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Published on January 15, 2008

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Slide1:  Human Touch 05365027 刘舒舒 05365021 韦璐荻 Slide2:  How to Interpret “The Human Touch” Time for Discussion In Shushu’s Opinion In Ludi’s Opinion Further Analysis for “The Human Touch” Phenomenon Cause Slide3:  Time for Discussion “Human touch” is an abstract notion. It is difficult to tell which is the best way of interpreting this phrase. Before our presentation, we would like to have a discussion and share each other’s point of view. Slide4:  Think over the following questions: What is “the human touch” in your opinion? What moved you most in life? We’ll select three of you randomly to answer the questions by lot. We’d like Professor Xia to cast lots for us. Everyone has the chance. You’ll have about 1 minute to prepare. Who will be the lucky dog today??? Slide5:  What is the “Human Touch”? Slide6:  HUMAN TOUCH This is the human touch in this world that counts, the touch of your hand and mine. Which means far more to the fainting heart than shelter and bread and wine!   For shelter is gone when the night is over and bread lasts only a day. But the touch of the hand, the sound of the voice ,sings of the soul always. Slide7:  summary The Christ The tribulation(苦难) on the way to freedom The humanity The relatives around us Slide8:  The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error. 上帝的神圣表现就是通过肉体来毁灭罪恶的化身 ------------ BIBLE The Christ Slide9:  GOD CAN When you feel unlovable, unworthy and unclean... When you think that no one can heal you.... When you think that you are unforgivable... For your guilt and shame..... When you think that all is hidden.... And no one can see within.... When you have reached the bottom... And you think that no one can hear ... Remember Friend ,God Can! And when you think no one can love you... The real person deep inside of you... Remember my dear Friend, God Does! Slide10:  THE TRIBULATION ON THE WAY TO FREEDOM Saving a life equals to save the world entire. 当你挽救了一个生命就等于挽救了全世界 --------Schindler’s List 《辛德勒的名单》 Slide11:  AUSCHWITZ 奥斯威辛 Concentrate Camp The Auschwitz concentrate camp in which the Jews suffering the great tribulation during World War II. The holocaust is dehumanized丧失人性的 and bloodiness ! Slide12:  Schindler‘s List’ is a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Holocaust屠杀, a dramatic recreation of that dark, frightening period during World War II.. when thousand of families are forced to abandon their careers, properties and homes to live in overcrowded ghettos犹太人区, The film portrays Oskar Schindler, the businessman with irresistible charm - the charm of the same magnitude that saved hundreds of innocent people and brightened Schindler's reputation among critical historians... Slide13:  Schindler’s performance is built on a combination of self-confidence, indecision, and doubt... His character is always evolving, yet always convincing... His transformation from 'war profiteer' to a "righteous" man is adequately slow and well developed, which shows a great justice soul of the human peace! Slide14:  HUMANITY Slide15:  The Indian Tsunami The global reaction to the tsunami was immediate and extensive, as governments, militaries, the United Nations, and hundreds of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) mobilized. Relief operations proceeded quickly and effectively, providing food, clean water, health services, and temporary shelter for hundreds of thousands of people. Slide16:  Still, the danger existed that the tsunami relief story would play out like too many others: Aid pledges are made following the disaster. But tsunami relief has been sustained. Donors are keeping their pledges, NGOs have billions in the bank to spend on projects, and survivors continue to be cared for relatively well. To date, the world has raised an estimated $13.6 billion. Some 92 countries provided assistance during the past year, including countries, such as North Korea and Niger, themselves in need of aid. Substantial government aid packages have been complemented by an astonishing level of private giving (almost 40 percent of the total). Slide18:  THE RELATIVES AROUND US Slide21:  Music People Articles Slide22:  Music 鳥の詩 Hey Jude Slide23:  It is the theme song of an animation called air. It is about a story of a girl who only had 17-year life-span. She was brought up by her aunt and spent the most beautiful and happiest time with her aunt in her last period of life. In a sense, the relationship between them is the very relationship of Mother and Daughter. Though the girl passed away at last, her aunt always believes that she has never left and must be flying somewhere in the sky high above. Affection Slide24:  How do you feel after hearing the story? What would you do if you were the aunt of the girl? Would you treat her just as your own daughter? What would you do if you were the girl? Would you stand up to combat the disease or just give up? One opinion from the web Slide25:  Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. 