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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Renato

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Slide3:  Have you ever thought about doing something for these children to help them realize their dreams? Go through the passage as quickly as possible and try to find answers to the three questions in part A :  Go through the passage as quickly as possible and try to find answers to the three questions in part A 1 A businesswoman and a Goodwill Ambassador. 2 191 countries. 3 Countries in Africa. Slide6:  Read the speech a second time and complete Parts C1 and C2 Slide7:  1 1 An international group made up of countries that want to increase peace. 2 Honoured and happy. 3 They come from different countries that belong to the UN. 4 She mainly visits countries where the UN has programmes to help people. 5 Baskets. They sell them at the market. 6 Lack of education, lack of money, lack of food, poverty, disasters and disease. 7 Access to fresh drinking water for everyone and primary education for all children. 1 F 2 F 3 T 4 F 5 T 6 T Slide8:  Listen to the tape and choose the best answers to the following questions: Slide9:  What occupation does Tang Ning take up in the UN? A. The Secretary-General. B. A Goodwill Ambassador. C. The spoken man. D. A clerk. Slide10:  How much money does she earn by doing the job? A. She earns a lot. B. She volunteers. She gets no salary for the job. C. She earns some, though not much. D. It isn’t mentioned in the article. Slide11:  What project or projects has she been involved in? A. She helps develop the world’s education. B. She helps deal with such problems as poverty and disasters. C. She visits countries where the UN has programmes to help people. D. She visits the poorest areas in the world. Slide12:  After the Second World War in October 1945 (originally) 51 countries (recently) 191 countries Helps end some of the world’s most horrible conflicts; assists the victims of wars and disasters; protects human rights; improves international laws; helps with other problems such as lack of education, lack of food, poverty, disasters and disease to keep international peace to develop friendly relationships among nations to cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights to be a center for organizing the actions or work of different nations Eight goals, one of which is to ensure that fresh drinking water is available to everyone and another is that all children complete primary education Slide13:  Fill in the blanks with proper words according to the reading material Slide14:  A: I hear that you have been chosen to be a Goodwill(1)A______________ for the United Nations. But can you say something about the UN? B: The UN ,having 191 members now, was actually(2)s____________up just after the World War II and it has four main purposes: to keep international peace; to develop friendly relationship among nations; to co-operate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights; and to be a centre for organizing the actions or work of different (3)n___________. A: How do you feel about being a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN? B: I’m pleased to have been so. I will visit countries where the UN operates programmes to help people. I feel very(4)h___________ to have been able to take on this role. Ambassador set nations honoured Slide15:  A: On TV, we often see soldiers with blue(5)b_________. Where do the UN soldiers come from? B: All the soldiers come from different countries(6)b_________ to the UN. Besides wars and(7)c________ the UN helps with some other problems. A: What are they? B: (8)l_______of education, lack of food, poverty, disasters and disease. And the UN is trying to meet 8 development goals by 2015, for example: available (9)f_________ drinking water and complete primary education for all children. A: How can I know more about the UN? B: By (10)l_________ it up on the website will you know more about it. berets belonging conflicts lack fresh looking Slide17:  I am pleased to have this chance today to talk to you about the United Nations or the UN, as it is more often referred to.(P50) As I said in my last letter, I’m taking the exam in July. David, as you know, is a photographer. Slide18:  (06天津) The Beatles, ________many of you are old enough to remember, came from Liverpool. A. what B. that C. how D. as Slide19:  refer to sb/sth A)to talk or write about someone or something, especially briefly: 涉及,提到 In her autobiography she occasionally refers to her unhappy schooldays. He always refers to the house as his "refuge". The new salary scale only refers to company managers and directors. B)refer sb to sth phrasal verb to direct someone or something to a different place or person for information, help or action, often to a person or group with more knowledge or power:托付,交付 My doctor referred me to a hospital specialist. The High Court has referred the case to the Court of Appeal. Slide20:  C)refer (sb) to sth phrasal verb to look at, or tell someone else to look at, a book or similar record in order to find information and help:参考 She spoke for an hour without once referring to her notes. He referred to a history book to find out the dates of the French Revolution. The reader is constantly referred back to the introduction. Slide21:  1.(06 天津) Most of us know we should cut down on fat, but knowing such things isn’t much help when it______ shopping and eating. A. refers to B. speaks of C. focuses on D. comes to 2. (05浙江) The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without ________his notes. A. bringing up B. referring to C. looking for D. trying on Slide22:  honor   A). n. [U] a quality that combines respect, pride and honesty:荣誉,荣耀 a man of honour We fought for the honour of our country. in honour of sb/sth in order to celebrate or show great respect for someone or something:为了纪念……;为了表示对……的敬意 a banquet in honour of the president [C] a reward, prize or title that publicly expresses admiration or respect:荣耀的人或事; 荣幸 She received an honour for her services to the community. He was buried with full military honours (= with a special celebration to show respect). It’s a great honour to be invited. [sing] a person or thing that brings credit to sth/sb 给某物(人)添光的人或事物 an honour to sth/sb Slide23:  v. 1)to show great respect for someone or something, especially in public:尊敬,给予荣幸 He was honoured for his bravery. We are honoured (= proud and happy) to have you here tonight. 2)to give someone public praise or a reward: 给某人以荣誉 He was honoured with a knighthood. honourable adj. honest and fair, or deserving praise and respect: 光荣的,荣耀的,应享受荣誉的 an honourable person honourably adv. They acted honourably and returned the wallet. Slide24:  involve v. to cause to become connected 牵连,牵涉 The serious incident involved a group of youths. 2) to make sb. take part in sth. 参加,加入 Parents should involve themselves in their children’s education. involve sb. in 把某人牵涉到某事里 be involved in 涉及 Slide25:  awareness n. [U] 意识,认识 Public awareness of the problem will make politicians take it seriously. Environmental awareness has increased dramatically over the past decade. aware adj. [after verb] 意识到 knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing: [+ that] I wasn't even aware that he was ill. Were you aware of the risks at the time? She was well (= very) aware that he was married. "Has Claude paid the phone bill?" "Not as far as I'm aware." (= I don't think so) I suddenly became aware of (= started to notice) him looking at me. Slide26:  on behalf of (P53) representing; instead of: 代表,代替 On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank you for all your work. Unfortunately, George cannot be with us today so I am pleased to accept this award on his behalf. Please don't leave on my behalf (= because of me). Slide27:  Parts A1 and A2 on page124 in Workbook.

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