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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Gabir

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Unit 5 The British Isles:  Unit 5 The British Isles How much do you know about the UK? Slide2:  Slide3:  Slide4:  Slide5:  Slide6:  Slide7:  Slide8:  Slide9:  Speakers’ Corner:  Speakers’ Corner Slide11:  Slide12:  Five important cities :  Five important cities Slide14:  rts: Football (Manchester united) Art: The Beatles Architecture: Big Ben The London Bridge Buckingham Palace Slide15:  Literature William Shakespeare: his sonnets Charles Dickens : A tale of Two Cities Slide16:  Harry Potter Films Slide17:  Food English beer Fish and chips Slide18:  Life Schools: Private school Public school Many world-famous universities Cambridge University Oxford university London university Religion : Christ, Islam and Buddhism official language: _______ English Words to describe cities and countries :  Words to describe cities and countries Slide20:  1.Do you know where the pictures are taken? Slide21:  Picture1: Ancient stone cross. It can only be found in Ireland. Picture 2: Old castle. The flag on top is the national flag of Wales. A red dragon with wings, on a flag that is half white and half green. Slide22:  Slide23:  Slide24:  Picture 3: Scottish soldiers dressed in traditional kilts and playing the instrument called bagpipe. Picture 4: London bridge. Slide25:  London Tower Slide26:  2. What does the UK stand for? The letters 'UK' stand for 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.' The UK is made up of four countries, which are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Slide27:  3. What is the UK famous for? The UK is famous for Big Ben, which is a famous clock tower and lies in the Palace of Westminster. (sport, art, architecture, literature, film, food and life) Slide28:  Big Ben Slide29:  Beckham Slide30:  Buckingham Palace Slide31:  Greenwich Observatory Slide32:  Talking Sample dialogue: J=A Journalist B=Bob White D=Danny Rea C=Charlie Kemp P=Peter Smith J: Is everybody ready? Then we can begin. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your being Slide33:  here today. As you know, we must try to decide what we’re going to do about the plan for the future of the countryside. We all know, in order to make life in the countryside attractive, the government must make sure that people can have enough work, schools, housing, local shops, health care, public transport, Slide34:  clean drinking water, and gas, electricity, telephone and Internet connection. I’d like to hear each of your opinions about the plan. Would you like to start by telling us who you are and what you think of the plan? B: Thank you. I’m a farmer. My name is Bob White. I agree that the government Slide35:  should make life in the countryside more attractive to stop people from moving away. As we all know, more than 70 percent of the land in the UK is used for agriculture. In the 1960s and 1970s, many people moved away from the countryside to live in the cities. However, in recent years, the Slide36:  population of the countryside has been grown. More and more people want to work and live in the countryside. But I think it would not be good if too many people moved to the countryside. Because large numbers of visitors may endanger the wildlife, landscape and historical sites, which are valued by Slide37:  both local people and visitors. I think it is necessary for our government to develop the economy of the countryside. Meanwhile we must pay attention to protecting the environment. J: I see. Thank you. Who’s next? D: I am. My name is Danny Rea. I think there are good opportunities for people to Slide38:  move from the cities to the countryside. Modern technology such as computers, Internet and fax makes working at a distance possible. So I believe that we can live and work in the countryside more conveniently. However, I think some services in the countryside should be improved, such as health care, public Slide39:  J: I agree with you. Thank you very much. Who wants to say something about this plan? C: My name is Charlie Kemp. I like traveling in the countryside. I like the beautiful scenery and I can always breathe fresh air in the countryside. transport, gas, Internet and so on. Slide40:  But I prefer to live and work in the city. In cities modern technology is developed very quickly. With the help of modern technology, our life is very comfortable and convenient. By the way, there are many friends in the cities, so it is easy for me to spend weekends with them happily. Slide41:  P: My name is Peter Smith. I am a hotel owner. First I should say 'thanks' to our government for having this developing plan for the future of the countryside. Since there are more and more tourists who take their holidays in the J: Yes. Thank you. How about the others? Slide42:  countryside, it is much easier for me to make money. So I think tourists may give local people the opportunity to make some extra money. But I think our government should also put emphasis on protecting the landscape. We should always remember to protect our environment. Slide43:  J: Thanks a lot. Now we have talked a lot about the plan. Thank you very much. Later I’ll write down your ideas and make a report to our government. Thanks again. Good-bye everyone. Slide44:  Great Britain Reading::  Reading: The British Isles Slide46:  Scan the text and answer the following questions. What are the most important facts about the United Kingdom? How many countries make up the British Isles? What are the most important facts about Ireland? The United Kingdom is made up of four parts. They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Two. The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Ireland is a large island in Europe. