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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Teobaldo

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Slide1:  spring Slide2:  spring Slide3:  summer Slide4:  Autumn/fall Slide5:  Autumn/fall Slide6:  Autumn/fall Slide7:  Autumn/fall Slide8:  winter Slide9:  winter Slide10:  winter Slide11:  winter Slide13:  What do you think was the most interesting thing in your summer vacation? What was the most important thing in your summer holiday? What do you think of your summer holiday? What did you learn in your vacation? What’s your plan for the coming term? Slide14:  Unit 11 Dates, months and seasons Lesson 41 Slide15:  Questions Which is the first month? 2. Which is the warmest month? 3. Which is the coldest month? 4. Which is the month after September? 5. Which is the month before March? 6. Which are the months between June and September? 7. What’s the weather like in spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter? 8. What was the weather like in July this year? 9. Which month do you like best? Why? Slide16:  Festivals in months (1) First: Second: Third: Fourth: Fifth: Sixth: January February March April May June Children’s Day Fool’s Day New Year’s Day World Labors’ Day Tree Planting Day Spring Festival Festivals in months (2):  Festivals in months (2) Seventh: Eighth: Ninth: Tenth: Eleventh: Twelfth: July August September October November December Mid-autumn Day Halloween Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day The Army Day What about July? —— My birthday Practice: dates, months, seasons:  Practice: dates, months, seasons 1. When were you born? 2. When do you think is your father’s birthday? 3. When did you begin to play computer games? 4. What happened on September 1st, 2002? 5. When will Beijing hold Olympic Games? 6. What important things happened in 1997? Could you tell me the exact date? 7. What will happen at the beginning of July in 2005? 8. Do you know anything important in 2002? 9. 他是2003年9月1号开始教我们英语的。 10.2004年五月12号我们学校将有一场运动会。 Group work:  Group work Work in groups: suppose one student is an interviewer, interviewing the rest three students. Please try to find out the features (特点) of each season. Homework:  Homework 北京将在2008年举办奥运会。 我出生于1989年的一个秋天。 第十二个月是哪一个月? 我将在9月10号为高老师做张贺卡。 今年你弟弟是怎么庆祝儿童节的? There will be Olympic Games in Beijing. / Beijing will hold Olympic Games in 2008. / Olympic Games will be held in 2008. I was born in autumn in 1989. Which is the twelfth month of a year? I will make Miss Gao a card on September 10th. How did your younger/little brother celebrate the Children’s Day? Slide21:  你还记得在去年12月21号做了什么? 今年八月十二号天气特别冷。 我最喜欢的季节是春天。因为在春天,天气很暖和。 今年流行第五季。 在七八月我们通常穿薄(light)的衣服。 Do you still remember what you did on December 21st last year? It was pretty cold on August 12th this year. My favourite season is spring, because in spring it is very warm. This year we enjoy the fifth season./ This year the fifth season is in fashion. We usually wear light clothes in July and August. Slide22:  Unit 11 Dates, months and seasons Lesson 42 Group work:  Group work Work in groups: suppose one student is an interviewer, interviewing the rest three students. Please try to find out the features (特点) of each season. Slide25:  Listening: listen to the passage, and then try to tell us what you hear. Spring: Summer: Autumn: Winter: best, weather, days, grow, trees, flowers warm, rain, crop, sports, swimming--- busy, days and nights, harvest, farm--- cold, snow, snowman--- Slide26:  Retelling Please read the passage quickly, and then try to retell the text according to what you heard and read just now. Slide27:  Pair work Now please work in pairs and make a short dialogue according to the text and the truth. Slide28:  Homework: 1. Retell the passage in Lesson 42 2. Write a short letter to your pen friend, telling him or her the weather in your place. Slide29:  Address Date Greeting, Body Wishes signature Slide30:  Listen to the tape and answer the following questions: 1. Where is Bruce from? 2. Why does Jim know where Bruce is from? 3. Why does Jim say Bruce came here at a bad time? 4. What’s the weather like in Sydney? 5. Is the weather here the same as the one in Argentina now? 6. Which season is Japan in now? What about New Zealand? Slide31:  Group work Please work in groups and try to make a dialogue according to the text. Slide32:  spring: Mar-May summer: Jun-Aug autumn: Sep-Nov winter: Dec-Feb Spring is longer. summer: Dec-Feb winter: Jun-Aug Summer is hot. It is the hottest in July. Autumn is warm. Winter is very cold. never too hot or too cold

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