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Published on January 28, 2016

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1. UNIT CHECKS: Genetics

2. 2 1. System of classification in which organisms are grouped based on physical characteristics in gradual degrees of specificity 2. Definition: to group or categorize organisms 3. System of classification based on genetic relatedness of species 4. Organism with cells containing a nucleus & organelles 5. Organism that has no nucleus or organelles 6. Two-name naming system introduced by Linneus 7-9. Name the 3 Domains of life 10. Why were two of these domains separated in the 1990’s? Genetics UNIT CHECK 1 a. Eukaryote b. Ranking c. Phylogenetic (cladistics) d. taxonomy e. Prokaryote f. Binomial nomenclature

3. 3 1. Gene sequence of a species; found in every member 2. specific pieces of DNA 3. nature selects for the strongest in a population to survive 4. humans choose which organisms to mate for our purposes 5. humans combine pieces of DNA to manipulate offspring Genetics UNIT CHECK 2 a. natural selection b. gene c. species genome d. selective breeding e. genetic engineering a. insertion b. deletion c. duplication d. translocation 7. THE OLD REC AT 8. THE OLD DRE DCAT 9. THE BIG OLD RED CAT 10. THE OLD CAT RED Which mutation is being shown? THE OLD RED CAT Writethisonyourpaper.

4. 4 1. Doubling a genome; giving rise to organisms with multiple sets of chromosomes 2. humans manipulate genes to create desired characteristics in an organism 3. Management of biological systems for the benefit of humanity 4. having one or more genes that mask the effect of the dominant gene 5. genetically modified organism 6. fighting pollution using microorganisms’ metabolism Explain how we use biotechnology to benefit humans using: 7. bacteria 8. plants 9. animals Genetics UNIT CHECK 3 a. biotechnology b. GMO c. genetic engineering d. polyploidy e. epistasis f. bioremediation

5. 5 1. Evaluates whether the gm plant is safe to eat 2. Type of genetic manipulation that produces an exact genetic copy of an organism 3. cells that are part of the embryo during early development- before they become body cells 4. Evaluates whether the gm plant is safe to grow 5. Evaluates whether the gm plant is environmentally safe 6. growing of an organ using genetic engineering in a lab 7-8 Give 2 benefits of using genetic engineering. 9-10 Give 2 reasons not to use genetic engineering. Genetics UNIT CHECK 4 a. EPA b. USDA c. FDA d. cloning e. stem cells f. organ regeneration

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