Unlocking Insights With Facebook Topic Data

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Information about Unlocking Insights With Facebook Topic Data

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: sysomos

Source: slideshare.net

1. Unlocking Insights with Facebook Topic Data Practical use cases on how you can use Sysomos Scout to analyze Facebook topic data and boost your social strategy. 1

2. Agenda • Why Facebook data • What is Facebook topic data • What is Sysomos Scout • Scout Use Cases • Question Period

3. Why Facebook Data? 1B+ DAILY ACTIVE USERS People spend 46 mins/day on Facebook SME BUSINESS With active Facebook Pages ACTIVE ADVERTISERS $5.6B Q415 Ad Revenue 1.59 billion people monthly active users Demographics not available via other sources Data structured for easy analysis Content designed for their friends Source: Facebook Q4 2015 Earnings Report 40M+ 2M+

4. What is Topic Data? Sysomos Scout captures insights drawn from millions of posts, reactions, comments, and shares across the entire Facebook network – all in a way that keeps personal information private. Topic Data is anonymous and aggregated content data about specific activities, events, brand names and other subjects that people are sharing on Facebook.

5. What is Topic Data: Insights From a Network of 1.59 Billion People WITHOUT FACEBOOK TOPIC DATA + FACEBOOK TOPIC DATA Analysis across public social data sources 6x Source: DataSift, analysis includes Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, forums. (Search done on an automotive brand)

6. • Facebook has historically been a black box • Because of Facebook’s massive user base, combined with highly accurate demographic data (birthday, geo, etc.), brands now can understand their audience in new ways • A much more representative view of their social media analysis What is Topic Data: Additional Reporting Capabilities

7. Sysomos Scout: Facebook Topic Data Analysis Tool

8. Age Ranges: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+, unknown Author Type Fan page or user page Country Breakdown by country Gender Breakdown by gender Hashtags Find out what the top hashtags used are Interaction Type Story, comment, like, share, or reshare Links Top links shared around a topic Media Type Post, photo, share, link, video, or note Top Topics “Top Topics” and related topics (determined by Facebook) Sentiment Sentiment of posts (determined by Facebook) 8 Sysomos Scout: What Targets are Available for Analysis?

9. Sysomos Scout: Scout Data Within the Facebook Ecosystem? • Facebook Audience Insights o Builds customized audiences for targeting purposes • Facebook Page Insights o Gives a brand deep analytics on visits, reach, posts, comments, shares to their own brand pages • Sysomos Scout can help to inform strategies for BOTH of these Facebook tools o Topic Data is a much more macro view of Facebook conversations

10. Using Sysomos Scout Beyond Basic Reporting 10

11. Industry Audience Brand Industry Benchmarking Topic Analysis Trend Monitoring Content Discovery Audience Discovery & Expansion Audience Affinity Analysis Targeted Campaign Development Brand Management Campaign Analysis Competitive Benchmarking Use Scout Across Your Business

12. Challenge • Weight loss company needed to confirm their target audience before running a campaign. • Company assumed target audience was middle- aged women. Use Case: Audience Validation and Content Creation

13. Solution • Researched engagement around their brand and weight loss topics to surface: o The demographics of the most engaged audiences o Uncover most popular topics being associated with weight loss Results • After seeing the results, conversations about weight loss was largely being lead by men. • Repurposed marketing materials to be more gender neutral and adjusted ad buys to reach more men. • Brand also learned that “yoga” and “hiking” were popular topics • Created marketing material highlighting these activities to drive engagement and sales Use Case: Audience Validation and Content Creation

14. Challenge • Large media company wanted to increase ad sales for their TV networks Use Case: Ad Sales

15. Solution • Researched audiences engaging with their various networks and shows • Compared interaction volumes and mentions of other shows airing at the same time Results • Demographic metrics showed prospective brands exactly what audiences they would reach by advertising on specific networks and shows • Increased ad sales by showing new opportunities to existing advertisers and added new clients based on these audience insights • Also helped them understand audiences to target their own marketing content Use Case: Ad Sales

16. Use Case: Product Development Challenge: • An audio company was planning to release a new version of their bluetooth speaker in hopes of increasing sales. • They needed to research engagement around their current product • The brand also wanted to identify the most important and popular product features • Wanted to use insights to inform product development

17. Use Case: Product Development Solution: • Studied competitive landscape to understand how their engagement stacked up against competitors • Analyzed the way consumers discussed specific product features in their product vs. competitors • Identified strengths and weaknesses in their product • These audience insights helped the product development teams prioritize features Results: • The new product addressed the most important features their customers desired • Highlighted new features in their marketing campaigns • Continued to monitor conversations around their product throughout the release to track sentiment or engagement shifts. • Ultimately contributed to sales success

18. Use Case: Reach your Audience in a Competitive Industry Challenge: • Leading sports drink company was faced with a new market entrant and feared losing market share. • Traditional alternatives for research were expensive and time intensive.

19. Use Case: Reach your Audience in a Competitive Industry Solution: • Compared engagement rates across demographic groups with more specific product features (price, taste, etc.) • Surfaced content and competitive messaging Results: • Ability to repurpose and accurately target content for increased engagement and cost savings • Helped inform Facebook advertising strategies • Identified a new demographic group they didn’t know engaged with their brand • Surfaced topics frequently mentioned with their brand to inform content creation and possible partnership opportunities

20. Use Case: Market Research Challenge: • A high-end hotel chain wanted to pursue a partnership with an automotive brand to provide rides to the hotel from the regional airport • They wanted to understand what automotive brands are most popular amongst their customer base so they could come up with unique ways to market to their audience and differentiate their guest services

21. Use Case: Market Research Solution: • They researched the average profile of their guests (men, business traveler, ages 30-50) to surface the car brands these groups were discussing most. Results: • The company learned that a luxury car brand was the most popular vehicle and pursued a partnership to: o Create co-branded marketing efforts to expand their reach to more of their target customers o Improve customer experience and retention rates by offering complimentary car service for their customers

22. Learn More • If you’d like a demo of Scout please contact your account team or visit sysomos.com/scout and fill out the demo request form • Feel free to contact us for follow up questions o Facebook facebook.com/sysomos o Twitter @sysomos o Email community@sysomos.com • Please visit sysomos.com/webinars to sign up for our great webinar topics.

23. Thank You For Joining Us 23

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