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Published on April 7, 2008

Author: Baverly_gal

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Unit 25 At the conference :  Unit 25 At the conference                                              Lesson 97   【目标与要求】 一、交际用语 1)OK,I’ll do that. 2)I can’t get through. 3)—Hello.Capital Buses. —Hello.Could I speak to Pat,please? 4)Hold on please. 5)Can I take a message? 6)Yes.This is Mary speaking. 7)Can I ask her to ring back please? 8)Perhaps not. 9)I’ll aks her to call you. Slide2:  二、单词和词组 1)organize                                         2)medical 3)conference                                    4)send out 5)ring up                                          6)the bus company 7)get through                                    8)hold on 9)right now 10)take a message for sb. 11)ring sb.back                              12)call sb. 13)ask for sb.                                14)offer to do sth. 三、句型 It must be a“D”. 【讲解设计】 一、交际用语 本单元的话题是如何打电话,所以交际用语都是围绕这一话题的。电话用语一般分为以下几点: 1.开头 Hello.Who’s that speaking? Hello.Is that Mary speaking? Hello.Could/Can I speak to Mr Smith? Hello.Is Bob in? Slide3:  2.应答 Hello.This is Peter speaking. Yes.This is Mary speaking. Yes.Mary speaking. Sorry.Mr Smith is having a meeting now. Sorry.Bob is not at home now. 3.捎信 Can/Could I take a message for Jack? 4.接通 Sorry,I simply can’t get through to the bus company. 5.等待 Hold on please. 二、单词和词组 1.organize 该动词的意思是“组织”,是及物动词。例如: Which country is to organize the Olympic Games this time? We are going to organize an outing this weekend. 派生词: organizer组织者 organization组织 China is now trying to join the World Treaty Organization.中国正在努力加入世界贸易组织。 Slide4:  2.medical medical是medicine的形容词形式,意思是“医疗的”或“医药的”。例如: A medical team was sent to Africa to study the disease. We are going to have a medical examination next week. 试比较: Take this medicine three times a day. 3.get through get through的意思是“接通”、“完成”等,如果接通某人,接介词to。例如: Have you got through your homework? I tried to get through to Alice,but I failed. 4.hold on hold on是电话用语中的“等一会儿”,平时所说的“等一会儿”要说: Wait a minute please. 注意与其他词组的词义辨析: hold out坚持,伸出 hold back挡住,忍住 hold up支撑,举起 5.right now 注意right now不等于just now,前者是“就在现在”或“眼下”,而 后 者是“刚才”,注意与它们连用的时态不一样,试比较: What did you do just now? Right now he is busy with an experiment. Slide5:  6.ring back ring back相当于answer one’s phone call或call sb.back,意思是“回电”,例如: Would you please ring me back later? 三、句型 It must be a“D”. must,can’t,may/might,can等情态动词可以用于猜测。例如: It must be Mr.Wu.那肯定是吴先生。 Can it be Mr.Wu?那可能是吴先生吗? It can’t be Mr.Wu.那不可能是吴先生。 It may/might be Mr.Wu.那可能是/或许是吴先生。 【练习设计】 一、根据首字母添缺词 Mary and Lizzy are o____a large medical c____.They have to s____out a lot of invitations.Lizzy asks Mary to r____up the bus c____because they have to meet people at the station at 6 p.m.on the 26th.But Mary hasn’t got t____because the line is busy. 二、根据所给汉语完成句子 1.Yesterday we____(发出许多邀请信). 2.He is in the chemistry lab doing experiment____(现在). 3.Could you please____(捎个信)for Micheal? 4.Hubert____(主动提出打电话给)the bus company. Slide6:                                             Lessons 98&99   【目标与要求】 一、单词和词组 1)an invitation to a medical conference 2)diary 3)attend a meeting 4)be a bit surprised 5)reply to 6)accept/receive 7)the main conference room 8)the organizer of the conference 9)give a talk on/about 10)world-famous 11)serious 12)an expert on a subject 13)Introduction to DNA 14)make a careless mistake 15)stand for 16)do research in ENT 17)instead 18)promise Slide7:  二、句型 1)Dr.Baker replied to the invitation,accepting it. 2)I didn’t know you were coming. 3)Ladies and gentlemen,may I have your attention,please? 4)So she will be unable to give her talk today. 5)However,we are lucky to have an other world-famous expert here at the conference. 6)…will he make himself known to me? 7)I suppose you could give a talk instead. 8)I promise I’ll be there. 三、语法 表示猜测或判断的情态动词。 【讲解设计】 一、篇章结构 1.中心思想 Dr.David Baker was invited to a medical conference held in Beijing,which made him very surprised as he had seldom been invited to such a conference before.He accepted the invitation and attended the conference a few months later.It turned out to be a careless mistake about names.But Dr.David Baker was invited to give a talk,which was a great success. Slide8:  2.段落大意 The two text can be divided into two parts. Para 1(Para. 1)Dr.David Baker received the invitation. Para 2(Para.2—19)Dr.David attended the conference and found out the mistake of the names.Dr.David Baker was invited to give a successful speech at the conference. 二、单词和词组 1.invitation invitation是动词invite的派生词,后接介词to。例如: Are you going to accept the invitation to her party? 