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Published on January 24, 2009

Author: JasonSWrench

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Unit 2-5 Intercultural Ethics

What are Ethics? The science of judging human ends and the relationship of means to those ends . . . the art of controlling means so that they will serve specifically human ends.

Means The tools or behaviors that one employs to achieve a desired outcome.

Ends Those outcomes that one desires to achieve.

Means & Ends Collide Ends Good Bad Ethical Behavior Good Bad Means Subjective Ethic Machiavellian Ethic Unethical Behavior

Universals for Ethical Intercultural Communication

Mutuality We must try our best to locate a common space for interaction with an interaction from another culture.

Nonjudgmentalism We must willingly express ourselves openly when the situation is appropriate and to accept other’s expressions.

Honesty 1) We should send true information. 2) We should see things as they are, not as we want them to be in our culture (avoid ethnocentrism).

Respect We must protect the basic human rights of our intercultural partners.

Self-Reflection 1) Motivation: Why are we wanting to interact with this person? 2) Knowledge: What do we know about this culture – avoid violating rules and norms. 3) Attitudes: What are our attitudes about this culture.

Reflect on Behaviors 1) Display Respect – show positive regard for others. 2) Interaction Management – Use appropriate methods for initiating, taking turns in, and terminating an interaction within a different culture.

Reflect on Behaviors 3) Ambiguity Tolerance – Realize that people are not like you, and just go with the flow. 4) Empathy – Try to understand where your intercultural interaction partner is coming from.

Reflect on Behaviors 5) Focus on building relationships with people from other cultures, not just on accomplishing the task. 6) Interaction Posture – The ability to use nonjudgmental and descriptive ways to respond to others’ statements.

Self-Reflection Intercultural Communication is definitely a skill based discipline. Realize that it takes time to develop competent intercultural communication skills.

Intercultural Competence Conscious Unconscious Competent Incompetent

Unconscious Incompetence We just act the way we act – ignorant of the fact of how we look.

Conscious Incompetence We realize we are not having success, but don’t know why.

Conscious Competence We competently interact with people from different cultures and we know why our interactions are successful.

Unconscious Competence We are so ingrained in competence that it just naturally happens; we don’t even think about it.

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