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Published on January 13, 2008

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I am more outgoing than my sister.:  I am more outgoing than my sister. 1. describe personality and appearance: tall, thin, fat, serious, outgoing 2.比较级 –er, -ier, more的使用 Taller, thinner,fatter, More serious, more outgoing Unit 6 Slide2:  New words more 更;更多的,更大的 opposite 对立的;相反的 than 比 view 观点;想法;态度 calm 镇静的;无忧虑的 interest 兴趣;爱好 wild 卤莽的;轻率的 most of 大多数 athletic 体格健美的;强健的 though 虽然;即使 twin 孪生的;双胞的 both 两个(都) however 然儿 little 很少的;少量的 popular 受欢迎的;流行的 be good at 擅长 schoolwork 学业;功课 laugh 笑 Slide3:  Sammy has shorter hair than Miss Zhang. Miss Zhang has longer hair than Sammy. Slide4:  Tom Yao Ming is shorter than Tom. Tom is taller than Yao Ming. Slide5:  fat,short, fun,outgoing tall,thin,serious He was fat and short,and he was fun and outgoing. But now, he is taller and thinner,and he is more serious. Slide6:  A: Is this you ? B: No, it isn’t. A: It is my sister, she has longer hair than me.and she is more serious than me.My hair is shorter than hers,and I am more outgoing than her.Although we both have big eyes. Slide7:  personality appearance calm/ wild funny/ humorous easygoing/ outgoing serious quiet generous/ mean friendly/ unfriendly moody smart kind shy/ kind tall short long fat thin heavy light straight long hair athletic medium height bald handsome beautiful (What’s he like?) (What does he look like?) Slide8:  比较级 -er -ier more calmer wilder fatter thinner bigger smaller taller shorter longer younger older faster slower nicer larger later funnier easier busier happier unhappier moodier lovelier heavier athletic difficult outgoing beautiful good-looking helpful friendly unfriendly handsome Slide9:  twins long hair black eyes 6 years old Lucy Lily tall wild outgoing athletic short calm quiet easygoing Lucy and Lily are twins. They are 6 years old. They both have long hair and black eyes. Lucy is taller than Lily. Lucy is wilder, and more outgoing. She is also more athletic. Lily is shorter than Lucy…… Slide10:  athletic They are more athletic than me. they I/ we They are more athletic than us. Slide11:  short curly hair short fat outgoing wild long hair tall thin easygoing calm She was short and fat. She has short curly hair. She was wild and outgoing. But now, She is taller and thinner. She has longer hair than before. She is calmer and more easygoing. Slide12:  Write some things about your past and now. I was shorter and more outgoing…… But now, I am taller and…… Slide13:  2a Listening -er / -ier more funny outgoing smart quiet athletic serious Tina is… funnier Tara is… more outgoing more athletic more serious smarter quieter Slide14:  Liu Li and Liu Ying We look the same. Liu Li’s hair is shorter than Liu Ying’s. Liu Ying is more athletic than Liu Li. We both have black hair. Liu Ying is more outgoing. We both like sports. Liu Li is quieter. We both enjoy going to parties. We both have black eyes. Slide15:  Pairwork Talk about the same and different things between you and a friend Slide16:  A good friend… a. has cool clothes. b. is popular in school. c. likes to do the same things as me. d. is good at sports. e. is good at schoolwork. f. makes me laugh. A: I think a good friend makes me laugh. B: For me, a good friend likes to do the same things as me. C: Yes, and a good friend is popular, too. D: That’s not very important for me … groupwork Slide17:  Write about the things that are the same and different between you and a friend. Slide18:  listening They are both pretty outgoing Pete’s more athletic, funnier and wilder good listener look alike, both tall both have long, curly hair Vera is quieter and smarter. keeps secrets Maria is more outgoing Holly is quieter popular, good at sports Slide19:  Tom is than Sam.(calm) Pedro is than Paul.(short) Lin Ping is a little than me.(outgoing) Vera is than Maria.(intellectual) Tina is much than Tara.(athletic) Paul is even than Pedro.(thin) Paul has hair than Tom.(curly) Ruth is than Rose.(serious) Liven is than I am. A:funny and outgoing B:more funnier and outgoing C:funnier and more outgoing D:more funny and outgoing 10. My brother is more easygoing than me. A:more B:much C:very D:a lot of calmer shorter more outgoing more intellectual more athletic thinner curlier more serious C B 形容词的比较级可用much, even, a little, any, a lot, far等词修饰, 说明比较的程度。 Slide20:  13. My friend is as me. We are both quiet. A:as same B:so same C:the same D:not the same 14. Liu Li is outgoing her sister. A:so, as B:as, as C:as, so D:so, so 15. Liu Ying is not good at sports her sister. A:much than B:a little C:as, so D:so,as 16.我们俩都喜欢运动,尽管她看上去比我更健美。 We like sports, she looks than me. 17.他们俩都喜欢参加晚会。 They both enjoy . 18. 简擅长弹钢琴。 Jane is . 19.我妈妈不如爸爸高。 My mother is not my father. 20.汤姆在班里很受欢迎,彼得也一样。 Tom is very in his class, Peter. C B D both though more athletic going to parties good at playing the piano as/ so tall as popular so is

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