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. while the rest makes up the Republic of Ireland. Ireland is a very beautiful island, famous for its green countryside. Slide47:  Write the right numbers in the correct places Edinburgh Cardiff Belfast 2.Atlantic Ocean 1. North sea 3.English Channel 4. Scotland 5. Wales 6. England 7. Northern Ireland 8. Ireland 9. Isle of Man 10. Irish Sea 11. London 12. Dublin 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Slide48:  1. What is the UK? 2.What’s the climate in the British Isles like? 3. From where did the culture of the people in the British Isles receive much influence? 4. Who ran over the Great Britain in1066? What’s the result of French influence? 5. Which are the first two countries that joined in the UK? 6. What do people throughout the British Isles speak now? Slide49:  Geography Slide50:  Explanation The idea that England stands for Fish andamp; Chips, the Speakers’ Corner, Big Ben and the Tower of London is past. 用炸鱼土豆条、讲演角,大笨钟和伦敦塔象征英国的时代已经成为历史。 Slide51:  1.I made a promise that if anyone set me free, I would make him rich. 2.Mother made a promise that excited her son. The fact that Great Britain is made up of three countries is still unknown to many. be made up of …, consist of… be unknown to sb. Slide52:  Within Great Britain for many years now, there has been a growing movement to make the most of its cultural diversity. make the most of = to get the best advantage from … We’ve only got one day in London, so let’s make the most of it and see everything. cf. make the best of… We must try to make the best of things until we can afford a bigger house. Slide53:  ---to see it as it really is: a nation of different countries held together by a common language and culture. as it is, == in reality, in the situation that actually exists We had hoped to finish it today, but as it is we probably won’t finish it until tomorrow. The needs of the children often hold a marriage together. Slide54:  The British Isles is a group of islands that lies off the west coast of Europe. New Zealand is an island that lies off the eastern coast of Australia. Taiwan is an island that lies off… Slide55:  The largest island is called Britain, which is separated from France by the English Channel, which at one point is only 20 miles wide. separate…from… divide… into… At one point in the meeting she nearly lost her temper. Slide56:  The British Isles are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the North Sea to the east. New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north and east, and the Tasman Sea to the south and west. The ocean and seas surrounding the islands are deep blue Slide57:  The first language is Irish, with English as a second language. The southern part of Ireland is an independent country, with Dublin as its capital. in general = generally ,while… influence, settle, bring…with sb. The result of this French influence was that the English language ended up with many French words, such as… Slide58:  At the same time ,British English and American English started borrowing words form other languages, ending up with different words. ,but it was not until 250 years later that they formed a single state. It was not until the twentieth century that modern poetry was really developed. Slide59:  There are six spoken languages that are considered to be native to the British Isles as well as two local accents. be considered to be… as well as…= besides, in addition to… Slide60:  Wales has a population of 3 million, 20% of whom can speak Welsh. New Zealand has a population of about 3.8 million people, of which abut fourteen percent are Maori. The car ran into a crowd of people, several of whom were sent to hospital immediately. The population of the Republic of Ireland is thought to be about three million. Of those over one million live in Dublin. Page 113 Slide61:  That most of these are now threatened and may disappear is a serious matter to the people in Britain. That Britain is a good place for tourism and studying English is agreed by many people who have been there. Slide62:  They realize that it is of great value to record and teach them to the younger generation. be of …value/use/help/importance/ benefit/significance to… great/much/little/no/any/ ..be of quality/size/shape/age/weight/height Slide63:  A college education is of great value in one’s life . Can I be of any help? I think you’ll find this book of use to you. My holiday wasn’t of much benefit to me. This new discovery of oil is of great significance to the country’s economy. New Zealand wine is of high quality. The two boys are of the same age. Slide64:  A four-week trip If I can spend a four-week