Unit 9: Photography Techniques Task1, 2 and 3

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Information about Unit 9: Photography Techniques Task1, 2 and 3

Published on September 18, 2014

Author: MattLumley

Source: slideshare.net


Task 1: Find examples of the following photography by topic (one image per topic)
Task 2: Using the following websites below, find 5 images that have an impact on you.
Task 3: The Photographer – choose one of your images from Task 2 and find out more about that photographer.

This photo is a aerial landscape, it creates a atmosphere on how hugely vast the world is and how beautiful it can be without life and humans taking it over. The photo is a long shot of a large amount of land. Becky Harlan.

- Landscape - Longshot This photo is a calming peaceful photo showing a glacier of ice and a distant view of the Icelandic ocean. The shot is representing peace and how calm life can be it’s vast blue openness and how beautiful Iceland is. Photo: Frozen Photograph by Felix Inden, National Geographic

- Landscape/Abstract Photo: Blowing in the Wind Photograph by Marc Ressang This photo shows all of the prayers people have written on their cards where they have then gone up the hill to throw them away with each other, “Before the races started, the visitors went up a sacred hilltop to throw their prayers in the air. Paper prayers flutter on the wind near the village of Maniganggo in China’s Sichuan Province

-Landscape Photo-Autumn Portrait Photograph by Regina This photo is representing beauty and it shows a Autumn forest surrounded by a golden glow of the sun spreading around the area. In the northern European country of Lithuania. Bordering the eastern Baltic Sea this photo was taken and it shows how photogenic just a simple morning forest can be and how your mind can be lost in the view.

Photo- Portrait, Close-up, Thailand Photograph by Drussawin Leepaisla This girls eyes can be found to show a image of pain and fear, her eyes are very interesting as they sparkle in the light and seem to reflect whatever is in the background, her coat covering most her face is a good effect to use the blurry ness of it to create more focus on her face and mainly her eyes which are very pretty.

Felix Inden, Cologne, Germany, National Geographic, His website: http://www.felixinden.smugmug.com/ His birthday: Unknown Workplace: The world; he travels and takes photos from where he is and then publishes them to his website and National Geographic. He does all kinds of photos such as; Landscapes, monochromes and cityscapes.

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