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Published on April 24, 2008

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Unit 2 Promoting Activities:  Unit 2 Promoting Activities New Practical English III Section I Talking Face to Face:  Section I Talking Face to Face A: How do the customers like our new CD player? B: They like the portable design and the fashionable style, but they are not too happy about our price. A: Do you think we should bring the price down? B: well, probably yes. You see, the competition is fierce. Task: Talk about the customers’ reactions to a new color TV set. samples:  samples 1. Our mini-type washer is enjoying a high prestige at the home market. 我们生产的迷你型洗衣机在国内市场享有很高的声誉。 2. With the improvements we’ve just made, our new sports car will find a smooth way into the market. 因为我们刚刚做了改进,我们的新跑车将顺利打入市场。 Slide4:  3. We need to find the cause for the decrease of the sales and come up with a better marketing strategy. 我们首先需找到销售额下降的原因,同时,需提出一个更好的市场销售策略。 4. More and more families are buying our laptops because of the low price we offer. 因为我们的笔记本电脑价格低廉,越来越多的家庭踊跃购买。 Useful Expressions:  Useful Expressions 1. 我们生产的手提电脑在国内外都很畅销。 Our laptop computers enjoy a ready market both at home and abroad. 2. 价廉物美的商品最受人欢迎。 Competitively-priced quality products are the most desirable. Slide6:  3. 我们生产的CD机的现状不令人乐观。 The present situation of our CD players is not pleasing. 4. 我们应开发出更多类型的产品以满足消费者的需求。 We should develop more models to meet the needs of the consumers. Section III Maintaining a sharp eye:  Section III Maintaining a sharp eye Tips For Going To China’s Tradeshows Related information:  Related information The World’s Exposition (Expo): It is the biggest international exhibition showing mankind’s achievements in society, culture, science and economy. It also looks at the future of mankind. Slide9:  It is organized by the government of the country in which it is held, and its scale and impact have exceeded all other international trade exhibitions. It has been called “the Olympic Games of economic, cultural and scientific fields.” Slide10:  The first session of the World Exposition was held in London in 1851. In 2002, Shanghai won the bidding as the hosting city of 2010 Expo and thus China will be the developing country to hold this grand exhibition. Important Words:  Important Words 1. shock n. a heavy blow, a great hit 打击,震惊 Eg: He still hasn’t recovered from the shock of the car accident. It was a great shock for him when his wife died. 2. live /laiv/ a. broadcasting while being performed 活的,现场的,直播的 Eg: The foreign visitors were very much interested in the live performance of the drum dance. It is a custom for most Chinese families to watch a live television program on the Eve of the Spring Festival. Slide12:  3. partner n. a member of a business, a spouse 生意伙伴,配偶 Eg: Husband and wife are called partners for life. The American company is looking for a business partner in China. 4. observe v. follow closely, abide by 遵守,信守,遵循 Eg: Both parties are expected to observe the terms of this contract. All drivers are required to observe the speed limit. Slide13:  5. potential a. capable of being, but not yet in existence 潜在的,潜力的 Eg: It is often hard for a company to find its potential problems. Every soldier is a potential army officer. 6. literature n. a set of works on a particular subject; printed material published by a company which intended t encourage people to buy that company’s products or services 文献;广告宣传资料 Eg: All the available literature on the subject has been collected. A descriptive literature is added to every product produced by this company. Slide14:  7. fruit n. result, outcome 结果,成果 Eg:The farmers gathered together to enjoy the fruits of their labor. I do hope that your hard work will bear fruit. 8. ensure v. make sure or certain, insure 确保,保证;担保 Eg:Measures have been taken to ensure that the work can be done in the right way. This letter of introduction will ensure you an interview. Difficult Sentences:  Difficult Sentences 1. (para.2) ….I was surprised to find the exhibition hall being packed with both products and visitors. 我惊奇地发现展览会的大厅里挤满了各种各样的产品和参观者。 E.g: Lily was shocked to find her grandfather lying on the floor, dead. 现在分词分句在这儿 后置作定语,修饰the exhibition hall Slide16:  2. (para.2) For example, the Chinese filled every inch of space with products and sales people, leaving little or no room for potential customers. 例如中国参展者将每一寸空间都塞满了各种产品和销售人员,而留给潜在顾客的只有极少的空间或者说根本就没有空间。 E.g:The speaker spoke rapidly, leaving little or no time for his listeners. 现在分词分句在这儿作语, 表示伴随的状态 Slide17:  3. (para.2) If a foreign trade exhibitor didn’t have any “inside” experience, he would find it an expensive, frustrating and ultimately fruitless venture to exhibit at a Chinese tradeshow. If 引导条件状语从句,用了虚拟语气 It 是形式宾语,真正的宾语是 后面的不定式 Slide18:  如果一个外国参展者没有“身临其境”的经历,他会认为在中国贸易展销会上参展是一次即费钱又令人沮丧,而且最终毫无收获的冒险。 E.g:If you didn’t have any “inside” experience, you would find it a helpless, dangerous, desperate venture living in the Amazon jungle. Slide19:  4. (para.3) …..once you have decided to attend a certain tradeshow, you should rent a large space. 一旦你决定参加某个贸易展现会,你就应该租一个大的地盘。 E.g: Once a decision is made, it can’t be changed easily. Once 在这儿作连词用,指 “一旦” (in case) ) Slide20:  5. (para.3) They will be helpful in pointing out any obvious mistakes you might make as well as any cultural customs that need to be observed. 这儿有两个定语从句 You might make 用来修饰mistakes That 的先行词是customs Slide21:  他们会帮你指出可能犯的任何明显的错误,而且他们会告诉你应该遵守哪些文化习俗。 E.g: A teacher is expected to be able to answer any difficult questions students might ask as well as to explain any cultural background that is involved in the text. Slide22:  6. (para.4) Cultural differences can be a wild card for Western exhibitors. 文化差异对西方参展者来说是一个未知因素。 E.g: Life beyond the Arctic is like a wild card for most people. Wild card: 百搭牌,means changeable Slide23:  Thank you

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