嘿 Jude ,不要这样消沉 Take a sad song and make it better. 唱首伤感的歌曲会使你振作一些 Remember to let her into your heart,  记住要永远爱她 Then you can start to make it better.  开始新的生活 Hey Jude, don't be afraid.  嘿 Jude 不要担心 You were made to go out and get her.  去追她,留下她  The minute you let her under your skin, 拥抱她的时候 Then you begin to make it better.  将开始新的生活 And anytime you feel the pain,  无论何时,当你感到痛苦的时候  hey Jude, refrain,  嘿 Jude 放松一下自己  Don't carry the world upon your  shoulders.  不要去担负太多自己能力以外的事  For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool 要知道扮酷 是很愚蠢的  By making his world a little colder.  生活中总是会有不如意的时候  Hey Jude, don't let me down.  Hey Jude 不要让我伤心  You have found her, now go and get her.  如果你找到你所爱的人,去爱她吧  Remember to let her into your heart,  记住要永远爱她  Then you can start to make it better.  生活会更美好 So let it out and let it in,  hey Jude, begin,  嘿 Jude 时光如此飞逝 不要耽搁  You're waiting for someone to perform with.  不要总是期望依赖旁人  And don't you know that it's just you, hey Jude, you'll do,  你知道吗!你自己可以的,嘿Jude,去完成吧  The movement you need is on  your shoulder.  明白 自己要走自己的路 Hey Jude, don't make it bad.  嘿 Jude 不要这样消沉 Take a sad song and make it better.  唱首伤感的歌曲会使你振作一些  Remember to let her under your skin,  记住要永远爱她 Then you'll begin to make it  然后开始新的生活  Better better better better better better, Oh.  会更美好 会更幸福  Na na na, na na na na, na na na  Slide26:  This song was written by Paul McCartney, one member of Beatles, for a five-year-old boy. The boy called Julian is the son of John Lennon and his former wife, Cynthia. Paul felt worried about Julian and was afraid that the divorce between his father and mother would bring a negative influence on him. In order to encourage Julian to cheer up and carry on with a positive view of life, Paul wrote down this song, which was to be a very famous and popular song. Solicitude Slide27:  Unit Six Text A : The Last Leaf P189 Text B : Thank you, MA’M P211 Kindness The old artist appears to be a no-nonsense character, one without any time for sentimentality and softness. Yet we soon see his kindly nature peeping through his rough manner. Only at the end of the story, however, do we discover how kind and considerate he was, the old man risking death to save a girl. A somewhat similar theme can be found in the second story. The boy finds he has bitten off more than he can chew. The woman is more than a match for him. We might expect her to be justifiably angry at the boy and to march him off to the police station. Instead she marches him off to a decent supper and a lesson in kindness and trust that is more likely to turn him away from crime than any punishment. Slide28:  丛 飞 His Story Slide29:  Self-giving Dedication! mms://winmedia.cctv.com.cn/yishurensheng/2005/07/yishurensheng_300_20050719_1.wmv Slide30:  We are losing “human touch” nowadays Slide31:  We are losing “human touch” nowadays Indifference Selfishness Mercilessness Where has the human touch gone??? Slide32:  The great difference of social status The extreme development of economy and science The suspicious of mutually & the distrust with each other The selfish and merciless which resulted from social reality Cause for such phenomenon Slide33:  Penetrate the deep of your heart and ask yourself whether you still have kindness, gratitude, affection, solicitude for others or dedication? No matter how you interpret “the human touch”, never should you let your heart become a desert of indifference, selfishness or mercilessness. Maybe it is impractical for you to become a hero like Congfei, but at least you can be a person with the human touch. Slide34:  The mother’s day is drawing near. Don’t forget to show your affection and gratitude to your mother! Even several words of regards may touch your dear mother deeply! Slide35:  Thank Professor Xia and all of you for listening to us

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