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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: thomasrayner

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 In my unit 21 I would like to do photography for my personal project. The reason why I would like to explore this type of media is because I think that this suits my ability the best because I am better at doing the written work and explaining why I am doing it. I also have lots of creative ideas that I can contribute towards this topic. Looking at my spider diagram I would like to do a personal photo. The reason why is because it will be easier for me to explain why I chose that picture and why I chose the background and effects for it (for example black and white tint to make it depressing. An light yellow tint to make it happy and joyful etc.…) depending on what the photo is. INTRODUCTION

RESEARCH This is a perfect example of a family photo that explains what I want to do. It has the shading almost down to perfect from where the photo has aged over time. They also have a replica of the same costumes that the wore back in the actual picture. This has given me good ideas to wear the same clothing when I take the recreation as we wore on the actual day of the original photo. This will improve the look of the re-creational photo because it would make it more official/ more authentic therefor giving a better quality to the photo. (Anthony Selden • Nov 14, 2013 - 11:02am. http://elitedaily.com/humor/tbt-these-people- recreated-their-childhood-photos-and-the-results-are-epic/)

This is a prime example of how the recreational photos are done. The reason why is because they took the photo in the same place or they have tried to make the background looking the same as it was in the original. They have also gone through a lot of effort to try and get the same clothes so they can make it as authentic as possible. Although it isn’t hard taking the original photo, it takes a lot of time and effort to get it to a high enough standard to make it look good and something that you would be proud to hang it on the wall. because you are trying to re-create a 3 second moment from maybe 20+ years ago and some of the possessions may be accidental so it may be hard to do the same action that they are doing in that photo. This is what I am going to struggle on because it may be hard to get to the original location, getting the same family to be in it because we live in different parts of the uk and it also may be hard to get the weather the same as it is on the original photo because the weather is very unpredictable.

This is a good because it is still a re-creational photo however they have adjusted it to their age that they are now. Instead of using a bottle of milk (which babies usually drink) in the photo they have used a bottle of beer (the drink that 18-50 year olds drink).This is a clever way of recreating a photo because not is it just seeing the physical defence of the people but it is also showing the change of lifestyle that they have chosen/adopted over the years (drinking a bottle of milk to a bottle of beer). I could maybe use this in some of my photos but adjusting it my lifestyle/ the people in the photos lifestyle.

Advantages Dis-advantages This makes an emotional connection towards the person looking at it because it will remind them of when they were a child and they could reflect on there life If I don’t do it properly it could back fire very easily It would make a good gift for a family member because it makes a physical connection with them (if done right) It will take a long time to plan and organise It could be very frustrating when trying to do the little changes of their possessions

WHY MIGHT PEOPLE DO THIS? There are many different reasons why people like/want to re-create family photos. The first reason why is because it brings back good memories of family occasions which photos has seized the moment with in one photo so they can treasure it for may year to come, and maybe want to go back there. The second reason is because it might have been a historical moment in your family, it means different amounts of emotional love to one person then it does to someone else. So this could be an ideal gift marking a special occasion (eg: birthday, Christmas or anniversary of something) and the final reason why is maybe just for a laugh and it is something to pass the time.

WHY DO I WANT TO DO IT? The reason why I want to do this (a re-creation of a family photo) is because I am very interested by my family’s history and how my family and I has changed over the years. The other reason why is because it would make an ideal gift for a birthday/ Christmas because my family are very keen on photography and ceasing the moments so we can look at them for years to come.

TASK 3 I have three photos in mind that I would like to do  Photo number 1) my mums and dads wedding photo: I think that this will be a good photo to re-create because it has a lot of personal meaning behind it. Also I think that this will be appealing to other people to look at when comparing the two photos because they can see how the people in the photo has changed over the 10 year period(my mum, dad, brother sister and I). The photo was taken in 2003 outside St. Nicholas Way church in Sutton, Surrey, London. Because we can’t go there for photo so I will shoot it on our decking overseeing the fields in the background. I will need to do it on a sunny day because this will look the nicest and the sun light will make the picture seem more happy and joyful.

Father(Paul) Mather (Sheena) Siblings (Emma + John) Me Day of my parents wedding photo. Posing in the back garden! “smart and dapper”

Photo number 2) my brother sister and I with a tractor in burly: this would also be a good photo to re-create because when my mum and dad where on their honeymoon my nan and granddad took us down to Dorset for the week and stayed in a little cottage. This was the first time me my brother sister and cousins has ever been out of London. During our stay we visited the small town called burley situated in the county of Hampshire. My Nan insisted that we take a picture of me my brother and sister on a broken down tractor so she can show my parents. This would be ideal because it is not that far away from where we live so it won’t cause a big fuss to go and take the picture. If it is raining though it won’t be as good because in the real picture it was sunny.

