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Published on February 25, 2009

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Unit 8.3 Review : Unit 8.3 Review New Imperialism Slide 2: What was it called when Europeans did not acquire territory and have complete political control over people in Asia and Africa, BUT built a series of trading posts? Slide 3: Old Imperialism Slide 4: What is it called when the Europeans go into Asia and Africa and take complete political control? Slide 5: New Imperialism Slide 6: What were the causes of imperialism? Slide 7: Economic – search for new markets and raw materials Religious – Missionary Work/spread Christianity Political/military – Build naval/military bases to protect interests around the world Cultural – nationalism/Social Darwinism Slide 8: What is the racist idea that Europeans bought into that said they had a duty to lift the people of the world up to civilization? Slide 9: White Man’s Burden Slide 10: What racist, patronizing poem did Rudyard Kipling write? Slide 11: White Man’s Burden Slide 12: By 1914, all of Africa was taken over by Europeans except for what two places? Slide 13: Liberia Ethiopia Slide 14: What product did King Leopold II exploit the Congo for? Slide 15: rubber Slide 16: Which European country took over Egypt in 1883? Slide 17: Great Britain Slide 18: What event established the rules for conquest of Africa? Slide 19: Berlin Conference Slide 20: What was the basic idea/principle of the Berlin Conference? Slide 21: Effective Occupation You could have the land if you could grab it/possess it Slide 22: What country did the British take over, south of Egypt? Slide 23: Sudan Slide 24: How many Sudanese were killed in the Battle of Omdurman? Slide 25: 11,000 Slide 26: Who was the Prime Minister of South Africa? Slide 27: Cecil Rhodes Slide 28: What was Cecil Rhodes and Great Britain’s dream? Slide 29: That Britain would dominate Africa from the Cape to Cairo Slide 30: What did Kaiser Wilhelm send the Boers when they defeated a British army in the Boer War? Slide 31: Kruger Telegram Slide 32: Who ruled the Chinese when the Europeans were starting to exert their influence? Slide 33: Qing Dynasty Manchus Slide 34: Why did the Opium Wars start? Slide 35: The Chinese were trying to stop the British from selling opium to the Chinese Slide 36: What is another name for the Opium Wars? Slide 37: Sino-British War Slide 38: What did Japan get as a result of the Sino-Japanese War? Slide 39: Taiwan Slide 40: What did China’s loss in the Sino-Japanese war show? Slide 41: That China was weak and open to further control by outsiders Slide 42: What was the “jewel in the crown” of the British Empire? Slide 43: India Slide 44: What British group led the colonization of India? Slide 45: British East India Company Slide 46: What event led to the British taking complete control of India? Slide 47: Sepoy Mutiny Slide 48: Which group of people had the most opportunity under British colonial rule in India? Slide 49: Educated, high caste Hindus Slide 50: What did the US get in the Spanish-American War? Slide 51: Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico Slide 52: What was the nationalist uprising in China (1900) against foreigners called? Slide 53: Boxer Rebellion Slide 54: Who led a Chinese nationalist movement to overthrow the dynasty in power and create a REPUBLIC? Slide 55: Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Slide 56: Why did Japan open up to trade with westerners in 1853? Slide 57: The US/Commodore Perry forced Japan at the point of the gun to trade. Slide 58: Who was the only major Asian power to not be taken over by Europeans? Slide 59: Japan Slide 60: Who was a major Asian power who started to imperialize like the Europeans? Slide 61: Japan Slide 62: What did the Meiji Restoration do for Japan? Slide 63: Create a European style military Accept western ideas/technology Create a free/competitive economy Hire western technology experts Slide 64: Which country annexed Korea in 1910? Slide 65: Japan Slide 66: What does annex mean? Slide 67: To take over and attach to yourself Slide 68: Why did most Asian and Africans accept European colonial rule after a quick fight? Slide 69: They were used to being ruled by a small elite. Slide 70: Why was J.A. Hobson against imperialism? Slide 71: Doesn’t believe it pays off in the end Diverts attention from problems at home Imperialism benefits only a small group of people

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