Unit & Pump Line Overview

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Information about Unit & Pump Line Overview

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: Suzanne_Powell

Source: authorstream.com

Your“One Source” Solution : Your“One Source” Solution Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems Water Jetting Solutions : Water Jetting Solutions Manufacturing Facility Applications Unit & Pump Nomenclature Pumps Units Specialty Units Engineered Accessories Manufacturing Facility : Manufacturing Facility Machine Shop : Machine Shop 24/7 Customer Service : 24/7 Customer Service Testing Center : Testing Center Full Load Testing Applications : Applications Airport 10,000-36,000 PSI Grease, rubber & hydraulic fluids on runways; expansion joints. Aluminum Plants 10,000-36,000 PSI Hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, tanks, sumps, sewers & piping. Automotive 8,000-36,000 PSI Paint & solder from booth, conveyors, machinery & grating. Cement Plants 3,000-10,000 PSI Hopper cars, bins, conveyors, floors, walls, rotary line, cooler hearths & preheater columns. Dirt, grease & product accumulations on floors, grates, walls, external piping, hopper cars, handling equipment & bins. Concrete Demolition 18,000-36,000 PSI Milling & rebar exposure. Construction 3,000-36,000 PSI Concrete, tar, asphalt, mortar, dirt grease, mastic on vehicles, mix trucks & machinery. Asphalt distributors, pavers, mixers & tar cookers. Latents for dams, lifts, canals & runways prior to pours (cleaning rebar). Exposing aggregate (retarded). Exposing aggregate (unretarded); concrete cutting. Slide 8: Mining 7,000-10,000 PSI Clogged plant machinery due to rock dust, coal, mud or oil. Premaintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines & shafts; aid in recovery of ore; hydraulic cutting. Military/Aerospace 5,000-20,000 PSI Rocket engine & projectile propellant removal. Refineries 3,000-20,000 PSI Coke, water scale, hard carbon & polymers in heat exchanger, pipe tanks & reactors. Paraffin, wax, grease & crude residues. Rubber 10,000-20,000 PSI Latex, chemigum, SBR & water scale in reactors, storage tanks, conveyors, heat processing exchangers, pipe, tubing & facilities. Steel Mills 10,000-20,000 PSI Coke, water scale, ore or lime in heat exchangers, boilers, flues, open hearths, furnaces; chutes & hoppers; extrusion & billet descaling. Surface Preparation 20,000-40,000 PSI Salts, rust, paint, refractory buildup, concrete & marine growth to “white metal” surface. Slide 9: Pulp & Paper 5,000-20,000 PSI Liquor, evaporator; drain lines. Wood pulp, oil, grease, pitch dirt from tubes, press sections of machines, suction rolls, heat exchangers, stock chests & lines. Chemical Processing 6,000-36,000 PSI Boiler tubes, heat exchangers, tanks, pipes, vessels, valves, evaporators, reactors. Hwy. Maintenance 5,000-20,000 PSI Expansion joints; paint stripes. Mud, grease, vegetation, tar, cement or asphalt on vehicles & mach. Stains, tar & mastics on concrete bridges & overpasses; graffiti. Unstop culverts on bridges & clean up overspills. Marine 10,000-36,000 PSI Barnacles, & marine growth, loose paint & rust on ship’s hulls, platforms, docks. Ballast & storage tanks & boilers, tube cleaning. Underwater cleaning of pipe & drilling platforms. Metal Working 10,000-36,000 Mill scale, tight rust & weld slag from new vessels, pipe & mixers. Cathode & anode cleaning (molten metals) Slide 10: Oilfield 3,000-20,000 PSI Drilling mud & cement from drill pipe. Paraffin & crude residues on platforms & storage tanks. Petrochemical Processing 5,000-36,000 PSI PVC, PVA, iron oxide, calcium carbonate & sulphate, chlorides, hard polymers, coke, hard carbon on heat exchanger & reboilers. Soft polymers carbon, algae, scum & asbestos in heat exchangers, reboilers, reactors, tanks, cooling towers & facilities. Pharmaceutical 7,000-10,000 PSI Chemicals (liquid or solid) from kettles, pipes, tubes, mixers, heat exchangers, reactors, filters & evaporators. Pipeyard 10,000-36,000 PSI Rust & varnish prior to recoal; dope & oil from pipe threads for inspection; drilling mud & debris (internal). Power Plants 10,000-20,000 Nuclear: decontamination of fuel capsules, hand tools and equip.; scale removal from boiler tubes; Coal: fired flyash from preheater tubes, boiler or condenser tubes & turbines. Slide 11: Pump Nomenclature Slide 12: Series & Unit Nomenclature T-300 100 HP : T-300 100 HP T-300M T-300H