Unit 2a: Socio-ecological systems (PGDD512)

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Published on February 20, 2014

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Unit 2a class power point slides

Socio-ecological systems (SES) and exposure (SES) and exposure Unit 2: PGDD512

Recap • What is vulnerability? • What is resilience? • Where/how do they converge?

Recap • Vulnerability and resilience as: • Theories/concepts (what is this?) • Methodologies (how do we measure these?) • Real world practices (how do we apply?)

What is SES? • In groups of 2. • Discuss what you think a SES is and give an example.

SES • Complex system of various interactions/components which are selfreflective. • Resilient and adaptable. • Use of eco-system services for sustainability.

Components of SES • Humans • Ecosystems • Biodiversity • Habitats • Social structures, interactions, cultures, traditions. • Eco-systems services • Sustainability?

Does it then make sense to have an ecosystems-based approach to disaster risk reduction?

Main areas of interaction • Ecosystems management • Development planning • Disaster risk management • Climate change adaptation

From:Sudmeier-Rieux, K. & Ash, N. 2009. Environmental Guidance Note for Disaster Risk Reduction : Healthy Ecosystems for Human Security. IUCN: Gland.

Missing component Exposure!

Journal entry In your own words…How can a better understanding of SES enhance disaster risk reduction/climate change adaptation?

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