trip in the UK,I would of course first go to London and spend about a week there to see the Tower of London ,Big Ben ,the Speaker’s Corner,I also want to visit the British Museum and the Science Museum. Then I would go to Oxford and Cambridge to see the famous universities there.Next,I would go to do some sight-seeing there. Slide65:  From there, I might go by boat across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland. Then I would come back to Britain, and visit Wales. At the end of my trip, I would come back to London for a few more days and do some more shopping before coming back to China. As the climate of the British Isles is mild with a lot of rain, I think I should bring an umbrella and raincoat and some warm clothes with me. England, my England:  England, my England Questions: Paragraph 1: What do we see in the landscape around Salisbury? Paragraph 2: What historical and cultural relics can be found around the city? Paragraph 3: What can we see in the city? Paragraph 4: How do people live and work? Paragraph 5 : what does the landscape in the suburbs of Salisbury look like? Notes::  Notes: Paragraph 1: as far as… as many as… There could be as many as…within… within He’ll arrive within an hour. within reach/sight/the law measure v. Paragraph 2: without doubt There is no doubt that… There is no doubt about … I doubt whether/if…. I don’t doubt that… Slide68:  …being from… page 160 Being painted, her house looked in a mess. = As it was being painted, … I was scared and feeling pretty anxious, this being my first time in a new country. = for this was my… The day being fine, we decided to go swimming. = As the day was fine, …. Slide69:  Paragraph 3: It is built where two rivers… Neither of them is big, but they… page 161 Paragraph 4 : produce v. n. product n. production n. productive adj. a great deal of… Slide70:  good company company n. ( u) one or more guests No, you can’t go out tonight, we’re expecting company. 我们有客人来. You should never swear in company.(=when guests are present) Keep sb company 陪伴某人 If you’re going out for a walk, I’ll come along and keep you company. Refer to Page 47 Slide71:  Paragraph 5: spread out , feed bear v. ( bore, borne) The tree is bearing a lot of apples this year. The pear tree they planted has never borne fruit. Eventually her efforts bore fruit and she got the job she wanted. = she was successful. I can’t bear being kept waiting. I couldn’t bear to listen any longer, so I left the room. The captain of the ship bears a heavy responsibility. Ireland: The Island in the West:  Ireland: The Island in the West Slide73:  Slide74:  Questions::  Questions: The island of Ireland is the home to two states. What are they? When was the Republic of Ireland founded? 3. What has the Irish government done since 1921 to save the Irish language? Irish is now taught in schools. There are radio and TV programmes in Irish. Slide76:  3. The writer says that for much of its history, Ireland lay hidden behind Great Britain. What do you think it means? It means that it was difficult for Ireland to trade and have contact with the rest of Europe, which lies to the east of the Great Britain. Notes::  Notes: The island of Ireland lies west of Britain and is the westernmost island of the British Isles. Although a small country, it has an amazing history of over 5,000 years. Although (it is) a small country, have a history of…. Slide78:  3. Few places on the planet are as packed with history as Ireland. be packed with The bus was packed with noisy schoolchildren. This book is packed with useful information. 4. Everywhere you look there are castles... His cats follow him everywhere he goes. Slide79:  5. As Ireland is surrounded by water, it comes as no surprise that it rains quite a lot, just as in England and Wales. It came as a total surprise to her when he told her he loved her. Last night’s heavy snow came as a complete surprise. News of the company’s financial difficulties came as an unpleasant surprise to the shareholders. Slide80:  7. The population of the Republic of Ireland is thought to be about three million. Of those over one million live in Dublin. It is thought that the population of the Republic of Ireland is about three million. 8. Ireland has a young population, with 44% of the population under the age of 25. with 复合结构 Slide81:  9. The earliest Irish art is found carved on monuments dating from 2,500—2,000 BC. date from, date back to.. This church dates back to 1173. The custom dates from the time when men wore swords.(佩剑) The large, typical Irish stone crosses, seen across the country, date from the ninth and tenth centuries. Slide82:  The large ,typical Irish stone crosses: Slide83:  10…under the wings of … under sb’s wings =being protected, helped, etc. by someone 11. It rings with magic and … The football ground rang with the cheers of the crowd. …there is a dark and mysterious feeling to it. dark = secret, hidden, Keep it dark---don’t tell anybody! Slide84:  add to… The stone is believed to have come from Scotland,… It is believed that the stone had come from Scotland,… The old lady turned out to be a witch. in return for In return for your cooperation, we will give you a free gift. Slide85: 

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