2.diary diary的意思是“日记”或“日志”,本课中是“日程表”的意思。又如: I hope you can keep a diary,and if possible,in English. 3.reply to v.& n. 无论是用做动词还是名词,其后接宾语时都接介词to。例如: He didn’t make a reply to my call. He has formed the habit of replying letters immediately. 4.accept accept与receive意思不同,前者表示“主动接受”,后者表示“被动收到”,试比较: I received several invitations for this weekend,but I haven’t decided whether to accept them or not. Slide9:  5.give a talk on/about 注意该词组中的介词与下列词组中的介词相似,都表示“有关”的意思: write a report on/about give advice on   write an article/a book on/about 6.an expert on expert既是名词,也是形容词,用做名词时接介词on,而用做形容词时接介词at/in。例如: I hope to become an expert on teaching children. He is expert at designing bridges. 7.stand for stand for意思是“代表”,在本册书中曾经出现过。又如: —What does the UN stand for? —The UN stands for the United Nations. 8.do research in/into/on sth. 该词组在上单元中曾经出现过,注意介词的使用。 We’re doing research on the birds. Slide10:  三、句型 1.I didn’t know you were coming. 此句的意思是“我原先不知道你会来”,言下之意是“现在我知道了”,高一(上)的英语课本中曾经出现过类似的结构: I thought you would not come back until tomorrow. We were planning to go skating,but gave up the plan because of the rain. 2.Ladies and gentlemen,may I have your attention,please? 这是口头通知的开头用语,也可以说: Ladies and gentlemen,attention,please. Attention!Attention!Please. 3.So she still be unable to give her talk today. 注意比较下面able/unable相似的句型结构: The little girl was unable to listen and hear after the illness. We were able to land safely a few hours later. 4.However,we are lucky to have another world-famous expert here at the conference. 这种句型用于会议开头介绍客人或演讲者。还可以说: We are lucky enough to have invited Professor Blare to speak here today. We are greatly honoured to have Dr.Robert speaking here today. Slide11:  5.…will he make himself known to me? 注意:make oneself known/heard/ understood和make sb.do sth.结构语义不同,前者表示“使某人自己被”,而后者表示“使别人”。试比较: The speaker raised his voice to make himself heard. The teacher was trying hard to make his students understand. 注意在make后面不要用动词的-ing形式做宾语补足语。 6.I suppose you could give a talk instead. 这里提醒注意情态动词can/could的用法,could表示谦虚和委婉can更为直率,在回答时要用can。例如: —Could/Can you take a message for me? —Of course,I can. 7.I promise I’ll be there. promise既是动词,也是名词。例如: I promise I won’t be late with my homework again. Dad promised to buy a model plane for me. He made a promise not to do that again. Slide12:  【练习设计】·基础练习 一、根据句子意思和所给汉语写出单词 1.I received an_____(邀请信)to a wedding(婚礼)this weekend. 2.I’m going to study at a_____(医学的)college in Los Angeles. 3.—Do you keep a_____(日记)? —Yes,I have been doing it since I was a middle school student. 4.—Have you_____(回复)to your father’s letter? 5.The United Nations is going to hold a_____(会议)in New York next month. 6.“You must be joking!”means“You can’t be_____(严肃的).” 7.Who will be the_____(组织者)of this sports meeting? 8.I_____(收到)a postcard from my father,who is now working in Japan. 9.“Dr.D.Baker”was_____(写)on the envelope. 10.I_____(设想)you could have a talk with your mother about the matter. 二、单项选择 1.I tried to_____to ATM company but I failed. A.get up                                      B.get through C.get away                                  D.get off Slide13:  2.It_____be Meimei.She has gone to Shanghai. A.must                                        B.may C.might                                       D.can’t 3.—Have you_____? —Not yet. A.rang up him                              B.rang him up C.rung up him                             D.rung him up 4.We are lucky enough to have invited    Doctor        Brown,who is an expert_____DNA. A.at                                            B.on C.in                                            D.of 5.This book is only a general introduction_____computer. A.to                                            B.at C.in                                            D.as 6.—Have you_____their answer to your letter? —Yes.And they invited to go and spend the weekend with them,but possibly I cannot for I will be busy this weekend. A.received;accept                      B.accepted;receive C.received;receive                     D.accepted;accept Slide14:  7.I tried my best to make the students_____my explanations,but I didn’t manage to. A.understanding                           B.understood C.understand                               D.to understand 8.Would you please have these invitations_____right away? A.send out                                   B.sent out C.to send out                               D.sending out 9.—Are you going to Sydney to_____the Olympic Games? —No,I haven’t got rid of my pain in the legs. A.attend                                      B.take part in C.join at                                      D.play 10.