) • Seller receives in one lump sum • Helps sales growth by offering installments • Security and mobility • Simple Cash flow management 44

CONSOLIDATION AND CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT More than 25M users and 300K stores New APIs are always in development PagSeguro supports: ● Discount and collective purchases sites ● Microtransactions and virtual goods sales ● NFC transactions 45

● Website hosting ● Website builder ● Cloud Computing ● E-commerce platform ● Domain registration ● Professional e-mail ● Blog ● UOL Conecta ● Database ● E-mail Marketing ● Reseller hosting ● UOL Office 365 ● Applications store ● E-commerce platform leader ● One of the largest website hosting in Brazil ● More than 600,000 registered domains 46

...MOREOVER, WE HAVE A GREAT SALES MACHINE CLIENTS SALES CHANNELS SALES STRATEGY • UOL Clients • Outbound • Single products • BOL Clients • Inbound • Promotions • UOL Products • Support • Bundle • UOL Services • Partners • Buy and Win • UOL Visitors • Affiliate • Incentive Campaign • UOL Prospects • Resellers • Crossell • UOL Partners • Mobile • Upsell • Email/Chat • Trial • SEO/SEM • Data Base Market 47

EXPERTISE IN ONLINE MARKETING Online Sales • Millions of online sales per year • Specialized team with more than 15 years of experience in online marketing • Websites’ usability and its conversion rates’ performance are checked everyday (sometimes, intraday and real time) • More than 300 different landing pages and sales flows are online • Development of online partnerships to increase sales • Development of thematic and customized hot sites Internal media at UOL • Inventory with more than 6.7 billion page views per month • Fixed spots on UOL’s homepage, with coverage of more than 51 million unique visitors/month • E-mail marketing for UOL, BOL, visitors, partners and advertising newsletters • Several formats for advertising (dynamic, static, videos, etc.) • Segmented campaigns by channel, by time and many other possibilities 48

EXPERTISE IN ONLINE MARKETING Paid Search • Experienced team, specialized in paid search campaigns; considered the best in Brazil • Contextualized campaigns at Google, Yahoo and Bing • Millions of active keywords, distributed in thousands of different campaigns Search Engine Optimization: SEO • Dedicated team, with excellent performance, focused on results • All UOL product websites ranked between 1st or 2nd position in organic search • Content 100% focused on SEO • Link Building strategies 49

EXPERTISE IN ONLINE MARKETING External Media • Contextualized campaigns in AdSense and Ad Networks • Social Networks: Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter • Blogs and partner sites: artists, bands, broadcasting companies E-mail Marketing • Email segmentation • Automatic emails dispatch • Internal database: UOL, BOL, visitants and advertising newsletters • External database • Several formats and scripts for approach 50

CALL CENTER • 6th consecutive award for Excellence in Customer Services – “Consumidor Moderno” Magazine • Award : Company That Most Respects the Customer in Brazil – “Consumidor Moderno” Magazine • Award : Customer Quality Service – ”Reclame Aqui” website Structure • More than 800 thousand calls per month, enabling crossell and upsell campaigns • More than 1,200 sales agents in 8 different sales channels • Outbound and inbound telemarketing Performance • More than 3 million sales per year • More than 12 thousand sales each work day 51

ABOUT UOL DIVEO ● One of the major players in the IT Outsourcing market in Brazil ● Proven know-how in datacenter management ● Public, Private and Hybrid cloud computing ● First in hosted servers in Brazil ● Has been a reference for the Financial Market ● It´s leader in IT Outsourcing for e-commerce in Brazil ● It stands for Quality in the Corporate Market The Brazilian complete IT & Telecom outsourcing company 55

ANYTHING YOUR COMPANY NEEDS IN IT SERVICES ● Network management ● Telecommunications’ solutions ● E-mail service outsourcing ● TEFs (electronic funds transfer) centering ● Telephone costs ● Reliable internet ● Hosting ● Database ● Data storage ● Network interrelation ● Complete outsourcing solution ...the largest Brazilian data service and IT infrastucture company 56

UOL DIVEO IN NUMBERS Proven Experience + 3,000 clients 26,000 m2 1,500 associates data centers Tamboré Data Center 1,800 POPs 15 Petabytes 400+ products Glete Data Center 57

SERVING CLIENTS FROM DIFFERENT AREAS AND SEGMENTS Continuous growth Data Center Area (000) – March 2011 Education 26.1 Industry 18.5 Internet Financial Logistics and transportation 8.9 7.8 9.6 9.5 4.8 Marketing 6.5 6.0 3.0 5.0 2.9 4.0 1.8 Services Retail Source: UOL e Frost&Sullivan Total Data Center Area (m²) Production Area (m²) 58 3.5 1.5


RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT UOL AND R&D ● Highly qualified, collaborative UOL is one of few internet and IT companies from Brazil with huge investments in R&D and motivated people ● Strong recruiting process ● Solid relationship with major Brazilian universities ● Software developed internally, extremely scalable, resistant and safe ● Focus on reusable solutions ● Usability is the key ● Well defined IT development and operational processes, yet simple and results-oriented ● Processes are important, however people and results are in first place. 60

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ● Redundant datacenters with privileged infrastructure in internet connection ● Focus on independent solutions of suppliers ● High level of virtualization ● Cloud Computing ● Close relationship with all business units ● Structured budget management, mature, yet very agile ● Responsible financial management, which allocates R&D and IT costs on business units’ results 61

UOL FARIA LIMA Largest content and internet services company in Brazil Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, 1384 São Paulo – SP‎ 62

UOL PEDRA GRANDE UOL SA Shared services office (HR, Finance and Legal) Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, 1306 São Paulo – SP 63

CALL CENTER TELEPERFORMANCE More than 1,500 representatives Angélica Avenue, 2029 São Paulo – SP 64

UOL DIVEO BARÃO DE LIMEIRA UOL Diveo office: Operations, Infrastructure and Engineering. Barão de Limeira Street, 425 São Paulo – SP 65

UOL DIVEO TENENTE NEGRÃO UOL Diveo office : Finance, Sales, Field Service, Telecom and Marketing Tenente Negrão Street, 166 São Paulo – SP 66

REGIONAL OFFICES Brasília Rio de Janeiro Belo Horizonte Porto Alegre 67

UOL DIVEO TAMBORÉ DATACENTER with more than 17,000 sq meters Xingu Street, 1230 Barueri - São Paulo ‎ 68

UOL DIVEO GLETE DATACENTER Glete was launched in March, 2010 and is able to support more than 30 thousand servers. Glete Street, 700 São Paulo - SP 69


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