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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: BAWare

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Slide1:  Lesson 1 Funny stories Slide2:  Do you find this picture funny? Why or why not? 1. What can you see on the pictures on P20? 2. Read the headlines and predict what each story is about. Slide3:  withdraw person who manages business for others board take back, draw back agent make or be slow or late passenger person being conveyed by bus or train etc delay get on or into a train, ship etc Match the words with the definitions Slide4:  Read the first and last lines of the stories, look at the pictures and match the stories and the pictures with the headlines. A / 3 / Check your spelling B / 1 / Proverbial kid C / 2 / Forgotten identity Slide5:  Read the three stories and then answer the following questions: 1. Why does the woman write a cheque for $50? 2. What does the man mean when he says 'Do you know who I am?' Slide6:  3. 'Where there’s a Will there’s a Wayne' sounds like a famous proverb. Do you know what it is? What does it mean? 1. Because she doesn’t know how to spell 40. 2. Maybe he is a VIP. 3. Where there is a will, there is a way. Slide7:  Which of the stories do you like most? Why? Do you have your funny stories? Voice your opinion Slide8:  Retell the story (You can choose one of the three stories). Slide9:  Read the following sentences and see if they have something in common: 1. I was in the town centre, where I _______________ some shopping. 2. I ________________ about this for some time when one day I saw the boys’ mother in the street. had been doing had been thinking Slide10:  3. … when an angry man, who ____ ____________ in line for some time, … been waiting had We use the Past Perfect Continuous to stress::  1. longer activities in the past that happened before other past events 2. the repeated actions that happened before a particular point in the past We use the Past Perfect Continuous to stress: Slide12:  3. an action that was still in progress and had not been completed at a particular time in the past Slide13:  Finish Ex 5 and Ex 6 Language in use: Complete the story, using some past tenses There was something wrong with my alarm clock that morning. When I was waken up, it was 8:30. Oh, my god. I was late for class. I…

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