—Could you help me remove the weeds? —Of course,I_____. A.can                                          B.could C.may                                         D.might 三、句型转换 1.Perhaps Mary is at the library. Mary_____ _____at the library. 2.Just hold the line a minute.I’ll call him. _____ _____,please.I’ll call him. 3.I promise that I will pay back the money on time. I promise_____ _____ _____the money on time. Slide15:  4.Engels wrote a letter to Marx,and praised him for his progress. Engels wrote Marx a letter,_____him for his progress. 5.Ladies and gentlemen,would you please pay attention to me? Ladies and gentlemen,_____I_____your_____,please? 【练习设计】·拓展练习 四、完形填空 Just think how much sea is there in the world!The sea   1   more than 75 percent of the earth.What a waste of space,you may say,since the world is so  2   !It is wrong to talk about the empty  3   of the sea.The sea is not empty at all.  4   ,it is full of life,not only animal life,but also  5   life as well.In fact there is almost as   6   plant life in the sea as there is on  7   . In 1952 a brave Frenchman  8   Alan Bombard crossed the Atlantic in a small open rubber  9   .He took with him some food in  10   ,but he made up his mind not to open these tins.Forhe wanted to prove(证明)that there is enough  11   in the middle of the sea to keep a man  12   for months.It took Bombard three months to cross the Atlantic.He often felt very  13   and there were times when he thought he was going to die.He nearly went mad.But he did not  14   any of the tins.For 65 days he lived  15   from the sea.He caught fish and ate them raw(生的).He also gathered plants. Slide16:  1.A.covers                                        B.lives C.produces                                  D.makes 2.A.lonely                                         B.crowded C.funny                                      D.exciting 3.A.land                                            B.sky C.space                                       D.air 4.A.Instead                                       B.So C.                                               Besides        D.Except 5.A.animal                                        B.plant C.human                                     D.strange 6.A.little                                            B.few C.much                                       D.many 7.A.sea                                             B.roof C.land                                         D.wood 8.A.invited                                        B.asked C.called                                       D.replied 9.A.boat                                           B.bus C.car                                          D.train 10.A.boxes                                       B.tins C.bottles                                     D.cups Slide17:  11.A.food                                         B.enemy C.friend                                      D.water 12.A.dead                                         B.abroad C.asleep                                      D.alive 13.A.ill                                             B.comfortable C.excited                                     D.expert 14.A.close                                        B.shut C.open                                        D.turn on 15.A.completely                                B.partly C.unluckily                                  D.unable   025                                               Lesson 100   【目标与要求】 一、听力 1)注意听懂大意,并能够记录; 2)注意听力材料中的弱读音,如介词等。 二、语法操练 继续巩固用于猜测与判断的情态动词。 三、写作 根据材料写文章大意。 Slide18:  【练习设计】 一、听短文,填缺词 Japan is a country   1   islands in eastern Asia.People call it“   2   Land of the rising Sun”.It is   3   country with beautiful mountains,small farms,factories   4   coal mines.The great modern cities   5   Tokyo,Yokohama and Osaka are   6   the coast.Millions of people live and work in   7   cities.They work in shops,offices and in factories.They go to work in   8   and on buses.The Japanese are clever people and they   9   good workers.In   10   factories,they make cameras,radios,cars and motor cycles Their businessmen sell these goods to other countries. 二、用can,can’t,must,may/might填空 1.____it be Paul who stole the money? 2.—Look!Our English teacher is coming! —No,it____be him.He has gone to Beijing to attend a meeting. 3.The lights in her room are out.She____have gone to sleep. 4.—Where is the headmaster? —He____be having a meeting somewhere,I’m not sure. 三、根据下列提纲写一篇短文(80~100词) 1)TV sets are popular in most parts of China. 2)TV offers many kinds of programs to people of different ages. 3)Watching TV for too long a time is bad for our health.

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