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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Miranda


University of Scouting BS-019 Treks:  University of Scouting BS-019 Treks The Where’s, How’s and Why’s of High Adventure Treks Great Sauk Trail Council November 5, 2005 BS-019 Treks:  BS-019 Treks From the Course list: “Philmont, Isle Royale, Sea Base, etc; details on planning, organizing, cost of trips to these locations” The Trekking course is a look at various Boy Scout and Venture crew treks with the view of how to organize and plan them The organization and planning behind a trek can make the event fun and exciting, or make it a disaster This PowerPoint presentation available at High Adventure Treks:  High Adventure Treks One of the best parts of Scouting! Lets Scouts do things that they would not ordinarily do with their family Personal growth Maximizes the scouting experience Minimize regret (do it because you can) Introduction:  Introduction Daniel Katanski 1996 Troop 446, Committee (about nine years) 2002 Wood Badge, C016-02, Owl 2002 Philmont With GST Council contingent 2004 Sea Base Bahamas Tall Ship Adventure Troop 446, crew of 20 2005 National Jamboree With GST Council Contingent Where to Trek?:  Where to Trek? Philmont Sea Base Northern Tier National Jamboree Isle Royale Cole Canoe Base Prevailing Winds Grand Canyon Other Treks?:  Other Treks? Check out these sites for other treks: List of 10 treks National list of 50 treks Trek Preparation?:  Trek Preparation? Questions for every trip… Reservations? Most important for some treks Transportation? Permits? Crew size? Funding? Getting ready? More in Sea Base Parents Meeting show If time allows Planning:  Planning You can not over plan! I’m certain that some people can, but for the majority of us we have to work at it Respect others by disclosing details Sets expectations Allows you to enjoy the trek instead of worrying about what can go wrong next No surprises! Reservations:  Reservations Understand the process Can be complex What are the fees When are payments due Group sizes and adjustments Cutoff dates Cancellations Scout ages are requirements Age 14 and first class typical BSA Tour Permits:  BSA Tour Permits Local Tour Permit within 500 miles of home and outside your council boundaries National Tour Permit in excess of 500 miles from home Tour Permits are an approved travel plan Includes: Troop identification Leader in charge Modes of transportation Drivers (license numbers and vehicle and insurance information) Itinerary Other Permits:  Other Permits Reservations may not be needed… But permits may be required Be aware of peak time on your trek that may impact getting permits National Park Service Finances:  Finances Trek leader has two perspectives: Troop to Trek Handling monies for the group Scout/Scouter to Troop Monies from individuals Disclose, disclose, disclose! Be wary of conflicts of interest Waiting list and refund policies Discuss this up-front! Finances:  Finances Where is money for the trek coming from? Mostly self funded Scout accounts Fund raisers Contributions Many treks have 18 month lead times so fund raisers may make sense Expenses:  Expenses Fee for trek (Philmont or Sea Base) Transportation Gas, ferries, airplane, buss or train tickets Food Equipment rentals Canoes, scuba gear,… Miscellaneous and contingency funds I missed the final lunch and bought T-shirts Expenses:  Expenses Create payment schedule for scouts that is: Multiple even payments Minimum of one month between payments Timed around major trek expenses such as trek fees and transportation Create trip itinerary describing expenses at each part of the trip Describe the fixed costs… Describe the unrecoverable costs Not refundable Food:  Food It’s heavy to carry Cost Cheaper to bring with you, but inconvenient Amount of cooking time Lunch on trail vs. dinner at camp Refrigeration availability Special dietary requirements Food:  Food Plan menus with scouts Type of trek affects food takes Munchies? Set expectations Significant financial component Consider regional costs or currency Great planners plan meals Permission / Intent Forms:  Permission / Intent Forms Signed permission slips standard BSA mode of operations For expensive treks add text describing the financial obligation & risky nature of the trek Permission to take youth out of state or country may be required Signed by both parents