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Published on January 29, 2009

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Verbs as adjectives; relatives clauses

I’m not interested in boring movies! Participles as adjectives Relative clauses By Profr. José Ma. Jaramillo S. January , 2009

What kind of movies are you interested in? Why?

Comedy Daddy day care with Eddi Murphy Wild Hogs with John Travolta Mr. Bean’s Holiday with Rowan Atkinson

Fantasy Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Spider man III Pirates of the Caribbean Indiana Jones The Chronicles of Narnia

Science Fiction Fantastic 4 Matrix Star Wars III Alliens vs Predator 2

Animation The Incredibles Ratatouille Shrek the Third Horror 30 days of night Dead Silence

I think horror movies are interesting. I guess suspense are boring. I though Batman was fascinating. I want to see Shrek, it’s an amuzing movie. The class was very exciting , but the book is sometimes boring. I’m so interested about horror movies. I got bored in math class. My girlfriend is fascinated with the wedding. I’m always confused with English grammar.

Participles as adjectives A participle is a verb form which can be used as an adjective to describe a noun. Example: an interesting book an interested student a confusing exercise a confused teacher an embarrasing situation an embarrased person

When you are describing a person’s reaction or feeling , use the past participle form · John was very interested in learning more about elephants. · Jane was bored and wanted to go home early. · Jeff was surprised at the size of the meeting.

When you are describing the person or thing that causes the reaction , use the present participle form. · John’s elephant report was interesting to read. · The movie was boring , so Jane wanted to leave. · It was surprising to see more than fifty people at the meeting.

Write the next verbs in past participles or present participle and then complete some statements using them. Past Participles _____interested_____ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ Verbs _____interest_____ ____amaze_______ ___annoy________ ____bore________ ____fascinate_____ ____confuse______ ____disgust_______ _____embarrass____ _____excite_______ ____scare________ ____shock________ ____surprise______ ____dissapoint____ Present Participles _____interesting_____ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Clues Across 2. The children were very ------- about the party. (excite) 4. The tennis match was very --------. (excite) 6. The students were ----- at the long lecture. (bore) 7. The results of the test were ----------. (surprise) Clues Down 1. Paul was --------- to see his old friend. (surprise) 3. Mary is very ---------- in engineering. (interest) 5. It was a ------ walk through the woods. (tire) 6. The long talk was very ------. (bore)

Have you heard about the __________ new roller coaster at the amusement park? a. excited b. excite c. exciting He ____________ us with his knowledge of Medieval history. a. surprised b. surprising That three hour lecture yesterday was really _____________ ! a. tired b. tiring Halloween is coming soon! What a ____________ holiday! a. frighten b. frightened c. frightening It's ___________ how popular American music is around the world. a. surprised b. surprising I thought the movie "Independence Day" was really ____________ . a. bored b. boring That tall new building in Kuala Lampur really ______________ me! a. fascinate b. fascinating c. fascinates Bryan Adams is a really ______________ singer. a. interested b. interesting c. interest The comedian we saw last night really ________________ us. a. amusing b. amused c. amuse I think flying in an airplane is a _______________ experience. a. terrifying b. terrified c. terrify Complete the statements choosing one of the answers.

Relative Clauses What’s this? We use relative clauses (who, which, that) to give additional information about something without starting another sentence. Example: A girl is talking to Tom. Do you know her? Main clause Do you know the girl, Relative clause who is talking to Tom?

Rule #1 who is used to join clauses about people. Tere is an amazing student. She never participates in class. Tere is an amazing student, who never participates in class. Aby and Jazmin are those girls. They talk too much. Aby and Jazmin are those girls. who talk too much. The teacher is bad person. He never helps in the lab. The teacher is bad person, who never helps in the lab.

Rule #3 that is used to join clauses about people or things. Vero is a punctual girl. She always comes early. General Teran is a relaxing town. It has three squares. Teacher Dago is an excellent principal. He is very friendly. Vero is a punctual girl, that/who always comes early. General Teran is a relaxing town , that/which has three squares. Teacher Dago is an excellent principal, that/who is very friendly.

Rule # which is used to join clauses about things. Interchange is a good book. It has three sections. Interchange is a good book which has three sections.. Televisa has created many programs. They are over the world. Televisa has created many programs, which are over the world. The high school has two smart classrooms. They are used by the teachers. The high school has two smart classrooms, which are used by the teachers.

There's the boy. He broke the window. __________________________________________________________________   The film star gave a party. It cost $10,000. __________________________________________________________________   That's the palace. The Queen lives in it. ________________________________________________________________   You met a man at the party. He is a famous film star. _________________________________________________________   What's the name of the lady? She was wearing the blue dress.__________________________________________________   I gave her a watch. It stopped after two days. ________________________________________________________________   You're reading a book. I wanted to read it. ________________________________________________________________    There's someone at the door. He wants to speak to George. ____________________________________________________   Here are the letters. They arrived this morning. ________________________________ ______________________________   I met Mr Da Silva. He is President of Brazil._________________________________________________________________   It's very spicy food. I don't like it. __________________________________________________________________    That's the dictionary. Bill gave it to me for Christmas._________________________________________________________   Where is the lady? She ordered fish. ___________________________________________________________________   Do you know the children? They live in that house.____________________________________________________________   Do you like the people. Sarah invited them to her party.________________________________________________________   JOIN THESE STATEMENTS USING RELATIVE CLAUSES. (WHO, WHICH , THAT)

Let’s practice with on your books! More information: [email_address]

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