Siblings (Emma + John) Me Brother, sister and I posing on the tractor in burly, during my parents honey moon. “terrible tractor trio ”

 Photo number 3) a family picture in Disney land: in 2008 my family and I all went to Disney land for 3 weeks. This was the ideal age to go because at the age of 11 you could understand what was going on how ever you could still believe in the magic that was going on around you. One of the attractions there was an authentic Hawaiian outside bar and dinner show. When we were about to walk in we had our photo taken as a family with the flowery necklace and in the background where palm trees and luscious green bush’s. this would also be a good photo to re-create because it brings back amazing memories and it looks like a fun photo to recreate .

Me Mather (Sheena) My family and I in Disney land Florida in the Hawaiian section “Spirit of aloha”

I would like to choose this photo because this is the first group photo that there is of my brother, sister, mum and I all together. This is a couple of hours after mine and my sister’s birth in 1997. I think that I will be quite fun to recreate because it will be interesting on how we are going to get in the same possessions due to the change in size that we have gotten since this photo has been taken and it will also be funny to see and compere the two pictures when they are finished.

Brother- john My sister and myself My mother “Then there was three”

I would like to recreate this photo because it has all of the typical baby equipment so it really gives a depth of how young we were. It is going to be hard to get all of the right props to use so make this photo look as legit as we can however that will be the challenge of getting and the fun of this project by trying to track down all of the stuff that we need and trying to get it looking the same as the photo. I personally think that this will be the most expensive photo to recreate however I also think that this will be the best one to do as well and also if we pull it off correctly it cold possibly look the best as well.

My sister emma me “ Double Trouble”

personnel to be used- final slip This is the slip that I will be getting people under the age of 18 that are going to be used in my photography to sign. This will take in to consideration the legal and ethical consent. I have clearly stated what I will do with the pictures and where they are going after I am done with taking them so it doesn’t cause any confusion afterwards. I have also got parental/gardian signature place because they always have legal ownership over them because they are not 18.

Proposal document http://prezi.com/ez5en33z1dlb/format/ This is the proposal document that I have made to show the following topics below… • Format • Working Title • Genre • Content • Style or Approach • Audience • Length • Legal and ethical considerations

PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Tasks to do Starting date Finish date What could I do to improve it Do task’s 1,2 and 3 January the 6th 2014 January 29th 2014 Do a more detailed research and give a more detailed opening to unit 21 Plan what I need for the photos and where I am going to do them(recce shots) January the 31th 2014 February the 7th 2014 take the 5 photos that I did my research. Remembering to adapt them to include my research to make them better. February the 10th 2014 February the 28th edit my research in lessons to get it to a better quality of level February the 10th 2014 February the 28th 2014 Annotate two more photos and show a bad example and say why and how I can avoid this in my photos Edit my photos using adobe photo shop March the 3rd 2014 March the 7th 2014 Start to plane and design how the magazine double spread will look like. March the 10th 2014 March the 21st 2014 Do a bit of research on how they look and how they are set out (format, text and colour theme) Make the final piece March the 24th 2014 March the 31st 2014 Make evaluation for unit 21 April the 2nd 2014 April the 4th 2014

OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION  Budget- I have no real fixed budget however I don’t really want to go over £50 (props: accessories- the little items that will make the photo more like the original; sim card/memory stick- I would like to buy a sim card and a memory stick so it will be more convenient to transfer the photos from computers to computers)  facilities needed- I will be taking all the photos in my free time because I will be needing family and friends with the appropriate clothing to take the pictures. I will be taking them at different areas (my house, my nans house, burley). I also have permission to say that I am allowed on the owners land (comes under legal and ethical consent)  health and safety- there are no real risks here that could take place, apart from falling over and hurting yourself that’s it really. What happens if something does happen? There will be adults looking over us and also taking part so if worse does come to worse they can easily take them to hospital by car or they can help them from past experiences  . copyright (intellectual property)- I will not have to worry about copy write issues because my family and I own them because we took the photos.

MAGAZINE ARTICLE I have asked 10 people 4 different words and I recorded what they said. Recreation Dvd cover, vintage photos, old photo frames Family photos Random photos, when they were younger Memories Remembering things Childhood Sweets, rules, school, This will help me decide a background for my magazine article (the ones that are highlighted are the words/ideas that I am interested in)

MAGAZINE ARTICLE The format of this is a single set photo covering both sides of the page. The main focus for this article is the summer time. I can tell this this because they have an exotic drink as the main focus of the picture, and the only time people drink exotic drinks are in the summer. This is a useful technique because it sets the subliminal mood to the reader making them read more in depth. I can maybe use this in my article by having a vintage photo collage faded with in the back ground.


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