T-300UH Slide 15: T-300M Slide 16: T-300H Slide 17: T-300UH THE-500250 HP : THE-500250 HP THE-500UH Slide 19: THE-500UH TY-375300 HP : TY-375300 HP TY-375S TY-375H TY-375UH Slide 21: TY-375S Slide 22: TY-375H Slide 23: TY-375UH TX-375 300 HP : TX-375 300 HP TX-375UH Slide 25: TX-375UH TF-450330 HP : TF-450330 HP TF-450SB TF-450HC Slide 27: TF-450SB Slide 28: TF-450HC Slide 29: TX-450450 HP TX-450HC TX-450SB Slide 30: TX-450SB Slide 31: TX-450HC QF-450600 HP : QF-450600 HP Pressures to20,000 PSIFlows to 200 GPM QF-450HC QF-450SB Slide 34: QF-450SB Slide 35: QF-450HC TG-600600 HP : TG-600600 HP Pressures to20,000 PSIFlows to 200 GPM TG-600S TG-600H Slide 37: TG-600S Slide 38: TG-600H TGX-600750 HP : TGX-600750 HP Pressures to20,000 PSIFlows to 274 GPM TGX-600SB TGX-600HB Slide 40: TGX-600SB Slide 41: TGX-600HB Affordable High Pressure Water Jetting : Affordable High Pressure Water Jetting 8,000-20,000 PSITo 100 HP18.4-6.5 GPM 100 Series Ultra High Pressure For Ultra Productivity : Ultra High Pressure For Ultra Productivity 250 Series 40,000-50,000 PSI200 HPFlows to 9 GPM Single & Multi-Speed Affordable High Pressure Water Jetting : Affordable High Pressure Water Jetting 300 Series 4,000-36,000 PSITo 300 HP6-60 GPM Versatile High Pressure Water Jetting : Versatile High Pressure Water Jetting 330 Series 4,000-20,000 PSI330 HP9.6 - 120 GPM CEDA’s #7488 Versatile High Pressure Water Jetting : Versatile High Pressure Water Jetting 450 Series 7,000-25,000 PSI450-475 HPFlows from28-116 GPM High Pressure, High Flow Water Jetting : High Pressure, High Flow Water Jetting 550 Series 5,000-25,000 PSI550 HP,Flows 35 - 200 GPM High Horsepower Convertible Pumping Units : High Horsepower Convertible Pumping Units 600 Series 2,400-20,000 PSI600 HPFlows to 366 GPM High Horsepower, High Flow Industrial Water Jetting : High Horsepower, High Flow Industrial Water Jetting 750 Series 4,300-20,000 PSI750 HPFlows 51 - 274 GPM CEDA’s #6568 Specialty Units : Specialty Units Runway Cleaner Specialty Units : Specialty Units Diesel Tandem Unit Specialty Units : Specialty Units Electric Tandem Unit Specialty Units : Specialty Units Hot Water Unit Specialty Units : Specialty Units 620DS Galvanized Offshore Jetting Unit Specialty Units : Specialty Units 10-40 KPSI Hydrostatic Pipe Testing Units Engineered Solutions : Engineered Solutions Shellside Cleaners Rotary Line Cleaners Wet Abrasive Cutting Tracks Hydro Mowers Single Lance Tube Cleaners Air Preheater Cleaners UHP Surface Prep Tools Control Guns Shellside Cleaners : Shellside Cleaners Trailer Mounted with Articulated Arm and Track Mounted CEDA’s Air-Conditioned Enclosed OperatorConsole Rotary Line Cleaners : Rotary Line Cleaners Pressures to 40,000 PSI 20K RLC 10K RLC Wet Abrasive Cutting : Wet Abrasive Cutting Hydro Mowers : Hydro Mowers Various sizes available Pressures to 40,000 PSI 40K DBUH 15K FCSV Single Lance Tube Cleaners : Single Lance Tube Cleaners Air Preheater Cleaners : Air Preheater Cleaners 10-50K Control Guns : 10-50K Control Guns Recent Demonstration for Customers Before After UHP Surface Prep Tools : UHP Surface Prep Tools Vulcan Stripper Aqua-Prep Dump Style Control Guns : Dump Style Control Guns Models Available: l 10/15K l 20K l 40K Double Dump Dry Shut Control Guns : Dry Shut Control Guns Models Available: l 10/15K l 20K Dry Shut Hand Guns Dry Shut Foot Guns Zero Thrust Control Guns : Zero Thrust Control Guns Models Available: 10/15K 20K 40K 10-40K Foot Guns : 10-40K Foot Guns 10-20K Dry Shut 10-40K Dump Style Super High Flow Dump Style 10-40K Air-Assisted New Products! : New Products! Planetary Gear Reducer Lube System Pressure-Trol Valve High-Flow Dump System Planetary Gear Reducer : Planetary Gear Reducer Allows for more compact High-HP units Shares Oil With Power Frame Rated for 300 thru 600 HP 12 Ratios Available Eliminates Belts & Sheaves Lube System : Lube System Maintains constant oil pressure to crankshaft journals & bearings No pressure drops when idling or shifting gears Reliable, simple Pressure-Trol Valve : Pressure-Trol Valve Increases production with simple to operate system. Pump and motor start/stop eliminated. Built for continuous operation. Requires only ONE operator. 60-second field overhaul. Only 4 connections: 9/16" MP inlet, 1/2" NPT dump, 1/2" NPT back to the pump, and 9/16" MP outlet (Adapters available for NPT connections). High-Flow Pilot Dump : High-Flow Pilot Dump

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