even if one is on the trek Needs to be notarized to enter some countries! Identification:  Identification In 2007 passports will be required to to reenter the USA! Passports cost about $120 Passports require 2 to 12 weeks lead time Useful for all air travel – even domestic Photo ID Secretary of state can make a scout less than 16 years of age a photo identification Itinerary:  Itinerary Create a detail itinerary Include travel details such as flight numbers, departure and arrival times Emergency contact information and when usable Sets expectations Describe possible contingencies, if appropriate Include expenses to cross check other lists You can’t communicate too much Equipment:  Equipment List all required and recommended equipment What is Scout vs. Crew gear What can Troop provide? It’s easy to take too much stuff First Aid Kits:  First Aid Kits Troop and individual Trek dependant Prescriptions Double supply Appoint an adult to dispense if needed Special needs Epi pen Insulin, sugar Be prepared Trek Preparation?:  Trek Preparation? Guide to Safe Scouting Basic Leader Training & Outdoor Leader Skills Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED training Youth protection up to date? Behavior contract Important when a scout is sent home at the parent’s expense Special training? Practice knots Scuba certifications Wilderness first aid Shakedown:  Shakedown Check equipment No surprises! Don’t leave home without one! Contingencies:  Contingencies Trek leaders must have thought this through in advance Ask the camp staff what you should plan for What-If… There is a hurricane Someone gets injured Can an adult go with the Scout and still have needed two-deep leadership There is a family emergency Last minute things to check…:  Last minute things to check… Are camp or open fires allowed on site? Unusual weather conditions? National security issues? Last minute crew member or family issues? Special Doctor notes? No changes in diet and medications Can be devastating on some people Don’t worry… you’ll forget something! But it will not be anything major if you do your homework. Let’s Look at a few Treks…:  Let’s Look at a few Treks… Philmont:  Philmont GST Council High Adventure Committee Organizes 3 to 6 crews of 12 Scouts per year 7 crew in 2007 Space is available for 2006 8 Scouts and 4 Scouters 14 day trip including travel 2 days travel 2 days in base camp 10 days on the trail Cost through council in 2005 was $900 Philmont:  Philmont Schedule you own trek? Philmont Scout Ranch Route 1, Box 35 Cimarron NM 87714 (505) 376-2281 18 month lead time Typical for the big treks Philmont:  Philmont Call 505-376-2281 ext. 227 to be put on an email list for registration information 2007 treks register online from Nov 28 - Dec 4 for Central region Computer random draw after Dec 12 After all regions had registered their requests Date selection is part of registration You will be contacted if you win a trek 12 day trek costs $520 per person (2006 prices) Add in transportation and travel meals Philmont:  Philmont Highest Adventure in Scouting 213 Sq Miles in the Mountains in Northeast New Mexico This ain’t no picnic Hike 70 - 100 miles in 10 days at elevations or 6 to 12 thousand feet Requires months of conditioning Top-Off your Scouting experience A right of passage for a Scout Philmont:  Philmont The hidden costs… $50 to $300 Boots $50 to $500 Backpack $30 to $300 Sleeping bag $20 to $150 Sleeping pad $$$ Hiking socks, non-cotton clothes, rain gear $40 to $200 walking sticks $70 water purifier The cost of the equipment can easily exceed the other trip fees Sea Base:  Sea Base Florida Keys or Bahamas Nancy Wells, Sea Base Registrar, (305) 664-5616 10 different adventures My personal favorite trip Cost in 2004 for Bahamas trek was $1050 Transportation cost will be much higher See my Parents Meeting presentation… Sea Base:  Sea Base Crews selected by annual lottery That’s an 18 month lead time High demand – difficult to get There are frequently openings for singles See “Lone Scout Connection” link at Sea Base:  Sea Base 2007 registration is “on-line“ at 2007 registration on Jan 15 to Feb 12, 2006 Computer random draw after Feb 15 Use BSA ID from ID Card to register crew Bet you never knew you had a BSA ID You can make multiple date choices Note: No trips were canceled this year due to hurricanes in the Bahamas trip However, over 50 of 1200 crews were affected by Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita For “Scout Run” Troops…:  For “Scout Run” Troops… Some High Adventure Treks frequently have lead time greater than 18 months Troops change their youth leadership annually Either you have to organize turnover between youth to handle these treks… Or have an adult leader organize the high adventure treks Planning them on a troop level is a major undertaking Northern Tier High Adventure:  Northern Tier High Adventure Canoe and fishing trek 218-365-4811 or Northern Tier National High Adventure  PO Box 509  Ely, Minnesota 55731-0509 Mostly flat water and portages Northern Tier High Adventure:  Northern Tier High Adventure For 2007 starts in April 2006 Some 2006 dates available! Dates choices, length and base selection Call (218) 365-4811 or write:   Registrar, Northern Tier National High Adventure  PO Box 509,  Ely, Minnesota 55731-0509 They never fill up all of their trips 6-8 day $46 /per person /day… About $368 Cole Canoe Base:  Cole Canoe Base On Rifle River (north of the thumb) White’s Canoe Livery, Sterling Michigan 989-654-2654 or $125 to $250 per Person per Trek Canoes or kayaks available Grand Canyon:  Grand Canyon Hike into and out of the canyon Hiking down can be more strenuous than up Treks difficult to get Register 4 months early FAX in application at midnight the first day of the month – that’s it for the month 30,000 requests, only 13,000 allowed 15% of treks held for walk-ins – risky If you can wait 1-2 days it might work Troop ??? went last spring Grand Canyon:  Grand Canyon Contact the National Park Service 1 to 6 camps in any site 7 to 12 must use assigned sites No group greater than 12! National Jamboree:  National Jamboree 2010 National Jamboree 100th Anniversary of Scouting in the USA Ft. A.P. Hill, Virginia Fantastic 10 day for the Scouts! Contingent organized by GST Council Can not go on your own You can visit but not participate National Jamboree:  National Jamboree 37,000 Scouts and Scouters Next Jambo they are expecting many more! 4 troops from GST Council 35 Scouts and 5 Scouters per troop, 4 troops Scouters consider earning your Wood Badge beads Or be on staff (8,000 staffers) 2005 cost was $900 per scout Optional Washington DC tour $1,300 National Jamboree:  National Jamboree If you can go, then GO! Is it high adventure? Well it was very hot, and It was a great adventure You can’t do everything that is there! It’s part of the full Scouting experience! Isle Royale National Park:  Isle Royale National Park Wilderness trek backpacking adventure You, the moose and the wolves Accessible only by boat or seaplane Located in northwestern Lake Superior about 50 miles from Copper Harbor, Michigan and 15 miles from Minnesota Contact the National Parks Service Duration 12 days (4 days travel, 8 days backpack) Isle Royale National Park:  Isle Royale National Park Scouts will be carrying their own gear and food for 8 days (food is heavy) Michigan at it’s finest Ferry Service $85-$110 for 4-6 Hrs 1 to 6 people can just show up Sleep in Adirondack shelters 7 to 10 require preset itinerary Sleep in tent sites Isle Royale National Park:  Isle Royale National Park Register for groups after January 1st Plan early Two day travel to Copper Harbor Guide to Safe Scouting limits you to 12 hours of travel per day in daylight hours Prevailing Winds:  Prevailing Winds Sail Lake Huron on a trek of your design Run by Tall Pines Council, Flint Michigan Troop 446 sail for a weekend in preparation for Sea Base Fees are $1,200 for weekend trips and $4,750 for week-long trips for crew of 20 plus other food, other fees and your transportation (about $350 each) Prevailing Winds:  Prevailing Winds A gem in our own back yard Explore the 3rd largest Great Lake Much cheaper than Sea Base Flexible trek design Can be an international trip GST Council Resources:  GST Council Resources High Adventure Committee Sig Herliczek, chairman at 734-856-6664 Meet 3rd Wednesday of every month at Faith In Action in Chelsea (hospital campus) at 7:00 PM Coordinates Council Philmont contingent and other high adventure opportunities Looking for new members and new ideas Scouters are on the committee if you are on a Philmont trek This is the Beginning of your Trekking Adventures…:  This is the Beginning of your Trekking Adventures… But it’s the end of this Session!

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